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December 07, 2007


Krystal Lee

Yay! It's good to hear you are back and doing well. Can't wait for the new music. It will be worth the wait, though. You are amazing, you are my hero. Hope to hear more soon.
Krystal Lee<33 :-)

Laura Marie

Andrew, it's good to hear from you again. I'm eagerly anticipating some new sounds. I'll be wandering the streets of Europe next semester, so many I'll be able to pick it up there. If you do a tour, stop by London...I'll be there from January to April, and you know how much I hate missing your concerts. I pulled out a photo from years ago, you and me in Philadelphia. With your long hair and your shampoo bottle. I missed those days, of traveling all over to see you, of surprising you in random cities (or maybe not so surprising) and of hearing your wonderful songs time and time again. I still think back fondly on Lancaster every time I hear "Little".

And its been a long road....I was 14....now I'm 20. How crazy is that?





i can't wait for the new stuff, we live off it


Yes! Yes! Yes! Sounds awesome- keep it up.

Grace Park

Yay. I'm so excited about this new album! Can't wait for it!

cookie crunch

andrew, you little tease youuuu


awh andrew... im so glad that this project is almost over with... it will be so refreshing to hear some new material! stay healthy and good to hear from you bro!


Your posting made my day.


is the Glass Passenger a Dexter refrence? I know Dexter has the Dark Passenger that tells him to give into his urges. Can you see right through your passenger?

mary-kate m

we all disappear from the digital world now and then, but it really is great to hear from you.
not trying to tear the focus from you, but i need some place to vent, and fast. and because this is almost a no-strings-attached zone, i thought it an ideal place to spill my heart--on the internet to complete strangers. and if you havent realized yet, i'm not exactly in my right mind...
i need some advice. it sounds rediculous coming from a 15 year old, but i guess you can say i grew up fast. when i was 11 i saw my cousin lay a bullet into his own head, and the experience gave my life a full 360. ive had quite a few emotional and pyscological problems since then, and all im looking for is a good friend. without the intention of conceit, i can honestly admit to being a mature person. i can be trusted, i can forgive, i can talk/listen/help/you name it. i think its safe to say that i am a good friend. and yet, for some reason i cant seem to hold a friendship. i feel as though evveryone leaves me after theyre bored. im lost and alone and i need some sort of direction.

i cant believe im writing this all here.
i just really dont have anyone to talk to, and i figured fans of the Great Andrew McMahon might offer some positive feedback. and even if not, i just want everyone to know that whoever you are, i love you, and i care about you.
and i hope you all have a great day.

chelsea azevedo

you know how much your music means to so many people, so don't let the anxiety stress you! i know i will love anything you put out. you have so many people's support. just remember that :)

you are loved by so many people and i am SO excited for the new album and to finally see you again.

<3 chelsea (southern cali)

Melissa W

I'm excited for the album! And as always, it's wonderful to hear from you, Andrew. I can't wait =)


we miss you.


ahhh i cant believe i missed this post, normally i see them like day of.
anyways all i can offer is support like the rest.
listening to a jacks album and a rainy drive home... i bet that did wonders (it would for me)
can't wait for the new album or to hear from you more regularly
i missed you
happy holidays


yay andrew! it's great to hear from you :) i can't wait for this new album and to see you at RIT in Feb! I'm buying the new AP very soon and I cannot wait to read the artice about you, I keep hearing that it is awesome. <3


Hi there! I was wondering when you have finally time to come to the netherlands.. We have never seen you yet, but we are all big fan of Jack's Mannequin..


Ah, so nice to see you've updated this. I've been waiting. The glass passenger. That's a beautiful name. I can't wait to hear it, it's going to be amazing as usual.
So, i'm guessing when you're finished recording you're planning a tour?
Come to Canada, Alberta..Calgary. Please.
I've been waiting since LTTW for you to come here.


It's great to hear from you, as always. I can't wait to hear the new material, and I hope you guys come over to the UK soon.


Andrew, thank you!


i hope you're doing well, it's nice to hear from you.



You've just stayed so strong and your story is such an inspiring one, because if I were in your shoes, there'd have been such a strong urge in me to just.. give up. I adrmire you tons for not doing that. And after reading the article in the new AP about JM's upcoming album, I literally jumped out of my skin in excitement! I fell in love with you after the previous album, Everything in Transit, and I can't wait to hear the new stuff. :)

love always

leah s

i'm glad you've caught some sort of a break. sounds like the album will be nothing short of amazing. take it easy & have a good month!

Ethan Walfish

Very excited. :-) Post a demo?


I just bought my bus ticket to travel forty hours to see Jack's in Connecticut... I'm stoked!

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