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March 22, 2008



Hey Andrew,
I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely amazed by all your work. Actually, I just finished reading all your blogs from the beginning. Yeah, I was a tad behind.. I didn't know this site existed until tonight. After reading all of them.. I have so much more appreciation for you and your band, even more than the loads of respect I had for you before.

Hammers and Strings (A Lullaby) is definitely my favourite song.. It's given me a lot of hope and faith over a period of time when I needed it most. Thank you.

Take care (:

Megan Durnford

This album was acually amazing. I enjoyed annie use your telescope and spinning the best. I was a HUGGGEE fan of SoCo, then heard Mix tape.. my band covered Dark Blue. and then i bought the glass passenger c.d. just this week i picked up everything in transit. and oh my god. Rescued saved my life.

thank you for everything you've done for me

Megan Durnford, Nova Scotia Canada
age 16

[email protected]


your music... might be the best thing that has happened to me. Something corporate got me through the hell that was high school, then EIT was just...
i dont think there is a better word for it.
I know you might not read this... but i need to get it out
im listening to Glass passenger now... which i got the day it was released because i needed something good in my life...
and it once again changed my life... it reminded me what i felt like to be excited... and inspired...

months later im once again seeking inspiration in your words and it never fails... Keep making music, but not for me or the rest of the fans, but because the passion in your songs is like the passion in Tennessee Williams' plays... it is clear that it is more than a job or a hobby, but a part of you, and that is what inspires me to follow my passions and dreams... because everything else... is just a lie.


almost a year?! Andrew!! we miss you


Andrew, you inspire me.

Julia Bennett

Since my first was posted here as well, may as well show you the addition, even if no one looks here anymore.


I miss your blogging days!

Love, J.


hey again. Another message into space which is alright cause I met you tonight and finally saw you play. If you ever read this, I was the girl with the album names tattoed. Seriously though, you don't know what tonight meant. Thank you for everything. I think I could use a little break but today was a good day.

Love Julia.



Sporting the Jack's Mannequin shirt! <3

Julia Bennett

Happy EIT day! And congratulations on four years. Wow.

I don't think I've ever waited for anything like I waited for that CD.

It was worth it. It's the most amazing album there ever was or ever will be. Okay TGP measures up and I'm sure your other work will be just as amazing but no other album will ever mean more to me.

Love, J.


so i haven't checked out this blog in awhile and decided to come back and read...it brings me back so many great memories of always checking and waiting for your next update. when can i start doing that again? haha.
TGP has been out for almost a year now, crazy how time just goes by so fast...
anyways, i don't think i ever said thank you for keeping the track "annie use your telescope". that song is just so amazing!!! and plus, it has my name ;)
well, hope to comment a new update in the future!


Dear Andy, a shot in the dark here. No one's posted on this blog for a very long time, whether it be readers or you yourself, so I take it this site is forgotten, but in an act of desperation i'm posting this anyway. It was recently announced that SoCo is gonna be on a reunion tour, but sadly, Seattle was left off the list of cities you'd be visiting. I was hoping beyond all hope that somehow some way you could fix this.. :D maybe after you guys finish your California leg of the tour? I know its probably the longest of long shots but hey, to hear SoCo live... WORTH IT!!! anyway, hoping to see ya in concert. please come to seattle!!


Thank you for EIT. And for living.

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