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June 14, 2007



Here, here. Regina definitely kicks the ass. And, despite the triple-digit-degree weather up here north of San Fran, I agree, it is a nice day to be outside. Here goes.


can't wait to get the Instant Karma record! the cover of "God" sounds absolutely amazing, and i LOVE the music video! it's definitely one of my favorite john lennon songs, and you guys did a great job with it :)


the sun is definitely not out over here andrew. thanks for rubbing it in. nice to hear from you anyway.
see you in 2 weeks [and two days]!!


no sun here :(
but the record is amazing, god and real love are my favorites. take care <3


hey andrew go to the zoo, the female chimps are in heat


Ya the sun is really up and bright in SoCal. Today it was a scorcher of 100 degrees. Ugh. Nice to hear from you too!!!

And "God" is amazing, great cover!!!!


I'm glad you're enjoying your summer. The sun finally came out here. I love the cover of "God." It's awesome. So is the Regina Spektor one! See you later.



You're cover on the Instant Karma album is absolutely amazing. I love it.

take care!

adam pheonix

oh andrew, how i love thee.

i adore regina spektor.

take care of yourself,

Jenessa Weaver

enjoy your summmer. it really is the best season, even in ohio haha: )


hey andrew!
it's great that you're enjoying summer.
i've never really listened to regina spektor, but i think i'll try it now since you recommended it.

thanks for everything,


Ugh, over here on the east coast its rainy and COLD.
Cyber-five on Regina, I really like her too.
Glad to hear things are going well over on your end


annie g.

real love is my favourite beatles' song and i love regina's cover of it. have fun enjoying the summer sun. :)

Kristin Lawrence

Hey Andrew! My name is Kristin. I know you probably always get hit up for shows and everything, but i belong to the music fraternity on my campus at Roanoke College. We hold a battle of the bands every year. Last year it was kind of a bomb. I'd really like to hit it out of the park this year with great bands and great music. We always donate large portions of our profit to VH1's Save The Music. I would LOVE for you guys to come and play at our battle, but if you're too busy, it's no problem, I'll still try my best to make this show great. If you could get back to me either way, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for considering us!

GRACE (grace317!!)

i could use some of that californian weather right about now.
well i should complain, it's hot as hell out here in toronto!

=) the sun's about to go down here.. i'm happy for another journal entry!

i cannot wait to hear the full instant karma cd. the video for "God" is pretty amazing.

- grace


Enjoy your nice summer sun. It's winter in Australia at the moment so, hopefully I can just dream of the warmth you're getting to keep me warm! Ha ha... well I'm too excited about the September tour so I've spread the word of you here in oz! My friends are loving your stuff! Can't wait 'til I put on a JM tee and rock out in the mosh to your music (it'll be my first time in a mosh - so excited!) See you soon!!!!


andrew your amazing!


you should move to AZ.


Arnold Rafael

California weather = fuckin perfect.

After I study for finals, I'm definitely going to buy the Instant Karma CD...then bask in the glorious california sun.


marissa m

"Anyway, everyone get off your computers. The sun is out and it's crocodile mile time. "

hahaha that is what my mom says to me all the time.

dont get too sunburnt out in the hot california sunnnnnnn. im going to LA in july! wooohooo.



hi i'm cliche.

The God cover is amazing and I'm gonna buy the CD next time I go to a CD celling place. Now I'm gonna go outside and scooter or something.

Lots of love,



P.S. i meant selling. not celling.


The sun isnt shining here, infact it was really cold today. =(. I wish i was in California. Its good to hear from you. And im not sure if changing what you look like will alter your perception enless it changes a whole bunch. I havent gotten around to getting the Instant Karma CD yet, but i am def. going to.

<3 Liz

Sian Victoria

i wish i lived in SoCal, the weather sounds amazing. over here in virginia it sucks. hopefully ill be moving there for college in a year!


I mean look at, not like. lol.


Sometimes it's nice to worry about mundane (but important) things like the rent, than having constant existential crisis'.

I'm picking up my CD tomorrow, also the video is great for "god".

Maybe you'll have time to right me back. You should ask for my new mailing address. haha.

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