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January 19, 2007



Wow ok first to comment :)
ok so its pretty ovbious in your poem that you got married... congrats! hope you and your wife are happy!! nice poem by the way... keep writing you don't do it often enough being a busy man and all.... p.s get your ass down to montreal! I can't wait anymore!


say what


congrats of course, and i thoroughly enjoyed that. probably the best thing i'll read all month.

leah b.

so wait.. you're moving to silver lake? at least that's the information i'm gathering from these lines. congrats and happy new year, dude.


wonderful...just. hope all is well. it appears to be. and a word of thanks, cause i don't say it enough, nor do you hear it enough. so thanks, for being. thats all.


im just kidding, i liked it
it reminds me of mr. silverstein
happy new year
stop being a stranger


Lovely poem. I hope your new year is going great, and congratulations! Can't wait until February :) It's getting closer every day!
Take Care,


It's so good to hear from you, and that poem was amazing.
Your words inspire me so much with my own writing, so thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Can't wait to see you and the manikins in February, I'll be in the front row.


Congratulations on getting married Andrew :) That was a great poem, I really love the first line and the one about her unpacking your clothes. I don't know why ... but it really puts an image in my head of that feeling of love.

tinsley. sorry. well not really.

oh yeah and congratulations on finally making a blog that NOBODY knows what to say to.



And oh yeah, this made me picture you like in a little tree house roasting marshmallows or something even though there was no mention of marshmallows what so ever. Or you sitting up in a little tree house but that's okay
Take care again haha

Marissa M

that poem was really nice. and it is good to hear from you again after a long while. congrats on the marriage :] it seems like you are truely happy. & i'm happy for you.

see you soon.

Allison K.

no idea how to comment to that. but i liked it and it's good to hear from you. oh and hooray for $5 mixed drinks.

katherine anderson

congratulations, andrew!!


Congratulations. That was beautiful. I hope the two of you are doing well. Can't wait to see you perform again next month


like everyone else said...congratulations! i hope your first month as a married man has been fabulous:oD
and i'm glad that you wrote!

Lauren C

congratulations & happy new year. you sound really happy, and that makes me happy :) the poem is beautiful. i can't wait til februaryyy.
take care.


very nice andrew :) it's nice to hear from you again. we're all so happy for you. see you soon!


oh andrew. we've missed you.


That is beautiful :)
Congratulations for the marriage and happy new year!
It is so good to read about you again ;D
Love. Julie - France


I love the poem. Congrats and happy new year, I can't wait until Feb.


Congrats andrew and lovely poem... as an aspiring writer, i wish i was as talented as you. best of luck to you in the new year!


that's a lucky woman who has a man that can create a poem that illustrates the joys you both are experiencing right now. That's really cool. I hear music when I read it.... congratulations!


that was beautiful :)


I know this may sound like a broken record but i have to say it...CONGRATULATIONS. I am so unbelievably happy for you. The poem was beautiful. It sounds like the New Year has definitely been in your favor and I hope it continues to be that way. I can’t wait to see you at The Myth in February. Good luck with the new tour and it was good to hear from you.
Love, Caryse

Ps. don’t be such a stranger this time, pretty please.

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