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September 01, 2007



Hey Andrew,
Just wanted to tell you that I caught your show at the HOB in Cleveland! Amazing, as always! :) anyways, I hope you come back soon! :) You should come on April 23 becase that is my birthday! That would be so sweet! :) ;)


Omg! i love you guys!!! You are the coolest band ever!!!!!! You guys rock my socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew, Will you marry me??

Kayla Rudd


you're a such an inspiration and in so many ways a role model. My grandpa too had Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, he was diagnosed with it when I was seven, miraculously went into remission and died 5 years later at the age of 83. I love all you do with the Light The Night walk and can't wait for the Dear Jack movie! Keep it up!! I also can not wait for your new music to come out and hope to see you again this year at Summerfest!! you are amazing!! and i love both Something Cooperate and Jack's. Never stop doing what you love!!


hey, i'm a very bad lazy fan. since i've been at uni i've not being keeping up with jm news (granted im 2nd yr :S), just wondering if anyone could tell me a release date for the new album or a guesstimate of it?
i know this is a really bad place to post such a question, sorry! =D


andrew, you are the best. that's it. i cannot wait to see the dear jack movie and to see you guys next friday at RIT!! keep on rockin buddy, we love you. :)


Youre so amazing. Come to Canada! Brock University specifically :) doooo it.


Andrew, you are an incredible writer, and you really show the person you are through your music, you are outstanding. if you ever read this, well that would be amazing :] but you are my idol. you are truly a hero.


that was heavy, beautiful, true and extremely inspiring. you tear down all of those walls and your music really reflects that. i dont think you could ever dissapoint any of us. i just want to say thanks and tell you how much i love you. you're probably my number 1 hero. you inspire me so much. =)


When I first heard something corporate I knew I would love it. Then with Jack's Mannequin I was even more astonished. You have a gift with music and words, one that I'm amazed by. I saw JM last year at the Chance Theater and I loved it. I plan on going to bamboozle this year and I'm so excited! Anyway, I've been writing lyrics and you are one of my biggest inspirations. :]

Isaac D.

It is not the "it" that moves a person for a lifetime though. It is the person within the person that is only capable of doing this. I want to thank you for Everything In Transit. There are two instances in my lifetime where I have been truly inspired to do what it is we love to do- write, create, live music. My first Dave Matthews show, and the first time I listened to this album. Thank you for the influence to keep going, to keep pushing and cranking so to make something of beauty that people will enjoy and understand... something that is real- that they can relate to. Thank you for giving us a piece of your life.


Andrew, you've been the writer I've always been inspired most by. I don't go a day without hearing the music you make, or reading the thoughts you were thinking. However, this blog stood out in such a unique way to me. Not ever have I found words together with so much substance ; words in which were both lucid and left a mystery. I'm about 10 months late in telling you this, but this really helped me regain strength. That said, I want you to know you are the one who inspired me to start writing. You taught me that words are some of the most beautiful things out there.
I'm one to ramble on about every thought floating in my mind, I just wish I could explain to you with a few simple words what you have done for me, though I know that's not even close to being possible. Thanks so much for being such an ispiration leader. You have set places in all of your fans hearts, places in which we will hold dear forever and will accept your words unconditionally. Your music is more than just sounds in our ears, it's the connection you have with the ones who love you.
thanks so much for everything.

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