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July 23, 2007



Of course everything amazing happens in Dallas.

Good to hear from you as always. <3



I can't wait to see what your next album has in store for us! And, of course, it's always nice to hear from you :)
PS. 2 shows in the Tri-State Area in the same week in October? Guess who'll be at both! :)


yay an update! made my day [=

keep up the good work!


i missed you!
have fun recording your new record, i've been eager to read that you were entering the studio for months.

oh, and my sister and i have made a plan for when she goes off to college, concerning jack's shows. seeing as she will be living walking distance from the palladium in Worcester mass, the next time jack's mannequin stops by, i'll pay her a visit and we'll see the show together. pleaseeeeee make a date for that venue when planning your next tour (after what im sure will be a well deserved break after recording the album, of course!)

Sian Victoria

i'm sooooooooooo excited to hear the new stuff! i'm sure it will be amazing like always :)


good to finally hear from you! very much looking forward to these website updates. (perhaps that could include an update of the messengers?)


thanks for the update! can't wait for the new sites!

have fun in the studio!!


p.s. that's very cool about your friend. good luck to him :-)

Grace Park

Great hearing from you Andrew!
I'm excited for the new stuff.

and street scene. (:

Melissa W

I'm excited for all of this new stuff!

I'll definitely try and catch your friend tomorrow on America's Got Talent, hopefully I wont have to work.

Anyway,I can't wait for some of this new stuff, I have a feeling it's going to be pretty amazing.


tell your friend not to hassel with the hoff.
i'm cool.



Casper's going to "update" us.

But yeah everything sounds really great, I'm glad things are running smoothly so far. See you on a few college dates :] <3


don't hassle the hoff!
americas got talent.
what a show.
i'm stoked about the new internet updates!
i haven't seen you in a while you should come back to ohio.
I'm thinkin about comin out to mansfield.
but either way keep rockin!


I can't wait for the new album. plus I'll check out your friend

Much Love Always


the future events sound awesome andrew... of course you never hesitate to blow us all away with anything you do... take it easy bro and cannot wait for all the new changes :-) peace and love


that's legit i was just having a convo today about you recording new shit. i'm way excited yo. plus i'll go check out your friend i'm excited fosho.




btw, Cas sounds amazing. I hope he goes far. He's legit. I love Dallas.


I can agree with you on needing to get away when you're needed.
I've found a few times where I've been working with a group on something amazing, but no matter how great things are I find myself letting go, and stepping back.
I try to become a fly on the wall, and let synergy take over.
Taking time for myself, while letting the others push things in a direction, and just kind of flowing with it.
Take care Andrew,


I remember you talking to a girl in a meet and greet in Poughkeepsie about woodbelly!
That is so awesome that he is on that show b.c I watch it sometimes.
Glad to know that some stuff will be changing :]


yay! so good to hear from you again!
i can't wait for the all new stuff, how exciting!

and your friend Cas is just amazing...i really hope everything goes well for him!

keep up the good work and have fun in the studio.



time for the excited squeals to commence!!! :D


First off, let me say that I am so incredibly happy that you're making another album. Your music is absolutely amazing.

And, I've also seen several episodes of America's Got Talent and think Cas is fantastic. I'm really happy to hear that you two are friends!


I am so happy to hear from you again and im excited to see all the new things coming in the near future.Also ill be watching Americas got talent tonight for sure.well thanks for the update!

Love Always

leah b



It's great to have another update, and I'm looking forward to more in the future.

I also just wanted to tell you that you guys were more than amazing at Summerfest. Come back as soon as you can. You know we love you here.



thanks so much for updating! can't wait for the new stuff. but will casper actually update us? that remains to be seen...

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