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October 18, 2006



Just dropping by to say the re-release DVD is AWESOME!!!

I'm so honored to be able to have a piece of your first show back and your triumphant return to the great city of New York. Thanks for making it so that even we lowly Kentuckians, who miss all the fun on both coasts *whine*, get a chance to see!

I now have THREE copies of EIT, but I rest easy in the knowledge that, short of a cataclysmic house fire, I should never find myself without a working copy of my most favorite album. ;)

Robbys mom

Thank you for sharing your feelings and for remembering Brad & Chad as your Dear Jack Foundation fights blood cancers. You are a remarkable person to do what you are doing and to care as you do. Your blog warms my heart on its darker colder days. Thank you for sharing.


Reading those blogs cheers me up a little bit because it makes me feel like I am a little, tiny bit closer to where you are. They are very motivating. Wish I could see you playing live but I'm afraid it will never happen since I've never been out of Europe and (maybe I'm wrong, I hope I am) you never toured round here. Hope you will visit Holland once. I pray you will. I swear, if you do, I'll be there.
Please? :)
Good luck with everything you're doing!

paige m.

iiii thought you learned from your missteps! new blog please :) haha

you have no idea how much reading these can brighten someone's day. The Messengers goes into like a frenzy when there's a new blog haha!
i love that you donated the money in the names of Brad and Chad, it's things like that which make people love you as a musician and as a person EVEN MORE.

buttt i hope everything is going well! and i hope for your next tour, whether it be SoCo or JM, that yall come to Nashville, TN! sorry i had to throw that in =]


Second time im commenting this blog, but it was just such a long time ago i heard from you. I just discovered the thing with the new site, mostly i just read the blog, but Jack's TV is great=) And i do must say that you have a good taste in movies =) Napoleon dynamite, yay=)
Thanks for making me proud to listen to you!
/Tove (you really should come to Sweden;))


Andrew!!! I saw you play last night in Charlotte with P!ATD. It was incredible! I loved you, my friends loved you. I know that Jack's was a little out of the panic fan's element but you rocked out. This was my second concert and I loved every second of it!!!
God Bless


shit. I just spent an hour and a half writing an awesome comment, then being the genious that I am, forgot to put my e-mail and it deleted itself. tada. ....It basically consisted of "You guys were AMAZING in Jacksonville, I was the nut who threw the glow rings on stage and I did it cuz I love you guys and I was so overwhelmed with the joy of seeing you live that I lost my mind.......yadda yadda.....after many signs and symtoms had shown their faces, my mom has decided to drag me off to get tested for cancer, I'm terrified, you guys are my lifeline....I listen to EIT EVERY DAY and whenever I'm in the hospital, you're all lifesavers and really inspiring people,....btw, I got Andrew's Fiji H2O from the piano afterwards.....um....hope you guys stay safe and healthy and far away from publix......while I'm dealing with this whole doctor thing to see if I have leukemia, the thing that gets me through is you---hey, I'm 15...music is ALLOWED to be everything........Andrew, keep blogging 'cause it makes me happy and shows that you are basically the only "rockstar" who cares enough about their fans to take time to write to them.......love you all, you're my heroes, come back to Jacksonville soon and all that jazz...." the original one was better. I swear. ---- exxes and ohs, **Erin** .....oh look.....I remembered my e-mail this time.......*slaps myself in forehead*......well at least I'll KNOW where THAT bruise came from...... >.<

Patrick and Cassie Johnson

Representing the JM in Charlotte was a lot of fun! It's a shame about Bloc Party, hopefully they are doing ok. The Weezer cover rocked, it reminded us of our first Something Corporate show when you played a little bit of "Only in Dreams" before diving into "Konstantine". And yay for playing the Tom Petty again!

Patrick and Cassie Johnson
Raleigh, NC

PS: Thanks for signing my "Andrew is my Homeboy" shirt! -Patrick


i would love to tell you in person that your words inspire me to great extents, but i failed to meet you the other night in CHARLOTTE after many attempts to. In many ways, you saved me. When i was feeling so low and out of place, all i had to do was listen to your songs. any song by you will brighten my day and make me want to live, to feel alive, to smile again. Your positivity is uplifting and i just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and the life you gave back to me. maybe we will meet someday so i can shake your hand and tell you how wonderful you are but im sure you already know that. keep up the good work, your music means the world to me.

Lindsay Overton

hi Andrew,

I have to say that I have been reading your blogs on this website since before you found out about your battle with cancer. I have fallen more and more in love with your songs and just your amazing talent for writing songs. I really do love your music. Everyone I know knows that you're my favorite singer.. in Something Corporate and Jack's, I love them both equally.

I saw you at the Patriot Center last night with Panic! I must say.. I was dissapointed to be in the nosebleed section. I felt so disconnected from what was going on. I think you guys sounded so great though.

Who are the other members of the band? I've been looking everywhere for bios! :)

Keep up the good work! I love your passion and emotion in everything you do. It really challenges people to think about your songs.



Hey Andrew,
i was trying madly to get tickets to your show Nov. 19 at the Wacovia center and couldnt. but i love your music, your voice, just everything about your songs. Jack's and Something Corporate are mostly what i listen to.

I have to tell you that you have inspired me with your sickness and overcoming it and how you keep going on with your life. I have learned that no matter how bad things get or how hard they its going to be okay. So thank you. and keep writing.
im looking forward to hearing more from you.



BRING SOMETHING CORPORATE BACCCK PlEASE, I love and miss them. I hope your stellar!!!!!!!!!!
much much love


i love u. and im dying to get backstage passes for my 18th bday for the az concert on dec 7. my bday's dec 1. [fingers crossed that i will FINALLLLLLY be able to meet you]


haha thrid comment on this blogg, but i just wanted to say thanks, with out your music my weekend would have been a complete catastrophy


Hey Andrew,
I'm a huge fan of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate. I love your music, you're so talented holy cow! But i am curious...when you are going to make another CD with Something Corporate? I sure hope i can go to the block party thingy when you come to Utah.


you are an amazing person. i don't read a lot where people seem to stay real to themselves and to the world. something about the way you write...i don't know. i can't write like that. i don't have a way with words that really shows people what i mean to say, what i feel, what i think.

part of this post reminded me of how someone once told me that bad things can only make you stronger. i think it's true. after everything you've gone through, you still live your life, and how you seem to accept what goes on around you. fight off your demons.


You did INCREDIBLE on the 9th in Atlanta.
You looked fantastic.. like you've gained weight, and maybe a little more color in you :]
Stay strong <3


ANDREW! What happened to learning from your missteps?? hahaha Just playing, we all know you are completely busier than most of us are in a week. Still makes me worry about whether youre still doing supreme or not... I will see you Saturday anyways, so I guess Ill find out then. We are planning on getting there in the morning and tailgating out all day to make sure to see you, I bought my tix like forever ago. Ahhh Im so excited I dont mean to babble. Anyways, hope everything is going awesome for you Andrew, you deserve it! All the love in the world,



Hey Andrew, it was good to see you guys in NYC the past couple of days! Both shows were amazing, as always :-)
It was kind of weird not getting to talk to you at either show, since I'm so used to being able to, but I knew going into it that it wasn't likely at an arena show(without a m&g), esp in the city. I did get to say hi to Bob on Monday though, so that was nice :-)

I hope you have fun on the rest of the tour!! Can't wait to see you in February!



ahhh! three days until you come to boston!!!


:D Im so excited to see you guys tomorrrow in toronto!!! ahh!omgogmogmg:) i lovee you! youre amazing!


Hey Andrew,
It was great getting to see you in New York last night since it seemed like I would miss every opportunity to see you for a while. You were just amazing and definitely my favorite act. I sung along to every word of every song and I know a lot of people around me were too.

I hope someday I can actually meet you since you are such an inspiration with everything you have done. And you are like my musical god. I think I have gotten all my friends hooked on one of your bands, if not both. I just wanted to tell you how well you did last night. I know people who hadn't heard of you before, but now consider themselves big fans. You were that amazing.



We met in Chicago at The Beat Kitchen. (I know you remember that ridiculous name...) The concert was amazing and finally meeting you brought me to tears. Thanks for the hug :). Last week at the local AMC theater, I heard Dark Blue playing, I almost had a stroke. I look forward to seeing you perform on 11/23 in Chicago again.
I admire your unfailing ability to be amazing.

Scott Samarel

Andrew, I would love to ask you to do a blog antry, but I'm afraid that Neil [being that he's a bitch and all] might try to ridicule me in some attempt to make himself feel better. So i'll just say the internet has been pretty boring since October 18th... and that's almost a month ago! ;) Ur the man andrew.


I just wanted to let you know...you helped inspire me to become a serious singer/songwriter. Whether I'll be any good at it or not is still undetermined. Thanks =)

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