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November 19, 2006


Lindsey G

Still Amazing. All your hard work paid off. I'm proud of you!

<3 Lindsey


Looks like the tour season never seems to end!
All the money you collected for the Dear Jack Foundation is amazing.
Next Saturday you're coming close to my town for the Panic tour, but I'm still waiting to hear if I made the four to help out. I hope so. I'd like to do as much as I can to help.

<3all my love


I agree. HOLY SHIT. haha wow that's a lot!!! good thing! :)


Andrew, I know you're thanking us for all of our help, but YOU are the one who organized this! Nothing would have ever happened without you. Between 70 and 90 thousand dollars...that's AMAZING!!! Thank YOU :)

Can't wait for the February tour!


i agree. holy shit.
i'm so proud of you <3

see you in febrary!


It was awesome getting to see you three times this week! My stepdad really enjoyed talking to you in the bar haha Can't wait until February!!

lauren alysse

I'm so glad that the tour for the cure went so well. i wasnt able to make it to the tour, but i made sure that the friend who i had buy me merch put a few into the donation jar.
You're pretty much my hero, Andrew :) And you deserve all the success and fans you have turning out on the panic! tour.
Oh, and I'm ridiculously excited for this "West Coast Winter Tour". cant wait for the dates.

leigh rice

ahhhhh this is even more successful than i could have imagined. recently, i saw you in norfolk, baltimore, and then fairfax about a week ago. the t4tc was incredible and we all loved the arena too.

and handing out stuff was amazingly fun. yay for airport tapes and records<3

can't wait to see you in february!


I think that this tour will be amazing. i'm bumemd that there aren't any meet and greet,s but things are beyond your contol and I understand. just as long as you headline in Denver, necause we always seem to get skipped out on the headlining tours. Anyways, good luck on everything and I hope that you continue to have fun.


I'm so glad that so much money was raised from Tour for a Cure and through Light the Night. I attented several of both of the events and am so glad that I was able to help out.
I can't go see you on the panic! tour because I've been really sick for the past seven weeks and have to go to a new doctor in Cincinnati and hope that someone finally will be able to fix me! Come back to Ohio soooooon. Not only so I can see jm but so I can meet up with all my fav messengerssss =)


I'm in awe of the great donation for Dear Jack. That is absolutely amazing!

I cannot wait for the Winter Tour. I'm so excited + cannot wait to see you and the boys rock out again!

P.S. You guys were awesome on the 16th in Toronto. =)


thats a fucking insane amount of money, congratulations!

Love you lol.


HOLY SHIT is right. That's amazing. We couldn't have raised so much money without you of course so THANK YOU. I can't wait to see you again soon, and I really hope the rest of the Panic tour goes well for you. You're amazing, keep on rockin!



i'm so happy i got to make it to t4tc and a panic show& i loved handing out the ATR cd's in virginia!
cant wait to see you again in february<3


That's amazing! I'm so glad I was able to give to this cause. Really incredible.

It was great seeing you in Sacramento and I can't wait for December 5th. Then hopefully some more good times in February!

Keep up the amazing work.

Allie, a TEAM of FUN known as FUNTEAM!

HOlY SHIT is right!

The panic show in the atlanta was so much FUN. I am happy that I was able to help pass out the stuff. And the panic set was very interesting. I think you should add dancers to the production for the feb tour, or at least stick the piano on a 15 foot platform.


HOLY SHIT is right. This is incredible.

Congratulations with the amazing success and I hope for even more.

- Marissa


That's totally amazing how much everyone raised and super exciting. And I can't wait till you come to LAish area in December with Panic and Cobra. Hopefully I'll get to meet you there, but if I don't, there's the Feb. tour. (:


blaaaah west coast tour.. the east coast needs you !


Oh and I love how Ralphie/Allie and I said the sames first sentence and posted at about the same time.


That is awesome! I'm so glad that so much money was raised for such a good cause.
I'm glad the panic tour is going great and I'm sure everyone understands that you can't always stay to meet people.
Can't wait to see you Tuesday and I will be looking for more dates for Feb.
Take Care
<3 Jessica


raising 70+ thousand is really all because of you, so it's you who deserves the thanks. without you, it wouldn't have happened. thanks. =]


Aw, only west coast winter tour?
haha, no im just kidding i know you get around as much as you can.

i loved the show last night in lowell.
i wish you could have come out but i understand that you couldn't. i gave the usual note and bracelet i make for you everytime i see you to casper this time.

you played incredibly. i love the new beard and mustache SO MUCH. it looks so good.
tell dr jay john and braw i say hey! (AND CASPER)

sincerely, emma.


thats good news to hear so much money was raised.

i had an awesome time at lowell last night. its awesome to see that the all the fans that have been to some of the first jacks shows i went to are still reliably there everytime. :)



tour for the cure was like the best time of my life... and i am soo excited to see you boys again next week in chicago, ST. Ch, and council bluffs. it's amazing how much money was raised, and you were the inspiration for everything. congratulations on this accomplishment... we're all soo proud of you..
can't wait for the west coast winter... its going to rock. yay =]

take care
see you in chicagoo


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