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September 01, 2007



You absolutely have to come to Scotland,
Or just somewhere in the UK!
I love your music. :]


Hey Andrew.
Are you okay? Because I haven't heard from you..in a very long time! But I hope you had a good thanksgiving, and that you're enjoying your break from the insane world of concert-ing. Anyways, I love you. All the best. <3


Thank you.


Hi Andrew,

I cannot wait to get the new issue of AP! I know you're cutting yourself off from the outside world right now... but we miss you! I hope you update soon just to let us know what's up. Oh yea, and I am so excited for the new Jack's album... even though I'm still thoroughly attached to Everything in Transit. I just hope you're doing well, in all the aspects of life.



PS: You seriously have the best fans EVER. :)


please come to the UK. we're dieing here without you :D


Hello Andrew,
I first have to say that your first album is absolutely the most amazing music I have ever heard. Your music gets me through everything, and I respect that you want to write the songs you want, when you want to write them. It tells me that you like to make the best of your work. I can't wait to hear your new music! But until then, I'll be listening to Everything In Transit. And I can't wait to buy the AP issue with you guys!!!

Love always,

Pat Acuna

there is no pressure, write for yourself. the music will speak to who its meant to speak to.


Wow. Andrew you are definetly an insiration to everyone. I am just astonished at the way you write and think and how you can express yourself in such an...undescribable mannor. I wish more people could be like you, and understand things and perceive them the way you do. You are just purely amazing and I honestly cannot wait to see you again, so please come back to Toronto soon.


andrew, your music is amazing.
no matter what you do, i know that there are plenty of people out there that will enjoy it because it comes from your heart and that's what makes good music.
no matter what, i know i'll always be a fan because you actually mean what you sing.
and that's what counts.
lori <3

Krystal Lee

First, I would like to say hi.
Second, that you are so amazing. It's been a while since this post though. I just saw your new tour dates... You're coming to Rochester!! I would be insanely baffled if I could go. May we have ticket information asap, please? Thank you so much. Continue to be the brilliant performer you are. God Bless.
Krystal Lee<33

Krystal Lee

I'm sorry about my post before. I got excited and I was selfish. I saw the tour dates and I'm just not very patient. My first comment should have been "Are you okay? We have not heard from you for a while." and "How have things been going the past few months?" I suppose the excitable fan inside got the best of me. I hope you are doing well, Andrew. We all wish to hear from you soon.
Krystal Lee<33 (Sorry again, lol)


I see you're adding tour dates on the east coast... please come to Cleveland!!! I'll be there for sure... front row =)


... in my previous post I said come to Cleveland, but I go to Kent State University (it's in NE Ohio) & we LOVE Jack's Mannequin here... you should really try to play a show here!! It'd be awesome. Ok, I'm done now :)

Allison K.

Hey it's Dec. 2nd...that was a pretty huge day 2 years ago. That show was just absolutely incredible. I look at the dvd and wonder how the camera missed my tears. So happy you are still ok and getting ready to give us more Jacks. Take your time, we'll be here when you're ready.


andrew your music is so inspiring, please do a show at notre dame!! i saw you once in pittsburgh and it was easily the best concert i've ever been to


you're my hero. you're strong, inspiring and passionate and your words just always hit hard. everything you have made has meant something. i'm sure everything would agree with me about how incredible your music is. i hope you do well in all that you attempt.

ps, i cant tell you how much i wanna i see you live, but it would by far be the highlight of my year if you came to florida


People are known as fans because no matter if the tone is different, no matter if the subject is different, you wrote it and we will love it..if thats not the case...we are not fans..


your music certainly matters to me. i feel like i can relate to your songs and my interpretation of their meaning has helped soothe a hard spot. your music is absolutely inspiring. i hope you tour to phoenix, az soon!!


Hey! I saw you twice last year...in D.C. and Baltimore. Amazing! I'm at Dickinson College now though and I heard you came last year. I would love it if you came again!

Russ Myers


I'm sure you don't remember me, but I was in a Journalism class with you way back at Dana Hills my Freshman year. Because of different things it was a rough year. I didn't have much going for me.

I started playing bass a year later after getting real inspired by some friends of mine with their band. When you guys did that first Coach House gig I knew I could be somebody.

Thanks for the music, and take care.

-Russ Myers

The Journey of the Strings

You know, Something Corporate was the first concert I ever went to in Seattle with Vendetta red, Juliana Theory, and The Red West.

As a young musican, you had inspired me and helped me understand more of the realm of music. I was so happy to hear about Jack's Mannequin. Ever Since I bought "Everything in Transit" I haven't stopped listening and singing along. Listening to each intrument, voice, rythem, and word has given me hope and happiness. I thank you for continuing your music. Maybe in the future we'll colaberate to Save the Music in schools. In Highschool my orchestra buddies and I would sing and get excited when we learned the piano parts to your songs . We were proud that you were able to incorporate piano with a band. You helped give classical intruments recognition.


on behalf of The Journey of the Strings


Andrew is the most humble and talented person I know. He was always the best musician in school and he was always one of the most popular kids. I miss the good old days of hanging out and listening to Andrew play music in his parents Garage. I grew up with Andrew and he has never let his fame and success get to him. He is the nicest guy. He is an inspiration to everybody and he his truly somebody who I look up to. I can honestly say that Andrew is my hero. I love you bro.


"I had never before thought of how awful the relationship must be between the musician and his instrument. He has to fill it, this instrument, with the breath of life, his own. He has to make it do what he wants it to do. And a piano is just a piano. It's made out of so much wood and wires and little hammers and big ones, and ivory. While there's only so much you can do with it, the only way to find this out is to try; to try and make it do everything."

"Sonny's Blues" - James Baldwin


Your such a beautiful lyricist.
Please come play for me in Ireland, I'll be wating. Front row of course.
much love x

Lori Rudman

Hi Andrew,
I am not the usual fan I am the mother of a son who will be playing before you at the 2/7/08 concert. When i saw you used the term "spiritually gruelling" in a fan letter on this site, my ears perked up. You have a very powerful platform with our kids in your work. My hope is that you realize how powerful that platform is and you will bring great hope and joy to your fans when the world is challenging in many ways. We look forward to the show and will keep you and Jack's Mannequin in our prayers while you continue on your spiritual journey. Hope it becomes joyful and no longer gruelling. Lori

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