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March 30, 2007



seriously whoever the fuck was attacking you guys should be fucking ashamed of themselves. i was so pissed to read that.



You're the hardest working guy I know of in the music business, perhaps to the extent that it sometimes isn't very good to your health, but you have admirable dedication and I'm sure anyone who knows that will recognize when a show of yours is canceled it wasn't of some light whim or bug. The only other time I remember in recent memory you had to cancel was May 2005, and while thankfully the reason isn't the same this time, the point is that a record like that speaks for itself. I hope this doesn't bug you too much, take it easy and I'm sure a make-up show could perhaps come about and make everyone happy again. You could never disappoint me.

Keep on rockin'.

Stevie, near SF


i'm so sorry about all the negative comments from people. thanks for clearing things up
we still love you :)


I say.... fuck 'em all.


dont pay attention to all the haters, your true and loyal fans still love you!

steph k

awwww im sure the people at the show have already forgiven you andrew! <333see you soon!


They need to lighten up!


i knew you wouldn't keep us in the dark for stuff like this. i figured that you would post this blog. and like all the other comments, we know you hate to cancel shows. don't worry about what other people are saying. your fans will always be there.


Andrew we still love you : )
that's really lame that people we're blaming things on you guys
&thanks for filling us in


Oh Andrew, it's sad that it even has to come to this.

Surely people understand that sometimes there are problems beyond (your) control and ability to solve. If there are people out there who don't think you would have done everything within your power to make this work for those coming to see your show, then shame on them.

They should know better. We certainly do.


aww thanks for the explanation and/or novel =P

shit happens, and it was out of your control so we understand now... we'll see you tomorrow!

love lianne and tinsley.


While your quick posting of an explanation and heart-felt apology is very admirable and appreciated, I feel that putting on a show that did not meet your expectations in sound quality, and those of the fans, would have been much better than no show at all. Many of us drove hours to see you, and would have been happy to hear even an acoustic show. Instead we were left with 2 or 3 hour drives and an empty stage. Actually, it wasn't empty - Ozma was playing on it and it really didn't sound that bad. Occasional popping and overall middling quality, but we still got to see one of our favorite bands. People don't go to concerts for the sound quality - I could have stayed at home and listened on headphones for that. I'm sorry to say you chose to put your own expectations over those of your fans tonight.


I'm so sorry today went down the way it did. I was really looking forward to seeing you play, but I know there will be other shows in the future... no worries :) The idiots who keep spamming you would probably still be spamming you if you HAD played today, only they would be complaining about the shitty sound quality instead. Quite frankly, they just have nothing better to do with their lives. Maybe I'll be able to catch the USF show in Tampa. Better luck at the rest of your Florida shows!


I'm sorry things went the way they did. Don't let the negative comments get to you, you did what you could. You're one of the most hard-working and dedicating musicians I know and it's amazing how you still keep in touch with your fans through your blog. We're all very grateful for that. Thanks for everything that you do, I hope everything else goes well! We love you!


aww, im really sorry you had to cancel a show!
i really hope all the people who were badmouthing you read this cause you dont deserve that


Too bad bought the show - sometimes shit just happens... glad I didn't drive down there and I can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow!!!


fort myers still loves you, don't worry about anyone else
we'll still be here when you come back! :)


I can understand why fans were upset, but the fact that you took your time to post this blog shows how much you care about them and how much this one cancellation was weighing on your conscience. That in itself should have these "fans" realize that you weren't being selfish or cancelling for pety reasons. If they're your fans, they should know better than that anyway. And it sounds like they would have complained either way, so you shouldn't let it bother you, love.


I'm just glad you're okay. I wasn't at this show, but one of my messengers friend posted a frantic myspace bulletin about it and how she didn't know what was wrong. I was so worried that it was something with your health or just something terrible.
Whoever was attacking you is really immature. Shit happens and you just have to roll with it.

Love youu,


Sucks you had to cancel.. shit happens though, at least Fallen From The Sky still got to play an awesome set!


andrew, i can't lie, i was extremely disapointed. after thinking for months about how i could get to a jacks show 3 hours away without a car and then finally being able to get there and everything working out perfectly, to have this happen was heartbreaking. i still can't believe i didn't get to see you perform tonight.
however, for the past 8 hours i have done nothing but worry. i know you never cancel shows. i know what happened the one time you did. to hear that it really was just technical difficulties and not something more serious makes me extremely, extremely happy. and i knew you would write a blog about it. i was waiting for it. and i knew it would be the only way to reassure me that everything was alright.
my life is funny. with the exception of one extreme circumstance, there has never, ever been a soco or jacks show cancelled. and then i travel (somewhat) far and the show gets cancelled under somewhat strange circumstances. i don't know if i should laugh, or cry, or both.
both sounds good.
you better rock out hard in miami (as always), you gotta make it up to me.

<3 Kiersten



first of all, we know you love your fans and that the last thing you would do is cancel a show. it's not your fault and anyone who blames it on you and the rest of the band is basically... ignorant. they can't know much about you and the rest of the jack's crew because you are all simply amazing and would never want to disappoint someone. we love you and always will no matter what! you're a great guy, keep up the great work and i really hope tomorrow is a better day :)



you're too nice.


i think you're amazing for trying so hard to make it work to begin with, and its not your fault you had to cancel.


P.S. i'm definitely totally relieved it's not anything more than technical difficulties. :)

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