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February 07, 2008



that post just made my life. but then again all recent jack's news that indicates a progression in the release of the new album makes my life.

thank you.

<3 cari


Thank you for once again breathing life and perspective back into me through your words. As corny as that sounds I think I actually mean it.


My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw a new blog. You are so beautifully articulate, it amazes me every time.

Hope you're having fun at the college shows! Can't wait til bamBOOZlE!!! It's going to be a whole year since I've seen you, the longest I've ever gone without seeing you since '04. Definitely a void there, so bamboozey can't come soon enough!

Thanks for remembering us. :-)



too many metaphors.



you should do this more often. just sayin'


This is why I check your blog daily.
Once a person falls in love with art, there is nothing that can keep you down for very long. The hope that comes from new ideas and possibilities keeps us going. Thanks for making my day.

andrew mcmahon

okay, please stop leaving me comments as if you guys know me. stop trying to relate to everything i am..ok? find something better to do and stop leaving so many comments..i wont read them..


I missed the Michigan show, and I am upset for that. However, instead I went out for food and drinks with some friends I rarely see in Grand Rapids Michigan.

The same snow you see, is it what I see as well?

Is it silent and soft? Floating down to touch your skin? Melt away down your cheeks?
Are you lost as I am?
Lost in Michigan snow.

Write me back sir, if you get the chance.


this is absolutely a new song. why why why can't you come to philadelphia? it's a great city, i swear. we know how to party for sure and so many people would come to the show.


Andrew--You're one of the most inspirational people in the world. I only hope that I get to meet someone as amazing as you someday. I can't wait until you're new album comes out. Your writing is incredible, and you continue to astound me.



Love it. See you soon, yes? Chicago misses you.


...Woah. Bon marché, sir. Again, as I oft find myself, I am speechless in reverence toward your prose. Between you and Thom Yorke I have high hopes for the musical form of art remaining just that - art. Good to hear from you again. =)

Stevie in SF


I saw you tonight at Michigan State University and you were amazing! I absolutely loved "Caves". It was beautiful.
I didn't have cash to get a shirt even though I wanted one badly. Are you guys going to sell those on your website anytime soon?
Thanks for an amazing concert :)


Andrew, yet again you never cease to amaze me. I love the way you write, in your songs and in your blog. :)
Anyway, I heard you're releasing the new album on the 22nd April. I saw an interview you did with Paul Tao on Absolute Punk and the little previews of some of your songs blew me away. I can't wait for the album!!


I simply get wrapped up in your words. Thank you.

PS: Come to Ohio soon, please <3

Emily B

and i'm going to see you tonight in rochester!
i'm super pumped
this is gonna be a good day.


Thank you sir


Thanks for coming outside last night to talk to us after the show, Andrew. It meant the world to my friends and I. I hope you feel better soon, have fun in NY tonight!



I hope you enjoyed the snow covered quilt of Michigan last night, Andrew! I surely enjoyed your performance. =)


I'll take a double too


...always feel so alive and hopeful when read your posts...You can't really imagine how inspiring can you get to be to a lot of people...
I think it's really positive to write what's on your mind.
I guess you won't have enough time to read all the coments your fans leave here, but if someday you read this I'd be really pleased if you read "my job", the things I usually write, and tell me what you think...but I guess it's too much to hope.
Please never change!

P.S. and please, please, please! come to Spain! there wouldn't be enough money in the world to pay that...wOw, it must be amazing to see you live!


You were life changing last night. Thank you.


hello my long lost
i'm glad you are free, if only for this moment. yet i'm not, and i didnt have much time to digest this so i will check back again soon. but i have this unrelenting urge to comment nonetheless.
that is all



if only more of america was like a quarter as inspiring as you. keep up the work bud, cuz we are liking what we have heard so far.

oh and want to write my valedictorian speech? you have one hell of a way with words.


Youre words are so inspiring, i wish we got blogs like this more often.

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