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February 09, 2007



I can't believe it, first comment ah ha! Must be some birthday luck I'm having :-) Anyways, the internet can be a scary and unfortunate place and I don't blame you for wanting to keep your distance. But it's good to know you do know how many fans are truly touched by you and your music. Take care,


I think it was a great idea for me to make this page my home page. So now I know when it is updated.

It's always sooooo nice to hear from you Andrew. See what you are up too. How you are doing. The great details of your life. So I think I speak for everyone when I say we are dying to see who won your heart over. I know.... I know... you have a right to your privacy. I respect that for all it's worth. You are a huge part of my life without being apart. You are always with me without being there. & I can't thank you enough for it. Well, I hope this message finds you.


aw its great to hear the messengers will be back, almost as great as it is to hear from you! You still amaze me :)
I love that you would post those songs illegally just for us fans! it was very much appreciated!
sorry if theres typos in this, i have a very energetic duckling jumping all over me haha :)
goodnight from Australia! :) [its night here anyway]
Love, Lizzy


Trying to come up with something memorable and original so that I can be satisfied with my post, but it doesn't seem to be working. I just want to say that I'm thankful for your music, and I hope that you continue to make more for a really long time.

I also hope that you would consider coming to play for us in Egypt :op

All the best
Dina x


oh and i want to say this to you, because i dont know if I'll ever really get the chance to say it to you properly, but thank you. Thank you for everything.
"The songs you wrote
Got me through a lot
Just wanna tell you that"
I've been listening to Late by Ben Folds recently, and it scared me half to death because i suddenly wondered if i'd ever get the chance to tell you that, to tell you how much you've done for me. For one reason or another. Sometimes i really wish i didnt live in australia, because i just want to see you live, and meet you, so i can thank you to your face, but this will have to do for now.
thank you so much.


The way I see it is that the internet is just yet the latest in evolving the soap box mentality of mankind, this being a much larger, more instantaneous scale than its predecessors. There will always be drama in any realm, but I'm glad to see you're one of the people who can find that priceless ability to not get tangled in the fray. At the end of the day all of your fans, casual listeners and Messengers alike, take great pride in your talent and will always support you regardless which direction you take. It's your artistic freedom that has brought where you are, beats the drum that draws the innumerable followers, and as long as you stick with your true vision there's no question greatness won't be far behind. =) I wish I could've stuck around long enough to meet you again after the show in San Fran (and ask if you've gotten any further with "The Lathe of Heaven"), but I couldn't. Just means you'll have to make your return to the Bay Area all the sooner. ;) Anyhow, congratulations on everything, Andrew - your marriage, sure, but the success, the sold out shows, the songwriting, the killer piano skills, all of it. There are few people alive whom I've had the pleasure of knowing who deserve the happiness you've found. You're an awesome, good hearted person, so keep on rockin' and keep on evolving 'cause the world's a better place with you in it. Thanks.

Stevie ;)


so wise! ahaha. i think it's a good idea to not snoop, an artist shouldn't have to worry about the stress of the approval of the online world. can't wait for the mess to be back up, we have missed it so.
see you in a few weeks!

Winnie Jaing

Congratulations on your marriage - I don't remember if I responded to your other blog or not, but I'm happy for you.

I caught your show in San Diego (Drove from Los Angeles to see you), and you and the others were great! I was in the front but things got pretty bad and my sister couldn't handle it so we left.

Thanks for everything.



You Mr McMahon, are kinda AMAZING.
Thank you so much for everything.
Your lyrics and your voice touches me.
-is corny-
The internet can be kinda crappy sometimes.
Congrats on getting married.
Bleugh tour Asia sometime soon kay?
I'll be waiting to see you live someday :DD
Again, thank you for EVERYTHING.
This blog makes my day.


Why are you so adorable? Seriously. I hope you found the makeshift Messengers that we all created as well, as a means to get by without those boards. I can't wait for its return and to see you on 2/17 :)


and hats off to you. sorry bout whatever crap you found out there. don't take it to heart (but i'm sure you weren't going to). we'll keep following. i'm sure you seem like an almost friend to everyone on here. thanks for bein' there.


andrew, i love suprises! especially when you say that the messengers will finally be back! i've been going nuts without the boards, and of course i forgot all about jm.org. i especially can't wait to see the video. thanks for being a rebel and putting up the ep. congratulations and the best of luck to you and kelly. i'll see you on the 20th at the factory!


I wish I could get away with not wearing my wedding ring because I played the piano :-)

I hope Aaron will look into getting the "real" Budweiser to sponsor an upcoming tour. :-)


"In my brief snooping I discovered a conspiracy theory that the my record company won't let me wear my wedding ring onstage so that girls will like me better. A theory I enjoyed very much as most nights I do wear it and the only reason I don't sometimes is that it can be a bit of a nuisance to my playing."

Just to let you know that was just a theory i threw out because i knew someone else in another band who WAS asked by his record label to not wear his wedding ring and such.

I never said it was be all, end all. I just knew that it wasnt because you were unhappy like i had been reading. it was just my best theory. Sorry if you were upset by me throwing that out there. That was just my best guess.

Anyhow, Loves & Hugs, Have a safe tour!



i send so much love to you Andrew.
I can't wait until the day i get to meet you again.

Best of Luck


Being a writing major, here were the words that were shared to me. You must write for your self, but if you write completely for your self, no one will ever understand it or read it. So he told me to write for my self so that other people can enjoy it. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Criticism... you have to learn when enough is enough. Criticism can help you be better writer because it helps you find the flaws that you didn't know where there, but chasing after praise is something you can't do forever. I've learned this in the last year, and it might or might not help you out. We'll see. Well I'm glad the lable isn't in complete control. We fans get little info and guess on stupid assumptions. Don't mind us, none of us are really convinced.



I'll see you tonight at the show!


thanks for fixing the messengers for us! we were all pretty worried it wasn't coming back. i'm looking forward to that video!

i'll be seeing you at a few shows this week :) i can't wait


what an awesome blog! its great to see how much you care about your fans, and the lenghts that you go to for them. while im sure we all miss the messengers very much, blaynes replacement site is quite amazing!

annnd thanks for the holiday EP cuz that was some of the best music, and it made christmas quite enjoyable. i listened to the acapella version of Holiday From Real over and over.

anyway, hope your having fun on tour!
i cant wait to see you in 2 weeks =]


" I'll be honest in a lot of ways it is a scary place to me. "...as it is to me. It's ridiculous how reading something on this screen could change your life. I don't trust the internet.
I love surprises! but I'm a little bit anxious to see what this particular surprise is. I'm glad that you are happy with your fanbase. I agree, they are all pretty amazing people.
well anyways I'm glad the issue with the messengers will be resolved in the near future.


hahaha thank you for the holiday ep. you're silly.
and the internet is stupid. but your blogs always make my day: )
see you in detroit


I was just about to check and se if you updated when someone told me you did so I was pretty happy seeing as I'm in the most boring class ever right now (anatomy and physiology is really unbearable when I'd rather be listening to music). Don't worry about anything you read andrew, seriously it is an extreme rareity that I ever see anything negative about you said on the internet. The rumors do make me laugh a lot sometimes though haha. The internet is a funny thing when paired with music and has a strange way of bringing people together. I can't wait to see you play in ma pa dc and nyc. I'm counting down the days!
Take care,


I guess all i have to say is thank you. Thank you for your music and generosity to your devoted fans. Thank you for not falling into that corporate trap that many musicians do. I truly admire you for that. I cant explain how much you do for me. I hope you continue to grow as a musician and as a person and never stop. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do.

Cant wait to see you in Maplewood in a few days.

Love, Caryse


It's hard to imagine the perverse spotlight that is success not uncovering shadows or showing every flaw in your being.

Where can you hide when you can never find darkness?

Though being honest about it, and showing that you-as everyone else-grows says a lot about yourself a human.

Many bands have blogs, but what are they usually about? Partying? Good films? Political opinions?

I've enjoyed your blog the past few years (give or take) and I think it's because I feel that I can touch the honesty. It is almost tangible. You are writing for yourself, and no matter how glaring the spotlight might be, you're honest.

I guess the long short of it is I truly hope that this blog will be an outlet for you that you can still feel comfortable to use as the lights grow brighter.


Oh Andrew, I don´t know even how to start thanking you. As most people here already said, your music brings us confort, brings us peace - and sometimes, it´s just the hardest and at the same time sweetest slap in the face we could ever get.

Among other things, I´m thankful because last year I went to Japan to work and it was, by far, the hardest time of my life. By that time, Diego, a friend of mine, made me a sweet sweet mixed tape with your songs and sent me. So today all I have to say is THANK YOU for being the best company I ever had in Japan - and also for helping me get closer to the man who is today the love of my life. I found my north. =)

Haha, btw, I´ll never forget the day I was at a store in Tokyo buying "Everything in transit" and then this lady, who knew absolutely nothing in english, pointed at the cd and said: "ahhhh, good music!!!!!".

Best wishes for the band and for the next tours. Please come play for us in Brazil, Andrew!!!

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