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March 22, 2008



I'm happy to hear that it's finally taking form. I cannot wait to hear it! I'm sure it's gonna be as amazing as you are, and all this time waiting will worth it.
Never Change!



keep well,


Dude, this pleases me to no extent.

Warped Tour will be phenomenal this year.

Have fun, Andrew


again and again you continue to amaze me. I've never been so excited for an album before (well maybe accelerate..) and im assured that this album will blow everyones minds. oh, and bring your a-game to bloomington april 18 :) you always do..
happy easter!

oh, and cellular phone? i really liked it at lolla.


wow... that all sounds so amazing!! i can't wait for the new album!
thanks for keeping us updated, andrew.




I am looking forward to this new album more than you know. I'm absolutely positive it will take a permanent spot in my CD player. It's great to hear from you, as always.




You are the most amazing blog writer in history of blog writing.



Im really looking forward to this album.
......i dont really know what else to say.
thanks for the music.
its pretty much amazing.


Andrew, after hearing the songs (or parts of songs) I've heard so far and reading your blog comments, I can only guess that this album will be truly amazing.. I think I pretty much got chills listening to the ones I've heard, particularly "Caves." I can tell you really put yourself into it 100%, and that's the important thing. I always say that you can tell when an artist has passion, and it's clear that you do. That's why your music is so incredible. I know we won't be let down!

And Sarah, don't feel like a dork. I have a "Konstantine" tattoo myself that I got in December. Of my four tattoos, it definitely is my favorite and means the most to me.. (The clover and stars are also references to it, of course.) http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/270/southpark12107007rs4.jpg


i'm so excited for the new album. in fact, looking forward to it is getting me through school right now... ok this is freaky, let it be just came on shuffle...
anyways its really great to hear from you and i'll hopefully be seeing you guys play at warped tour!


it's odd, yet amazing, to know someone i admire so much drives down the same normal streets i do.

marissa m

exciting to hear a tentative track listing. im glad this record is finally sounding like a record. i cant wait to hear it.


made my day [=

thanks for posting, it was nice to hear from you!

i can't wait for the new album [=
i'll be sure blasting it up while i am driving around =D


I think it's funny that you say you apologize often, mostly because you do. Although you think this might be the first time an apology is not in order, I think a lot of people would agree you didn't have to apologize any of the other times either. Of course, it's nice that you feel that you do, but I just wish you wouldn't feel guilty about certain things especially when you always go out of your way to be good to your fans.

I'm happy your head is clearer these days! I hope you don't feel rushed to make this record. Obviously the most important thing is to take your time and not put out anything you don't believe in. With that said, I can't wait to hear this record!! (when you're ready for everyone to hear it haha).

See you in PA next month! :-)



i really like the way you see life in a perspective that nobody else does, and you are able to put what you see and hear into your blog entries and more importantly into you songs. i am kinda bummed about the release date being pushed back, but i understand that what you are doing is like making a child and you want your child to be perfect, so take as long as you need to make it great so we can have a reason to love it more. and i really hope one of those songs on that tracklisting is cellular phone with a new name. if not that definitely needs to be added because it is one of the best songs ever.


Can't wait to hear the new album, wish you would put crash on the record though.


i'm glad its all starting to come together for you.love it i'm sooooo excited!!!!! And i saw the trailers for Dear Jack and they are soo touching i can't wait to see it!!

Hey Andrew this is Marie's Mom Margaret ,Blaine;s friend from L A

Andrew that is so cool to hear and I am here in LA it was soo nice yesterday a little hotter than usual but still a really nice day. Have you ever been to Graystone Manner its a park in Beverly hills off Sunset but near Doheney where the split is you go up Doheny and you run into it but youi have to look it havs a massive wall around ir but it is open to the public. You have to request a tour of the Mansion but it is so worth it to see all that is in the house is just wow. Anyway chec k it out while you are in town. Good luck on the rest of the alblum. I really would love to talk to you and ask you questions about your recovery because I am still so out of sorts on this and what will happen next in my treatment. All my thoughts are everywhere and nothing makes sense to me.
Like why can't they get it all out why only 10% and leave 90% to what just drive me crazy. What is next? Will I be like this the rest of my life just here unable to talk in a silent world but not silent do you understand does anyone understand I can hear everyone but since I can't speak they treat me like I can't hear. Like I am to be seen but not talked to just talked at.
If you are in town for a while I would like to see you but I know you are busy.


no question mark for What Gets You Off! I've heard you talking about it for so long i am dying to hear it. keep it on there! i am so excited for this album :)
much love xo


This post made my day and my entire week so much better....Could not be more excited for this album. Thanks for the update!!

Kat <3


Everything in Transit is the first thing I hear in the morning and the last thing I hear at night. It doesn't grow old but I'm looking forward to expanding, too. Can't wait.


i know that feeling.
the clarity of knowing something after being so confused and so unsure about it .
its wonderful.
i'm glad you've found it.
just in time for magnificent spring.
take care.

and in my opinion, if you are ever unsure of adding a bonus track just do it!! why not? when else will we hear it??!!



I can't waiiittt!!!!!!!!!


does the question mark in "what gets you off" mean that it might be on, or do you mean "what gets you off?" like, as a question? haha, i hope it's the second because i hardcore want to hear this song. :)

Sarah Elsea

Andrew, you are such a wonder. I don't know you personally (unfortunately), but I just consume everything you do. Words cannot describe how beautiful your music is, what an inspiration you are to so many people...I could go on all day, but I'll stop myself.

This CD is going to be everything beautiful that comes to mind, and I will be counting down the moments until it's out.

In the mean time, I'll be rioting your page until you play the NorVa in virginia. ;]

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