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July 23, 2007



I saw that guy before and thought he totally rocked!!! I'm very stoked to find out he toured with you, but seriously not surprised


wow. i just watched the video, i was FLOORED. cas has an incredible voice. you really know talent when you see it. thanks for the update, i still check your site everyday hoping for a post! you rock:) my boyfriend and I met because of our love for your music...our first date we watched soco live:) haha...so stay strong and healthy and i can't wait to hear your new stuff when it comes out!


Its good to hear from you :]
and your friend is amazing!!
Hopefully he wins


your mom

please never mention "the hoff" again :[


i missed you!
good luck with everything ahead !:)
i hope all is well


Sweet deal your friend is very talented and hopefully will win in the competition. I'm soo excited for your new stuff I can Hardly wait, anyways good hearin from you. Take care :).


oo andrew.

its good to hear you're doing good.
i hope the "break" i guess from touring is treating you well.

take care andrew!

orange county!


If you llike these guys, they must be awesome. Your post just made my day =)


Cas has such a great voice!!! I'm so glad you put that link up. :)
Good luck in the studio! We all can't wait to hear what you come up with next <3


"America's got Talent"
lol! my dad watchs that!

Its just a rip off of the rip off of the orginal rip off of that show! lol


we're all a big fan of Cas in my household after seeing him on America's Got Talent. It was awesome to see him again.

Great luck in the studio, I'm dying for more of Jack's Mannequin. Can't wait to see you live!


Its great to here from you. I cant wait for the new music, and Cas was awesome.


he's good =)

mustafah Abdulaziz

when david hasselholf started to dance, i nearly spit my ice-t out.

when cas started to sing, i forgave him. just amazing.


its good to hear from you again andrew. i cannot wait for your new stuff. keep rockin!

and btw, i remeber seeing cas on the show and i was amazed. he was so good.


i'm so excited to know you're workin on new stuff and i'm patiently waiting! oh and you're friend has got major skillz. i love you andrew!!


I saw Woodbelly in Poughkeepsi when the opened for Something Corporate and i remembered telling my friend that they were unlike anything i had ever heard before but in a tremendously good way! So that being said...best of luck Cas and all of the guys :)


To add to that ^ i am also beyond looking foward to some new Jacks material and have maad faith in you guys to get 'er done and get er' done well <3


I just watched the live stream of Lollapalooza, you guys were amazing! I literally can't stop smiling and I wasn't even there. (obviously I'm going through some serious JM withdrawl since I haven't seen you guys since Bamboozle... my fingers are crossed that I'll be able to go to the Ramapo show)

If you're staying for all 3 days, have fun!!


P.S. I LOVE Cell Phone!!! Can't wait to hear more new songs :-)


i loved cas, and i loved david hasselhoff dancing in his chair. it was a sight for sore eyes. the singing was lovely.


Can't wait to hear more plans for "Dear Jack" and Light the Night. Excited for the new stuff.

Some Kid

Andrew, can't wait to see the Dear Jack website fully up and running, and also can't wait to hear the gonna-be-amazing music that you guys are working on!

Here's a camp that I worked at this summer that those of you who are active in the fight against cancer might be interested in getting involved with:

Lastly, and by far most importantly: Hasselhoff is a golden god.


ok i'm so mad cas haley didn't win America's Got Talent...WHAT A FUCKIN JOKE! the vantriliquist won??? what the hell. cas was definately classy about it though. but i say he should have won. he is AMAZING.


haha. this comment is REALLY delayed, but you posted this on josh's birthday =] i remember that tour! i didn't get to go... instead i was forced to go to a therapist.. i was pissed. either way... you posted this on josh's birthday... that tour was like my FRESHMEN year and now i'm in college. weird.

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