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November 19, 2006



ill start off with how you've, once again, posted one of the most outstanding blogs, i'm never bored when i read them, and i usually get bored quickly, haha.
ANYWAYS, if you do read this, i have been wanting to ask you if you could ever write about what exactly having cancer feels like, which i guess is a personal question, and actually sounds kind of weird thinking about it, but i've been wanting to know from someone whose experienced it, and well....everyone i know...knew, who had it, died, so i never got the chance to ask.

if not, i'll try to ask you on 12/3, if my sister decides to drive me out to long beach, which is also something i want to add...

try to book some shows for the next tour NEAR LOS ANGELES! my sister doesn't want to drive me to anymore pomana, anaheim, or long beach for that matter, shows :(

much love <3sara


Andrew, I can only pray that you will see this comment. I figured this was the most likely place you're read it though.

Bring Jacks to Australia! I, along with so many other kids would give anything to see you play down here. It'd mean the world to us. I hope Australia is a place your planning to visit sometime in the future.

And of course, I'm so proud of what you've achieved for cancer research! Obviously I wasn't able to go to any of the shows, but it's amazing what you've done and you should be so proud of yourself.

All my love,




Hi Andrew. I don't know how to talk with you. I found this blog i hope so you see this comment! I just want you to answer how your band choose the tours... For example i you choose Japan for a tour and not choose, Latin America, for example Brazil. Man here you rock, lots of people like SoCo... and Jack's Mannequin hmm, i don't know no one person that listen and dont love your music. Simple perfect. So we from Brazil hope so one day you come here and tour arround the country. If you want some researches about fans, money, everythink you need to think about for a possible show here, just ask me on email. I will be so glad to do this.


Thales Augusto
Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Hello Andrew, I always check this site because every time I read your blogs I start to think that you are a great person, you have a huge heart, I LOVE YOUR WORK AND OBVIOUSLY YOU!...hehehe...I really want to go to one of your concerts because I like your songs but I can't,I live in Peru and my country isn't in the tour, well, it happens all the time not only with jack's mannequin...I know that I will go to one of your concets and if I have luck I will meet you and the band...


confused. so no meet n greets...? why not?


hi andrew, congratulations!! Everything you do is so amazing and you are my absolute idol. Your music helps me so much and is such an inspiration, but i wish you would come to Australia, you have no idea what it would mean to me to see you live in concert and I would do anything to meet you. You have a great fan base here too.
xoxox rachelle


I doubt you read all these or if this is even a good place to write this, but you guys kicked ass last night in St. Charles. Lots of people went for Panic! but I bought my tix to see you guys. Can't wait until you come back in February. Again, kickass show, fellas!


BTW, St. Charles is considered metro St. Louis. It's just down the street. Dunno if u knew :)


i don't know about tinsley, but i'm certainly NOT showing up unless you have some pyrotechnics involved. maybe a swarovski-encrusted piano. a diamond-covered microphone (a la bono. this is questionable). or you could have some live animals. that would be interesting. a la britney, you know, pythons?

just suggestions.

see ya later.


i just wanna say that i love mao.


and i wanted to say that pythons are dangerous. and that andrew, you should stay away from dangerous things.... can you live in a bubble? i dont need something to happen to you. STOP JUMPING OUT OF AIRPLANES PLEASE.

- kris :)

heeey andrew :)

omg, i'm so proud of you! congrats for it, and i hope the tour is going great :)

i wanna so much to make a request for you andrew! pleaseee. COME TO BRAZIL!
it'll be so amazing to see you live!

love you <3


Andrew, Please PLEASE come to North Carolina (Raleigh or DUKE or UNC) or south Florida! We missed half of your set in Charlotte, NC because of horrendous traffic, and then were shooed up to our nosebleed section seats when we tried to rock out down by the floor. We'd only come to see you so we left the arena after you finished and drank away our sorrows in the parking lot, hah.

Oh, and The Mixed Tape really did sound like a "fuckin' rock song" with your crazy energy. :]


I was at your show with Panic! At the Disco on Nov. 24th. You guys rocked! It made my night to see so many people singing along and rocking out to your music. Please come back to Minnesota soon, I hope next time it will be with tour for the cure!

Thank you so much for making the music of my life!



i just wanna say i love tinsley.

and i think maybe BT could choreograph the dance. he's worked with nsync and i think he has a good rep.

pythons would be cool because it'd be snakes on a piano. i know snakes are so over. whatev. pythons are the new snakes. snakes are the new snakes. you type that word enough and it starts looking really weird.

...this industry's venomous.


yeah, so um, today has been an awesome day full of signs but i am not quite sure what they are pointing towards. A. my "teacher's assistant" told us his screen name was badass74 B. AHHHH, SOMEONE IS COMING TO WORCESTER TWENTY DAYS AFTER MY BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! near my other brother's college so i might just stay at his appartment (we're best friends) C. my mom has been acting like she will probably get me the tickets for christmas D. we did mash on the bus today and my friends and i established that we (as in you and i) are you to have unprotected sex 80 times, each time resulting a new baby E. someone mentioned the moon and so, once again, i started screaming, "THE MOON IS SHINING NOW, AND SHADOWS ARE WHAT'S LEFT OF OLD NOISE!!!!!!!!!" and for the first time, i didn't get yelled at

what the fuck is up with the universe, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pancake! at the disco

Ohhh you guys rock. I know I sound like just another fan, probably because I am. You've overcome so much, and I want to support you somehow. I know! I'll buy flip flops! Oh yeah! Look for me on your tour with JM flip flops!!
Much love,


I just discovered some of the dates for the winter tour, and I would have to say I'm the happiest girl in the world. When I heard 'West Coast Winter Tour' I assumed you'd only be playing in cities on the west coast. Well, the dates I saw proved me wrong and I couldn't be happier! Glad to know you didn't abandon us East-coasters. I will be sure to get tickets.


Hi Andrew. I hope you're doing well. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and I hope to see hear from you soon.
You'll always be my inspiration for life.
"You'll always be my Konstantine..."


I feel like it's Christmas because the tour dates were announced and all I can say is that it made me completely forget that I have food poisoning.
February feels like FOREVERRR away

I'll see you in NYC with the Audish Boys though.
I love you!


YOU ARE COMING TO DETROIT! I am super grateful you put us on the map; I was kinda disappointed we didn't get to be a part of Tour for the Cure. After you guys played here on the 21st, I am more than ready to see yet another amazing show. First step: getting the crowd to do the wave, next step: laser light show by making everyone shake their cell phones? This could get interesting. I can't wait! =)

And I'm just curious, could you give us any heads up on who these opening acts are?


i fucking love you. i really do. and i look forward to meeting you for a 3rd time in febuary, in chicago. i was a bit disapointed that you wouldn't be in milwaukee for the first set of dates announced, but ill travel the hours anyways, because its more than worth it.
i was planning on going to chicago last wednesday to see you, but panic at the disco isn't really my thing.

here cheers to a new tour.
another amazing one, i'm sure.


And oh yeah... I'm new to this whole concert thing. How the hell do I meet you after/before the concert? Are there tickets for meet-n-greets or is it just kinda assumed? I heard that at the Panic concert, Plain White T's were hanging out at the merch table..but yeah. I sort of missed out on that whole "How-To" bit involving maximizing your concert experience. Thanks kid.


hey andrew
thanks for coming to st. louis! see you at the pageant in February


our timing isn't really the best...
i had my tickets all ready to see you in stl at the creepy crawl for june 11th, 2005. as you well know, just days before, you announced that you wouldn't be performing.
when i heard that you were coming with oar this summer, i was amped to see two amazing bands... until i realized i was gonna be working at a residential camp where i didnt have a prayer of getting the day off to come see you.
so i waited until november, to see you with panic. and for some stupid reason i left the ticket situation up to my sister, meaning in the end we had to buy tickets off of ebay cause she waited too long. but i didnt end up getting to go, because apparently four days is not a long enough recovery from nose surgery to ensure the safety of a new nose.
so when i got the pre-sale e-mail for the winter tour, i wasted no time. i now hold my tickets to the show at the pageant on valentine's day. my valentine's days are notoriously lame, and i imagine that this will be my best ever, since i'm spending it with what i love more than anything in the world... good music.
our bad timing is coming to an end. see you in february!


When are you coming to the Philippines?
Uhm, probably NEVER! HAHAHA!
Just wanted to let you know that you also have fans on this side of the planet.
Can't wait for your next video. Hehe!


WOW! its so great that you have raised so much money. this money is going to be put to great use! think of all the lives you will save! im so exited to see you at glendale,az! =] wow i had never really heard of you until i saw you at edgefest in tempe. OMG it was great you where the best performer! it if felt like you where really comited to your music wich is great and the fact that you write your own songs ans you are in to bands! WOW that just shows how amazing you are. ha ha ha my favorite part of when i saw you was when you said we could download your music for free that made me smile but i didnt download it i bought your cd there! =] and remember when the kid was crowd surfing in a trashcan! ahh good times cant wait to see you! goodluck! hopefully i can meet you at the glendale show! =] goodluck!


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