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May 17, 2007



Hi. You guys were absolutely amazing at Coachella.



Great show at Drexel, the day happened to hold the best sequence of events my life has ever gone experienced. Been waiting to see you again since May '04 with something corporate at the Chance in Poughkeepsie. Amazing show, and good luck with everything.



i'm just back to say that tinsley is my favorite. but i'm a night owl kinda girl and i dont care so piss her off, and post them at 130am.



I am seriously excited about that John Lennon song. I've heard Green Day's and I can't wait to hear yours. Can't wait to see you again!



always nice to hear from you. Excited for good things to come



always nice to hear from you. Excited for good things to come



Sweet, great to hear that some new stuff is commin up I'm quite excited and that things are going great for everyone in the band. Its always nice to take a brake. Can't wait to hear the new stuff! Oh and you guys should come to Canada you have so many great fans that would love it.


Hey Andrew, it was awesome to see you play at Coachella and again at Drexel this weekend! Coachella was ridiculously hot, I'll agree. I can't wait til the live videos of your set get put up on the AT&T site, so I can see myself all gross up front. :) The Drexel show was just funny because of all the college guys trying to get you to come party with them outside after the show. hahaha

Also- I can't wait for your John Lennon cover, the Treaty of Paris cd, or the Audition tour - especially because they are playing with New Atlantic. wooo great band.


hey andrew
nice to hear from you! you know your little toronto friend always worries when you dont post in a while :) i'm having a walk for leukemia on june 4th, wish you could be there. the proceeds are going to a childrens hospital in the area. in the article for the school newspaper, i mentioned you as an inspiration; i'll ask casper to forward it to you. good luck and i'm so happy for you! have fun being even more famous ;)

Arnold Rafael

p.s. Coachella was, indeed, fucking hot. I was dripping sweat just standing in the sun. Oh, and theAudition/theGraduate on Sunday. Giggle with the large amount of excitement within me.


Hey Andrew,
I do not think you will reply, maybe you do not even read it, but I was wondering if you're playing on a 'real' piano or on a electric piano in a 'real' case.

Take care,
- J.

Hopeann Hintz

Hey guys!

Last month, I won the guitar hero guitar you guys signed. I had it sent to my parents house and saw it for the first time last week when I went home from my first year of college. Thank you all so much for not only being a wonderful band but inspirations, especially you, Andrew.

The first time I really listened to your songs was when you opened for Panic the day before Thanksgiving in Chicago last year. Seeing and listening to you play Dark Blue live immediately got me hooked. When I found out you were going to be back in Chicago (February 16th), I hurried and bought tickets the moment I found out.

The week before the Chicago concert, my sister called to inform me that my brother-in-law was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (the incurable form created by a mistake in the chromosomes 9 and 22). It was quite shocking because he's always been quite healthy. Also, I found it very ironic because of Andrew's battle with Leukemia and me going to see you guys play a few days later.

Well, you guys rocked that show. Your music has really been there for me when I needed to "get away" from the chaos of life. Dark Blue still continues to be the one song I listen to most often because I relate to the feeling of being alone since not many of my friends have had a family member with a serious illness. Andrew, you're my hero and inspiration.

Again, thank you guys so much for your music and for my new signed guitar hero guitar. I will cherish it forever. I can't wait to see what the future hold for Jack's Mannequin and the next time I see you guys live in concert.

Forever in my heart,
Hopeann Hintz


This tour was amazing, I went to five shows, and all rocked!!!! I'm excited for the future....


Hey Andrew,
Wow! That's a lot of news! Well... um.. I hope you come back to cleveland! I heard that you were going back on tour with Something Corporate! is that tru? Just Wondering! Keep Us Updated kid!! I can't wait for your next tour!! :D


hey, Andrew gave an interview a couple years back saying that SoCo was going to release some new songs before 2008. anyone know anything about that. and if Andrew reads these it would be great to hear something about it. Thanks


Andrew...we all love you...and thanks for the update. I met you after you played in St. Louis on November 25th and you are truly incredible. (You signed my friend's dollar bill; I was crying because it had been my life goal to meet you.) One question, though, is Jack's Mannequin touring at all this summer, aside from the shows in Milwaukee and Chicago? Because it would make my life complete if you stopped by St. Louis in August after playing in Chicago. (Congrats on Lollapalooza by the way, that's spectacular.) I hope you read this, I really do. You're pretty fucking busy though, so if you don't, that's quite understandable. The St. Louis thing is just something to think about, although it would be amazing. I have these friends from Ireland coming who are huge fans of yours, and they would also love to see you. Again, just something to think about, and if its not possible, I absolutely adore you and look forward to your next album.


Can't wait for Summerfest... thanks for coming back to us after you endured the terrible monsoon last year. :)




i saw/met theAudition in april when they came here with New Found Glory, great show, awesome boys.

oh, i got the best news today.
Fall Out Boy are coming to Australia (more importantly, the west coast as well), and you are the support act.
I'm been so overwhelmed that i've been crying ever since.
I can't wait to see you here in September, the week after my birthday.
It's my dream come true, and the best birthday present ever.


Hope you're getting through this day ok & that you're surrounded by people you love.

This world is a much better place for a lot of people because you're in it.

See ya soon.


--Kris :-)


Reading what you write just makes me smile =] . Im really excited to hear about all the new stuff and congrats to being part of this awesome thing with all these people.


hey andrew, just a random comment. Ive seen that jacks mannequin will be touring with fall out boy across australia this september. Any chance of jacks mannequin doing their own headline shows on that tour? Maybe just one for melbourne? Keep up the great work


Hey,im new to this whole site, but I've been listening to Jack's Mannequin for awhile. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the things you're doing for cancer. I had leukemia when i was a kid, and it's great to see such a great enthusiasm for helping to improve knowledge about it and fight it. On another note, Jack's Mannequin is one of the most inspirational bands I have heard in a long time. The lyrics are so heartfelt, and they are so easy to relate to. Thank you for all you are doing and have done for people everywhere. You've been amazing!


Right now, I'm listening to "You Look Like I Need Another Drink," which rocks. Thanks for the recommendation!


To everyone in Australia:
Jack's Mannequin will be supporting Fall Out Boy in September (Gyrascope will be there too), tickets on sale June 14th. I'm sure it's been mentioned already, but I'm too lazy to scroll up and check!
Andrew had better play some SoCo songs *shakes fist*, because Jack's Mannequin are good and all, but SoCo rock out beyond all comprehension!!!!!!!!

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