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December 07, 2007



yay... i'm so happy for a new post. =)
i am really excited for a new album... but i would definitely be willing to wait because i know it would be worth it.
as a sidenote: i love rainy drives... it kind of feels like a cleansing and just opens up the soul for clear thinking.


"The Glass Passenger"? I like it. I like that a lot... are you feeling like this is more of a working title, or do you think that'll carry through to the end? It's got a nice ring to it, but it also seems a little sad to me. I hope all is well, and I'm really glad you're not rushing this. I've been in quite a music dirth, but I'm almost certain that once this new album comes out it'll sweep me off my feet on the very first listen. I can't wait to get that feeling again... the feeling I got when I first popped in Everything in Transit and heard "Holiday From Real", when I first popped in North and heard "As You Sleep", and when I first listened to "I Want To Save You" from LTTW. Oh man... getting a bit nostalgic here.

I wish it was still warm enough to rain here. New England is covered in snow already, and I already miss the summer. Bah. Anyway, Happy Holidays! Back to my final paper.


It sounds like the wait will be worth it. Finding the album's voice is key and I always appreciate the process you go through making sure your work has thought and heart. Like everyone else, I'm willing to wait.

P.S. I hope we get to hear that sexual song that you played for that woman on the plane.....


nothing brightens my day more than hearing new music is on it's way.


your updates make my week :)


This just made my day =)


Hey Andrew,

It's so nice to hear from you! We all understand when you don't write, but it always makes me smile when you do.
I'm really excited to hear the new record! I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.
I think there's been something in the air in 2007 to make the whole year spiritually grueling, or maybe that's just me...either way, I hope you're alright!

Good luck with the rest of the record! I know it'll be amazing when you're done. And enjoy the holidays:o)

Cannot wait to see you on tour!

Jessi xox


thanks for the update andrew. i think you know how much all of us are dying to hear this new album and we can't wait til it's finished! and of course, can't wait to see you out on tour again.
have a good holiday!

Emily B

glad you found some time to fill us in : ) it's been so long since your last post, but now i can't wait for more
good luck!


Yay! You're back!!!I am soo excited!!!!!!


This made me smile. Haha, I definitely agree about the sexual song, I want to hear it! If I can figure out how to get to Mahwah, I'll see you there buddy! :)


awe, i can't wait for new music!


I'm so excited for this album :] I hope everything is going the way you want it to. Happy holidays, Andrew!

PS: Last night I got my first tattoo..."I am a Butterfly" on the back of my left ankle. Thank you for being my inspiration!


ahhhhh i'm so excited for the new album.
thanks for the update..
it really did make my day :)


Knowing your workaholic tendencies, when you say that constructing this album has been like a war gives me goosebumps. I remember hearing that you pretty much write all the time, whether it be on the road or whatnot, but the thought of you sitting in a hole for what has been months now devoting yourself to a new record... I can't even possibly imagine what kind of explosion of creativity will be crafted into the CD that, hopefully soon, will find itself in my music-hungry hands.

Being an avid listener to all of your tunes, I have to say that I have absolutely no doubt that however you end up shaping the album, no matter the title (though, as someone else has already noted, "The Glass Passenger" has a nice ring) I will end up listening to it nonstop, as I have done with Transit, 'till the next album arrives... and I'd gladly wait as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable with a creative vision you can follow, whether it be another 3 years, or more (maybe, though, a B-sides from this new one wouldn't hurt either).

Long story short, I too am willing to follow your art, regardless if it's somewhere even you shouldn't go, because you're a rarity, you still treat music as an art, instead of a means of profit, and I think that's the most important thing of all.

So I say, continue to rock on, you piano rockin' beast, and, as I have been for the past almost-3 years, am eagerly awaiting for when you feel ready to release Jack's 2.

Stevie ;)

P.S. One teeny tiny hope I have - is this next album going to still have the awesome cartoon-ish sketched out kind of artwork that EIT had? For whatever reason I really love the idea of Jack's always sticking to that style.


always nice to here from you. totally stoked for the record and my show in february. i love 'the glass passenger' !
xoxo annie


Happy to hear about the new album [=


Oh, thank you. I desperately need something to look forward to and right now this means the world.

Take care.


Amazing to hear from you again Andrew! I'm really liking the idea of "the glass passenger" as the title of the album. Cant wait to see you on tour again!


ohh yes. i am so excited. You never disappoint, so please, take as long as you want. I admire your work, and the honesty you put in all your songs. We're all so proud of you guys. I'm thinking about flying out on my birthday to see you play. Thank you. For everything.

Happy holidays!
Love, Evelyn


Cool! Un nouvel album!
Sorry, my english is very bad...
Something Corporate me manque.
J'espère que vous vous reformerez un jour!

Bisous =)




Andrew... On behalf of the messengers and fellow fans we are all so excited about the new album. You pour your heart and soul into every song, and we will be as patient as you need us to be (not too long tho please!). Anyways Rock on, write on. By the way It us unbelievable brave and courageous what your doing with the Dear Jack video.


omg you're back this made my really not cool day so much better. I can't wait to hear the new stuff which I'm sure is amazing and it's so nice to see something from you again.

<3 Lesley


It's great to hear from you again!

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