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December 07, 2007



Hi there Andrew! I'm looking forward to the new album...and hopefully to a live show sometime soon. I live here in SM and work on 4th street just a couple blocks from the studio...if I ever see you I'll be sure and say hello!


I can't wait for a new albumn!

You know you want to come to Egypt!


I find the hardest time to feel inspired is when you need it most, other times you'll bump into it just walking down the street, or you'll catch a flying moment of something beautiful around you but; when you really need it, crave it, it fails to find you.

I try to seek my own inspiration, discover new worlds in the same old places, but it becomes tiresome when all you see is all you have ever saw, and just when everything seems asthough it has lost all meaning, and I feel defeated, something, wether it be a song bird, a blue sky, my family laughing in the room below me or even a lone spider crawling through the cracks in my walls to escape the feirce winds, something always finds me, and makes me think wow, and well, your writings never fail to do so.


I can't wait to hear from you again soon,
Write us soon!
Hope all is well,

Alex Taylor

Hey, I just wanted to say that your music has inspired me a lot throughout the years. I've practically grown up listening to your well-crafted lyrics, relating them to my own life pretty well. Just wanted to say thank you: thank you for struggling and surviving and continuing to make music. I know it's hard, I don't know exactly how it's hard, just that it is and I sincerely appreciate your generous and thoughtful contribution to the world.

A. Taylor


Hey! For my LAR class we're doing a form of songwriting. You can chose a song and change the lyrics but keep the same music..sorry if that doesn't make sense. Anyway, I'm doing mine to the tune of Bruised. It's no way near done, and I know I have to change alot, but I want to see what you think of it. Oh and its VERY similar to yours, don't be worried, I'm not going to sell it or anything!

I've got my things I'm good to go
You met me at the corner
Just one more car ride and its done
We stood like statues on the street
The summer's over and its been sweet
I've had so much fun, can't believe its done
I have to give it away
Give you away

And we spent two months on an Island that our familes both own homes
It's been perfection baby, nothing less, nothing....

Days have passed and he still counts the minutes that I am not there
I swear I didn't mean for it to feel like this
Like every inch of me is torn, torn
And don't drive fast, oh mommy can you help me can you make this last?
This car is all I got so keep it steady now,
'cause every inch of me is torn

I've got a ton of work to do, but do you like it so far?
Oh and btw, I love you. =]


I'm so happy to hear something about you!
Always read your posts and think you're such an amazing and special person, I really admire you. My dream is to talk to you face to face someday, because I'm sure you're a person who has a lot of things to tell the world, your music shows it, and I really like that. But as I know my dream is not very likely to come true, I'm happy listening to your music, cause in the end it talks about you, and it makes me keep holding on when nothing seems to get it right, cause it reminds me that there's people in the world that's worth it. That's why I was so excited when I heard about the new album, Can't wait to hear it!
I just wanted you to know it.

xxx =)


7 months is wayyyy too long to go without a Jack's show. :[

Sarah Elsea

Andrew-or can I call you Andy?,

Usually, when I have a bad day, I walk in my front door singing any song of yours as loud as I can, with my headphones on full blast, trying to chase away all the negativity that hangs on day to day. What's wonderful, though, is singing your lyrics, only to find a copy of AP with your face on the cover and a giant article about you with promises of a new CD inside.

Just letting you know- you are an enigma.


You amaze me =)

Can't wait until the new album


what up!
the song bruised really describes mine and my best friend's moments before she moved.
love the song.


Yay! Cant wait 4 new album!! ive listened to Everything in Transit so much now!


please please come to England?!


please please come to England Andrew?!



you've influenced my life more than any artist ever has. you've gotten me through good days, horrible days, break ups, and the unimaginable. i can pick up one of your records and never be bored with it. it doesn't matter how many times i listen to any of your songs. they speak to me like the first time i heard them. you've changed my life. i know i probably sound insane. i'm really not. i just want to let you know that your voice has helped guide me through an intense journey and some incredibly hard times.
i know the chances of you actually reading this are slim. i know right now i'm probably typing to no one and i'm okay with that. if this proves to just be some pathetic feeble attempt at contacting the man whose music has helped shape my very core then that's fine. but i'm going to at least try to tell you a few things.
i really wish i could sit down with you and just talk about music all day. i want to know what bands you like and what kinda stuff you write when you're bored or when you're sad or when you're truly motivated. you're not the only musician who has influenced me of course. i also religiously listen to explosions in the sky, iron and wine, death cab for cutie, the american analog set, say hi to your mom, ben folds, the wreckers, and like a billion others. who are your favorite bands? i really wish i could pursue a music career. i don't know if i have the heart for it though. i'm way too grounded and stuck to my roots. i'm an elementary education major. i know. boring. hah.
i know you probably get this all the time, but i really really appreciate everything you've written. i really wouldn't be the same person without you. i've been through some really tough things in my life and your music was always there when i needed it. that sounds so weird. i wish i knew how to make it sound less creepy. i know i don't know you, but i almost feel like i do. which is weird because you don't know me at all. god, that must be crazy. all these people feel close to you and you've never even met them.
well, if you've read this far i'm really impressed. thanks if you read it and it's okay if you didn't. i just wanted to tell you that you mean a lot to me. and i really admire your work. also, my brother had leukemia so i understand the things you went through and i'm really sorry you had to deal with that. i know how painful it all is. you're such strong person.

thanks for everything.

-Erin Mowry

if you're ever in oklahoma again i'll be seeing you. :)



Please consider coming to Reading, Pennsylvania for a show. I, along with many of your fans out here, would be absolutely thrilled. We love your music and are inspired by your lyrics. Please, please, please make us one of the luckiest towns in the country. Thanks!


i dont always leave a comment but i do always read your words. they inspire me more often then not. keep updating, i like to peer into your life every once in awhile.


Dear Andrew, i'm waiting for a transplantation like you were from my bro, i try to stay patient and feeling good as posible. Thanks for the music you do, the music that makes me fine and a little happy in this poor bedroom. I think as you did, maybe it's juste a life's test you have to overcome, making you stronger facing life. But the road is long, and sometimes it hurts. I can't wait for the new album and i'm not the only one haha. So i wish you lots of good things Andrew and i hope that someone will be there to sing me 'You can Breathe ...' in the months to come.


PS: Sorry i'm French, my english is too bad.

Sean Alexander

M8 nu record sounds the shizzet from what iv heard, and the dear jack trailer was almost as moving as one of ur songs.
Coachella was fucking out of this world, hope to see you in Scotland soon man
much luv


love the new songs. caves is beautiful, and suicide blonde is really fun. didn't you love how everyone sang along to cell phone? and you thought they weren't gonna know the words. don't be surprised if you play caves and suicide blonde on thursday and people are singing along so soon. your fans are good like that. can't wait to hear from you (really, this blogging once every two months is really depressing hon) and hope to see you sometime this summer. sad to hear the album's release got pushed back, but that just means more awesome music. take care.

fuck yeah and keep rocking

<3 tiffany


even if my voice comes back again maybe they'll be no one listening.
I am. I have been for a while now, the glass passenger is great... except lyrically it strays quite a bit. I know I sound more like a critic than a fan but I miss the guy who wrote dark blue. the one who knew poetry as well as music.

isn't that what you said what you thought this song meant?

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