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September 01, 2007



I may be a little too drunk to really understand this, but a dear friend and an inspirational tacher told me once that if you ant someone to read your writing, you have to write for them. Not meaning changing your writing, but makiong it clearer. Actually, this has nothing to do w/ you, and that's probably the Jager talking, but just have fun with it and we fans will love you for all your worth as usual. Do what makes YOU happy and we'll follow.


That's it. You got it. Forget about me. Those people like me. And everything else, but you.

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met. I do not mean that externally. I mean, when I see your face light up while you relay the tracks that was Everything In Transit, a spark lights aflame in your hearts and ours.

That's why I fell in love with music in the first place.

So keep doing what you need to do. Either way, I know I'll love it just because it came from your heart.


wow andrew, your so amazing
the way you talk always inspires me
even if your not trying
your coming to sydney with fob, i almost cried.
come abck and do your own show??
much love!


it's blog entries like these that remind me why i think everything you do is amazing.


I think the way you take your writing is the best way anyone could take it. Whether it comes out good or not (which I'm positive it will be amazing), at least you know it comes from you and your heart and experiences. That's what makes you so amazing.

I have no idea if any of that made any sense lol.

and try to keep cool. the heat's been a bitch lately.

<3 k8


thanks for the update and the video, i'm glad the new record is coming along and i can't wait to hear more!


um p.s. i just went to the new jacksmannequin.com



You continually amaze me, Andrew. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and for putting so much of yourself out there in your writing and your music. You have helped me out in one way or another every single day for the past five and a half years, and I don't think it will change anytime soon.

Hope to see you soon and can't wait to hear more of your new stuff.



so lately i feel like i've been not as good of a fan as i should be. i dont think i've listened to jacks in about a month, we havent heard from you in forever, there have been no shows to go to...but reading this brought me back to my senses, if you will. i am excited beyond belief for the new record, but just forget about my high expectations :) in all seriousness though, and i know that i'm speaking for a lot of your fans when i say this, no matter what you do, at the end of the day it'll still mean a whole lot to you AND to me. thank you and just... keep doing what you're doing. the new stuff sounds great


I live for your updates. And I am 1,000,000,000 percent positive that whatever you write is going to be fucking fantastic. The new site looks swell. I dig it. Thanks for everything Andrew.

Arnold Rafael

It's blogs like these that remind why I admire you as a human being. You've changed so many lives for the better even without the intention of doing so. You're just being you.

After seeing all these updates from you and the JM team, I'm ready for anything that comes my way.


it's so cool to hear you talk about the way you become a part of your music, because that's the way i feel about it sometimes too. it's this crazy connection everyone here has, even if they never meet. thanks so much for putting yourself out there and not caring (too much) what we think of it :-)




sometimes i wish i could come up with better replies to your blogs but really, no matter what I come up with i can't really compare.
I think thats how music should be made, it makes more sense that way.
thank you.



Considering blogs like this have so many people hanging on your every word, I think it's safe to say you can write whatever you feel lyrically and your fans will be there to sing the words back to you for as long as you're writing them. I know for me personally, I've never wanted you to write to please anyone else and I've never had expectations of you. I love your lyrics because it's what you have to say and because they're true to life; because of that you hit on so many topics everyone can relate to.

Trust me, stay true to yourself and don't lose your way with words, and your fans will love whatever it is you have to say. You don't have to try to make something that means something, YOU and your music already mean something to more people than you'll ever know.

Happy almost Birthday!!!
Hope you have an amazing 25th!! :-)


P.S. thanks for helping me fall asleep with a smile on my face. :-)


i'd buy a round of drinks to this post. kudos andrew. Long live music.

fo sho.


whatever you write, you know that it does matter to us. the transit record was the most real thing i've ever heard-i can't imagine what you must be dreaming up now. i hope that island is working out for you, andrew. if the new cd is anything like cellular phone then i'm already in love with it. =)


wow, im really excited! that little bit we heard on the video sounds awesome and cellular phone is amazing.

you know, that's where people ruin themselves and their talent - trying to impress everyone. so im proud of you for realizing you dont have to. those who will like it- will like it and those who wont don't have to and that's the beauty of it.

'you do what you love and fuck the rest'
cant wait to hear the new stuff!


Great, man, it's great to hear the power you've got behind your thoughts, that's what makes people so different, and so outstanding.

As I once heard one of the members of Pink Floyd say: "we make our music because WE like it. All the fancy guitars and amps, they were just a product of that."

But i'm sure you're already there...from one songwriter to another


thanks andrew, ive missed your perspective. and i needed it now more than ever.


thanks for leaving this for me to wake up to this morning. it's been so long since you've written a blog like this and it's been much needed. can't wait to hear the new stuff, but take your time of course.
see you in october :-)


oh and WOW there is a entirely new site. sweeeeet i'm excited!

marissa m

its good to hear from you andrew!
i hope all is well, i cant wait to hear the new album :)

oh and somebody's birthday is tomorrow...


haha i hope you have a great birthday tooooo.


it's good to hear from you!
keep doing what you're doing. we'll be here to hear the new stuff when it's ready :)
and happy early birthday! hope your day is great.


i miss these blogs.
have a good day tomorrow =)

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