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February 07, 2008



If only I could be in Michigan, my home, to see you tonight, but alas, I am stuck in beautiful Miami, waiting for the time you'll make a trip to Florida, or even more preferably, the University of Miami. Keep it real Andrew. You're the man.


Oh how I wish I could get daily blogs like this to wake up to. Your writing is so beautiful and inspiring. The weird thing is that it totally hit me and I relate to so much. Lately I've been struggling with figuring out my future (as well as my present) and it has been so stressful and I have often felt hopeless. But as I read this, my heart actually started to calm, and I felt hope. So thank you, Andrew, for inspiring my heart.

Your words are so amazing and I wish that you would update more, but I know that you are busy, and every post is always worth it.

<3 Kelly


Thanks for the blog, Andrew! It made my day... you really have a way with words :) See you this weekend!




Wow! this entry could be a new song, you're style is so unique even when you put a new twist or angle on things i can always tell that a peice is written by you. Thanks for the entry it has awkened me mentally!


everytime you write or sing or play it reminds me to be hopeful and positive.


hey andrew
thanks for putting up this blog. its pretty awesome
thanks for being such an inspiration for the last two years of my life. your music is often what i need to get through the day.
come to ohio soon so me and my friends can see you play =)


The cold snow brings clarity and crispness, but in moments I realize that it's only a new layer on yesterday's dirt.

And that's okay.


Hey bud, good to hear from you again! Your eloquent writings never cease to amaze me... Whether it be something simply informational in nature, or something with a wonderful, sometimes cryptic, message, I look forward to every intriguing post, no matter how sparse they may be. ;) Though it's no news to you, you are truly an inspirational figure in my, and many others' lives, and I thank you for that. I have to say I am looking forward to the new album (perhaps entitled "The Glass Passenger"?...) more than anything I've anticipated in quite some time. I also heavily look forward to any shows that you happen to grace the Midwest with; it has definitely been too long for me! Take care and good luck with the new music, shows, and everything! And any increase in frequency to posts like these would be great too! :) Take care man.


that was good, after thinking about it and re-reading your points. i wish you'd write a book andrew!


this is the best thing i've read in a long time. and i've read a whole lot lately and nothing's made me feel this good. thank you for that.


Absolutely beautiful.


there's the Andrew-blog I know and love. :)


embrace it.
if just for this moment.

thank you, for everything.


Your blogs always make me feel so peaceful.

I am anxiously awaiting The Glass Passenger! Also, I hope you'll come to Virginia or Washington DC in the near future, I miss Jack's shows (and I'll definitely be seeing ya at Warped this summer!)

Peace & Love,


Nothing makes my day better than a new inspiring Andrew blog!


just wow, really.


WOW!! it is great to see you blogging again!! I love to read your blogs they make things make sense again.

I CANNOT await for the arrival of The Glass Passanger!!


absolutely amazing.
that made my day.


your blogs always make my day. your writing is beautiful.


great seeing you in ramapo last weekend. great blog... we've missed them. keep on truckinnn.

the experimental film

That's nice.


Great blog, good to see a new one.
Amazing show in Ramapo last week! Looking forward to many more


I doubt you still read these comments, but in the case that you might... it has been exactly 3 years to the day since we first heard Kill the Messenger. Soooo.... I'll just be corny and say thanks for that song, and every other song since then. And every show. And every blog. And all that other crap that was involved in the past 3 years. I know I wouldn't be quite the same without it.


Andrew, every time I read your words I'm filled with hope, they're so inspiring. Tomorrow night in Rochester I'm coming to see your show, I haven't seen you since you were with Something Corporate some years ago... I couldn't be more excited. I feel as though this blog entry is a teaser for tomorrow, keeping me satisifed just long enough so I don't go crazy between now and 8 PM tomorrow night. But while it keeps me sane, it has me wanting more, stay healthy, you're in all of our prayers, I'm sure. You're amazingly poetic, if you ever read this, which I'm hoping you do since I'm not comment 932185134 and by chance, if you see it before tomorrow night at 8, it'd be amazing if you'd sing Walk By. i know it's a SoCo song, but it gets me evverrry timee <3.

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