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September 01, 2007



The only wish is that you would update more often. You're more than an inspiration, I can't wait to read what happens next.

Sarah G

song suggestion:

the comfort of a small town on the West Coast of Lake Michigan. Smiles are as fake as the tans during winter months, and dreams are like escaty: addicting after the first try, but never really get you anywhere.


why hello stranger. it's nice to hear from you. i don't konw what else to say but i'm excited for the new album, or any new things you've got.

happy birthday tomorrow too!

peace,love, eat fish and chps.


anything you write is just amazing, seriously.
i love the new jack's site too.
can't wait for the new music!
it's what keeps me going :)


It's almost like listening for the river?
Waiting beside it's banks... letting its secrets splash up cool on your face. The music comes to you as the purpose of life came to Siddhartha along side the river.

Hopefully like him, the music will bring you the tranquility and understanding that you need.
take care.


i'm very excited for the new music. casp says that it sounds like nothing he's ever heard from you, and that it's amazing. i am convinced that the new jacks record is going to be the meaning of life.


This is beautiful =]

Forget your fans and any expectations anyone has of you. Write the way you want.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!


i missed your blogs! glad to see youre doing well.
i cant wait to hear the new album.
take care and happy early birthday!


I can't wait for new music. I think the reason your fans connect so thoroughly to you is because they don't just like to hear something that sounds nice, but because it's what your saying that gets inside a person's head. And your music will definitely continue to do that, no matter if your style changes or your music changes. It's great to hear from you again, Andrew! Happy birthday <3


Beautiful. Andrew just write for you and dont worry about what were going to think because if you love it, im sure that we all will. Cant wait for some new music.


I know its been said a lot, but we are all excited to hear your new stuff! I know that whatever you write will be beautiful. And thank you for the wonderful blog. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!


This was the best birthday present I could have EVER asked for. Thank you so much.
Now, have fun on that island and make wonderful music that im positive i will LOVE!

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!


I missed your abstract blogs :)

PS. Hope you have a great birthday!
PSx2. See you in Buffalo next Saturday!!!


wow well andrew i'm glad you've found a method that works for you.

i just wish that the pressure of the fans wouldn't even cross your mind because we all honestly just want you to be healthy and happy. due to the events that you've been through the past few years, we have in some ways gone through it with you, the bad and good. at this point, i think we have complete faith in your excellent, raw, passionate songwriting ways, and i hope you will always remember our loyal ways.

that came out weird? you get the point. :)



It's blogs like this that constantly remind me of how amazing you are. And I'm sure your writing will be great. Don't worry about whatever "expectations" your fans have. Whatever you give us will make us happy.


That's so true, Andrew. I love what you said about people's expectations. No matter what you do musically you won't ruin my expectations.
Much Love,

some mannequin

everything you write matters to me. you don't know how much you've helped me in differente ways. your songs matters. and helps. and means something. to me.

Rachel the Awsome

Take your time. We don't want you to feel rushed to please us. Your last album was a diamond in the ruff, and maybe if you take your time and don't let pressure and fear from fans/others get to you, it will be as well. I am not rushing you, hopefully none of your other fans are either. Transit became a part of me during Nutcracker season last year. I couldn't go anywhere without it. It helped me through rehearsal and tech/dress rehearsal week. It still is and will be during Nutcracker coming up. It's like, when life is ruff i go to Transit. It's like a life boost. An energy pill thats always there.
Love 4eva,


it's good to hear from you again, the new shit is amazing from what i can hear! hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and enjoy yourself and cant wait to see you again in october!

ps. in the video you say finished without the sh. FINISED. sorry im an asshole hahahah BYE.


it is so great to hear from you again ... can't wait to hear the new album!

oh.. and happy birthday don't know what time it is where you are right now, but its 12:23am here so it is the 3rd of september^^
Julie (from france)

Ann P.

andrew mcmahon..you just define perfect. I can't express how much you've changed my life. you music, your blogs, being you! perfect.

you give me reason to wake up in the morning and to just keep going..you give me faith that there are good in people.
you are most definitely my heaven, and your music is my haven.
i cannot wait to meet you one day..hopefully soon..
COME TO NEW YORK! rockland specifically if there was any way you could..if i could have anythingg..it'd probably be that.

anyway, keep doing what you're doing..which is keeping people's spirits up, and changing lives.
don't change no matter whaat
p.s HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!!__tomorrowww. wooo=]
pps i'm going to make cupcakes for you, but i can't exactly get them to you..so i'll keep them for myself=D loll


Someone wise once told me, "It takes a day to please everyone else, but a lifetime to please just yourself. Live your life for you, and at the end you will learn true happiness". Keep doing it for you like you always have, and the new material will be loved by us all, just because we know it is true and not corporate bullshit tha many other artists seem to fall for. Cant wait to see the progress, and have an amazing birthday Andrew...
Peace and love take it easy man :-)


I'm so excited for new music. You never cease to amaze me. I admire your way with words. The fans will always cherish your words and music, and don't worry about the pressure. I have no doubt in my mind the record will be absolutely incredible. And I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Have a great one.

Much love, Evelyn

Megan Holmes

you are just fucking amazing. over the years i have come to appreciate everything you've written about. i check these blogs nearly every day but it seems the days i don't are the days you choose to write haha. but i'm ok with that. you are and always will be one of the most talented and original song writers i have ever had the pleasure of listening to. your music puts me to sleep...gives me pleasant dreams and makes me want to wake up in the morning. i'm totally listening to soco and jack's tomorrow. and celebrating your special day:) much thanks for all you have done that you've yet to discover.



I am very eagerly awaiting the next album and this has made me even more excited. As eagerly as I am awaiting, I'm glad that you're taking your time and writing new songs that really mean something to you, and that will eventually mean something to all of us. Keep up the brilliant work!


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