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November 19, 2006



West Coast Winter... The midwest never felt so cold.

Oh well, you're healthy and touring. Doing what you love... I couldn't be happier for you.

I wasn't able to go to Tour. The date for Light up the Night didn't work for me either. I'll have to make up for my absence at Relay for Life this spring.


thats so great that you have raised all this money

hopefully i can make the show on dec. 5.




Ahh that is so amazing.
Congrats with the success.


Just the west coast?? East Coasters still need you :)


Yay! You wrote! That's awesome about all that fundraising. Pretty effin' amazing.

I'm upset, you're in my city this week- and I CAN'T COME!!!! West Coast Winter isn't just for the West Coast is it? Please tell me you're coming to the Midwest too. =(=(


HOLY SHIT is exactly what I said. outloud.
I'm soo glad the tour for the cure was such a success. take care and have a great time with the rest of the panic tour!


i'm so glad you finally updated, i was wondering how your tour was with all those screaming panic! fanatics.

come to baltimore and dc again! :)


70 to 90 THOUSAND dollors, wow, insane, I couldn't be more pround of you Andrew. That money is going to help a lot of people. I'm happy to say that I spent a lot of money at your TFAC concert :)
You guys playing with Panic! was really really neat too and I can't wait to go to the West Coast Winter Tour now too! But will you make it back to the East coast? please?!?
best of luck with the remaining shows!


Those totals for the TFTC are INCREDIBLE. I'm so happy!

It was great meeting you at the Patriot Center on 11/11! My Konstantine shoes are now the envy of all my friends ;)

Take care!!

Allie, a TEAM of FUN known as FUNTEAM

Me and Marissa can read each others minds!

Andrew just wanted to let you know that all your fans are really slow on the whole "west coast winter tour" thing (including me)!


haha the holy shit remark is apparently everyone's favorite. i laughed! it is absolutley INCREDIBLE how much money everyone got to raise! i didn't get to see a T4TC or panic show, which i'm insanely disappointed about, but life goes on. i'm just hoping i can catch yall for the west coast winter tour! anddd just to throw this out there, it'd be crazy if yall played nashville :) haha. good luck with the rest of the tour!


hey andrew,
it's funny that you wrote today since i was just saying to my roommate earlier how you hadn't written for awhile.
anyways...i'm so excited that The Tour for the Cure was so sucessful! Congrats! I know how thrilled you must be.
I got to see you open up for Panic! on Monday the 13th, and you guys were amazing. Honestly, no matter how many times i've seen you perform, you always seem to get better and better each time! me and my friends were disappointed we didn't get to see you after the show, but we understand. hopefully next time you'll be able to hang out:o)
and hopefully next time i'll be able to go to the show...i'm studying abroad in Australia for spring semester...do you think JM could come play down under while i'm there? lol just a small request:op
annnnnd i'm very excited for the "La La Lie" video

jessi xox


Waouh ! You raised so much money, this tour has been more than successful thanks to you Andrew ! Like everybody I'm really proud of what you did, YOU DESERVE THIS SUCCESS !!!
I hope you'll have fun during the next tour... perhaps we'll have the chance to see you in FRANCE one day : it would be the best day ever !

Take care

Tiphaine (from France)


That's so awesome that so much money was raised for a great cause. You're such an awesome guy that all of your fans want to give to anything that will make you smile - and to know that it goes to help find a cure for horrible diseases makes it even more worth while. I can't wait to see you Saturday - hopefully the security won't be too tight and you'll be out after the show. Thank you for all you do Andrew, you make every day so much brighter in so many peoples lives ;-)

Love ya!


That is wonderful to hear about all that money raised for such a wonderful cause!!!

I missed the Philly date with Panic! tonight, but I hope to see you in February!!

Good luck with EVERYTHING <3



it's nice to hear from you once again.


haha andrew. HOLY SHIT. i agree though. i'm just upset i couldn't get to a show and help support. but i'm glad so much money was raised =)
i'm glad the tour with panic is going really good. upset i couldn't get to one of those shows either, but maybe next tour i'll be able to have my first jacks show! =)

<3 hanna



i am working like an insane puppy on my schoolwork and because I didn't get to see you at madison square garden and got so upset i've been feeling bad and losing weight and stuff(not that that's a bad thing ;p) and now you blog today and announce bigger meet and greets and stuff, i'm gonna cry i'm so happy.

im sorry for the incoherentness, i usually try to be good about that but i've been hoping (and praying, im ashamed to admit) that you would have meet and greets at the February tour (FEB IS MY BIRTHDAY SO PLEASE COME TO HAMMERSTEIN THE 18th 19th or 20th lol just kidding come whenever so long as it's not a friday night oooh i suck at this) so that I could see you again. if i do i will have something for you. and for india, who shares my birthday. :D so i really hope it all works out. apologies. i'm stressed *sigh*


ps. as to the amount of money you have raised, congratulations (!!!!) and i agree wholeheartedly with your assessment:

HOLY S***!!!! 8-0 (wide eyes, look at it sideways lol)


So excited for the new headlining tour. PLEASE come to Canada!! I am SO happy to hear that the fundraising went well. Its good to hear that so many people are coming together to offer their support. jack's mannequin is number one in my playlist right now. You've got the talent, the drive and the heart for this lifestyle. You can achieve so much. Never doubt yourself and keep on trekking.



I am so proud of you and waht you're doing for the world! And I absolutly lvoe that you always thank you fans. We are so greatful for the opportunity to meet you that it wasn't even a big deal to work for a five mins. lol. (I met you at Charlotte, NC)

Tiffany (the vinyl girl)

PS: I'm still waiting for a less obscure answer about the Dark Blue video! lol.


Wow that is amazing!! congrats, that is a lot of money and an awesome accomplishment.


Wow, congratulations on raising so much money! That is really unbelievable. As for the "West Coast Winter Tour", how about a "Mid-West Winter Tour"? I would go to see you when you come to Chicago but the show is sold out and I'm not too crazy about arena shows. Good luck with the rest of the Panic! tour.



Good effort!
Now when can you come to Australia and play a Sydney show?


hahahaha HOLY SHIT is right. that's so amazing. i'll hopefully be able to do more to donate to t4tc in the spring if i can actually make it to some shows.
glad everything's going well with the panic tour, you guys were AMAZING (as usual) in sunrise and us jacks fans definitely made sure to push some people out of the way so we could be right up front for your set.
i cannot wait for these new dates!!! ahhh so excited!

<3 kiersten

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