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March 09, 2007



first comment!


ok now onto a real comment...

thank you so much andrew for the amazing tour. i only got to go to one show but it was easily the best night of my life. counting down the days til i see you in miami next month.
and i'm definitely excited to hear the new TAI album.


leigh rice

ahhh santi is going to be so incredible i can't wait. april 3... amazing how it's a year after the new york show.

i hope watf and the audish go on to do greattt things they're quite talented. esp we are the fury.
wcw was incredible, thank you for everything.<3


Circles are fun... I just wanted to firt thank you for such an awesome tour. And Id also love to meet the guy in headphones, though its so hard to imagine you any different than "tour Andrew". Anywhichway you are such an amazing person, and have helped me through some really difficult times lately. Have fun on your time off, listen to alot of music and we'll see you in Ny in April. Lots of love


awesome to hear from you again :) I was just wondering this morning when the next blog update would be haha. Also excited to see an update on the ATR page soon! :D Glad you're back to being able to listen to music :)


Congratulations on a mindblowing tour. Seriously one of the high points of my life! I'm glad you're getting to appreciate music again, since you've been so generous in sharing your music with all of us. I know I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate it. :-)


yayy for a new blog :) i can't wait for santi!
i was listening to treaty of Paris and they're really good :)
i'm really excited to be seeing you in 38 days.

-with love, evelyn


Glad to know that everything is going well.
P.S. West Coast Winter tour rocked at SOMA.


Glad to know that everything is going well.
P.S. West Coast Winter tour rocked at SOMA.


hey andrew :]
the past tour must have been really great! i only got to one show but it was my first Jacks show ever and it was the best night of my life. no lie. you're such an amazing person and i'm so glad i finally got to meet you and see you play your amazing music live :] thanks so much for sharing your music.
also i really enjoyed we are the fury on the tour. they're a great band.



First of all, the West Coast Winter tour was FUCKING AMAZING. By far the best one yet in my opinion. Second of all, I'm glad you're getting some time to go back to being the headphones guy. I can't wait to hear the new TAI record... they rock almost as much as you do :D. You are amazing, and I hope you get some rest while you're on break <3



P.S. Music > Homework


and i'd just like to point out how funny i think it is that the only opening band you didn't mention was head automatica. hahahahahahaha


the tour was amazing, the cleveland show was insane. i agree with the whole homework thing, too.

stay jagercore.
one day you will get your shirt, I promise.


The WCW tour was soooo amazing, thank you for some great shows. I loved all the bands that opened for you. I hadn't really listened to We are the Fury before this tour, but I think they are really great.
Have fun while you're home!


ahh It has bothered me for almost 2 years now that TAI doesn't get the credit they deserve.(it's also bothered me for years that you don't get the credit you deserve either, but I guess that's another story lol). I preordered their album a couple weeks ago and already love "We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands"... can't wait to hear the whole thing! A Jacks/TAI... tour would be lovely. Just a suggestion haha ;-)

The West Coast Winter tour was amazing!!! I tend to say that about all your shows, but this tour blew me away more than any other, the Philly show on the 20th in particular was unbelievably amazing. Of course Jersey was huge also, being that it was the very first JM headling Jersey show. It was almost 2 yrs in the making being the first show cancelled in '05, as you obviously know, and it was worth every second of the wait. :-)

Have a good time at home!! Relax!(if that's possible for a workaholic like yourself ;-p haha). See you at Bamboozle! (and hopefully the college show in NY in April).



As always its great to hear from you! I can't wait to hear the new music you've been working on. Seeing you at 9:30 Club two nights in a row was pretty amazing as well. And how could I forget, thanks again for taking the time to come out after the show and meet a few fans. Meeting you for the second time was even better than the first.


"kingpins of the scene"
hahaha you make me lol out loud as monk would say.

unfortunately, i wasn't able to make it out to any wcw shows, even though you were in chicaaago twice and it was AMAZING so i hear.:(
but i'm glad you had fun and all those bands are amazinggg


WCWT rocked!!
You forgot about Get Back Loretta. They rocked pretty well too.
But seriously, I have not been able to stop thinking about the show at SOMA. It was such an amazing show. The funniest parts were definitly the stalker/choker girl running on stage and when jaymac was talking to you through the mic and freaking you out...
you are soo awesome and such a great person,
thank you soo much for everything!!!!!!!


woah, I was just listening to Treaty of Paris cause I thought they're name sounded cool. Weeeird. Well thanks for the music suggestions. I'm uber excited for TAI. Can't wait to see you again!



I remember seing SC, TAI, and Straylight Run in Chicago in 04. I was a freshman in College, but I didn't tell my parents I went because I was worried they'd say no. Now I Look back on it, and I laugh, because I still haven't told them. I realize now that at 20 I'm just a kid who's always been an adult at heart. I make decisions, on my own of course, but keep the feelings of others in mind.

Back to my point, it was a show that made me fall in love with TAI and Straylight Run.

Also, just curious, with Tour Andrew and Headphone Andrew, is there a business Andrew? Outspoken Andrew? What other sides do you have that no one else sees?


so the WCWT was AMAZING! i got to go to 3 shows, 2/24 being my first and i was in awe the entire nite and following week at the other shows. your amazing and w.o your music idk what i would do! YAY for We Are The Fury, they were amazing on this tour i cant wait to see them live again!

see you at Elon and Bamboozle !!



now that you're home, you've really gotta relax, kiddo! you've been doing so much lately... don't overwork yourself! take it easy, we worry about you =]



Thank you for such an amazing tour Andrew. I only made it to the one date in San Diego but I can honestly say it's the best Jack's show I've been to. And thank you again for being such a sweetheart to me. I hope you get a chance to rest for a few days before you head out again, I'm so mad I'm not going to be in Texas for SXSW like I was last year. You'll rock the house I'm sure. :D

Hope to see you soon!


We are the ones who should be saying thank you so... Thank you for giving us such an amazing tour, it was deffinetly the best tour ive ever seen and ive seen quite a few. :D

<3 Liz

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