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March 22, 2008



I'm glad the record is starting to come together.
I can't begin to explain how excited I am for it.

Take care Andrew.


I finally got, after three years, my everything in transit tattoo. And reading this blog with song titles just makes me so... god. I don't know if you could even understand what your music means to me. And I don't know you, but I just want to say thank you beyond reason for the music you bring into the world, because it is beautiful and it brings me a kind of peace that I can't even describe. So thank you, thank you, thank you.



Congratulations on finding your path, Andrew. I can't wait to hear the journey.

@Julia - Wow. That is just stunningly heartfelt. I love it. Congratulations on your new tattoo.




This is fantastic.


As usual, Andrew, your new post made my day. I'm so happy for you and so so excited for the new album.
thank you <3


Give me more songs plz.

David M

thanks for the song titles!

take as much time as you need for this record.
it's gonna be wait.
i can't even SAY how excited i am for it.

to the glass passenger, and many more after!

ps. nice tattoo, Julia! congrats!


Thank you so much for this post, your music, and everything else you do.
I can't wait for the album and seeing you play this summer.


I'm really happy to see some progress, though i have no doubt in you Andrew I was kinda bummed when the release date was pushed back. I understand how much it takes to make a record, I'm really glad that you can hear the record really coming together. from what I've heard so far it sounds amazing.
Good luck with the rest of the record!
love the new tat!!


I feel like whenever I wonder if you've updated this site and I decide to check, that's the day that you update.

I can't wait for this album; I'm so excited.

Julia's tattoo is awesome.


this album will probably make my year.
like everyone else, i am SO excited.


somehow your blogs always inspire me in some way. so thank you for that.
i got an 11:11 clock tattooed the other day in honor of konstantine.
i'm such a dork.


I feel like whenever I wonder if you've updated this site and I decide to check, that's the day that you update.

I can't wait for this album; I'm so excited.

Julia's tattoo is awesome.


officially the closest post to the top ever.
i remember the DJ Rosstar interview with what gets you off...which if i recall correctly you gave to an old woman on a plane to listen to :) i'm really excited to hear your new album. i'm sure it will be superb. by the way, did you know you're in the book "high school confidential" by jeremy iversen? anyways, i hope as always you have a sunny and inspired day.
Love, Caroline




thank you so much for this. I'm so excited for this album. It's going to rock my world, I know it. <3


I love the way you look at life, it's just amazing. I'm so excited about the new album coming out, it's going to be fantastic.
Peace and love, maria


i cannot wait.


I'm glad that everything is working out for you, I give my best wishes for the album. Thanks for keeping us updated, I have been waiting for a new entry for a while. I wish Spring was coming just as fast over here as it is over there. Best of luck for the album.



Hanna D

I haven't checked this in quite awhile and today I was listening to some of your older stuff and wanted to see if maybe just maybe there was a hint of news and here it is. It's good to hear that things seems to be working out they way they always seem to.
I'm excited as ever for a new CD.
Good Luck.
I cannot wait.



I think everybody can relate to this- the road to self discovery...
It sure relates alot to me... Andrew McMahon- you are my hero. Keep it going.




driving is seriously the most theraputic and introspective time of the day for me. i think i learn more about my life when i am driving and blasting music with the windows down than i do at any other point in the day. anyway, i am SO EXCITED for the glass passenger, i'm sure it will be life changing. and we obviously understand that you are lacking the necessary time to keep us updated on every little detail, don't worry about that :)


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