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June 14, 2007



to THE FAN: he is writting a record for jacks mannequin, and in the very near future will be going into the studio to record it. you'll know when soco is coming back because he has said that he wanted to tour with them before a recording: you'll hear announcements about a tour.


Have a fantastic summer, and if you can, come visit me in even sunnier Cairo!

I love you *kisses*


SWEET YAY... but how long will that take"? haha yay doin a tour ToT tears of joy... thank ya for the info

Rachel the Awsome

(just one more)
I've never heard you play with SoCo. i know i need some catching up to do. But, i just heard you for the first time last year. Last summer, actually. but...hey, your awesome no matter what you do.
lovey dovey,
Rachel B- )#) (>me!)
cool braced people UNITE!


I think i can relate to the sense of moving around to change your perceptions of the world. I'm always moving, and recently it was a wednesday maybe two weeks before i did it, that i decided my next move would be to austin, tx. It's my farthest move considering the others were just to different parts of Mass, or over to New York. But i have to say, it's quite an opener. I've been here for a little over two weeks, and i'm already coming to see the world and myself quite differently. And everyday i feel i learn something new about both. It's amazing, and quite the adventure.

Anywho, keep writing. I like it.



i live in Cali.
wish i knew you in person.


Christopher Gurin

Andrew: I recently discovered your music via a co-worker, and have been playing "Oh, California in Summer" as if it were my own personal national anthem. The entire "Everything in Transit" album feels like it was written for this particular time in my life: I'm somewhat out of your marketing demographic at 50 (just turned), but you've managed to create my "soundtrack." My 20 plus years in the corporate world ended abruptly this past December, and my marriage is also on its way out. Your music is helping me get PLAN B out of the mud, and I want to thank you. I understand from the news release that your health needs attention, and I look forward to seeing you work live (and well).
If you see a gray-beard amongst your devotees, it may be me, but I think you'll find more of us out there than you realize.
Again, thanks and please get well.

brooke kaya

oh oh california in the summer... oh oh and my hair is getting long. fuck yeah we can live this. we can live like thisssssssssss

i love you. thank you for giving me those bright mornings and dreams on the subway

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