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October 18, 2006



i liked this :)
what you're doing is great. the purpose of this tour was great.
i'm sorry you weren't feeling well in jacksonville earlier this month. hope you're feeling better now, and see you in a week!


Dear Andrew,

to hear about your work like this, from you yourself, even though you're probably veeery busy, is truly inspiring. I think persons like you really makes a difference in the world and I'm sure that all of your fans will, like me, try to put some own effort to support you and your guys. And there's really no need to apologizing for not writing, everyone's allowed to be lazy every now and then;)
I'm STILL waiting for you guys to come to Sweden,not that that's likely to happen but at least promise me this; Please NEVER EVER stop giving tours or doing music, and especially don't stop until 2010-2011, cause after gymnasiet, I'm going to make some big cash and fly my way to the US. One day I'm gonna see you. And you better rock on 'til then! Can't wait to finally see you live Andrew!

Tack och Adjö, that's all from me!


Wow, you amaze me, simple as that. It is beyond words how wonderful the things you do are.
<3 Kristen


I just want to say thank you, Andrew, for putting on such an awesome tour for such a great reason. I admire you so much for what you do for your fans and for charity. The shows were incredible and I'm so thankful you guys made it to Sacramento. That show was basically one of the cooler nights of my life:) keep up the good work!


I just want to say thank you, Andrew, for putting on such an awesome tour for such a great reason. I admire you so much for what you do for your fans and for charity. The shows were incredible and I'm so thankful you guys made it to Sacramento. That show was basically one of the cooler nights of my life:) keep up the good work!


You are amazing and the Sonar show was amazing. And meeting you after was the highlight of my life so far. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. My prayers are with Brad and Chads families. You are doing a wonderful thing with the Dear Jack Foundation.


i was wondering when the next blog was coming! it's great to hear from you andrew. tour for the cure was for a great cause and i'm glad profits went to dear jack! i hope you're okay now, since i heard you had food poisoning at the florida shows! :[ but the URI date was seriously one of the best jm shows i've been too. so amazing. the whole set = incredible. i miss you guys, but see you next month! and i can't wait for part II :] and thank you so much for playing with something corporate. i can't wait for you and the boys to tour :D
love, vicky


I was at the Houston show on the second day of the tour, and words cannot express how I felt walking out of the venue after the show. I've attended my fair share of concerts in the last few years but none have ever left me feeling so uplifted and full of hope for the future like Tour for the Cure did. It was hot and everyone was cramped and pressed against each other, but instead of the petty bickering that sometimes results in such situations, the crowd made the most of it and laughed & joked together while we waited for you guys to hit the stage. There wasn't a dry eye to be seen when you guys played "Katie" and the amount of positivity within the audience for the rest of the songs was astounding.

We're all so proud of you for the good you've done and also for how you've fought against a disease that takes so many young lives. You're an inspiration to us all, Andrew, and we're forever grateful to you for that.


you are the sweetest person ever:)


T4TC was amazing. When I went to light the night we raised over 36000 dollars which blew my thinking how much in all was made. Its a shame cancer took Brad's life. It really hit home being from cincinnati.
Much love


The show in Indianapolis was amazing. I've seen you guys twice in the past six months, and both experiences were positively exhiliarating. You are quite possibly the best artist I have had the opportunity to see live. I agree that there was something special about the crowds. Just talking to the other people in line and while waiting in between acts was awesome. I met some very nice girls there! Jack's fans are amazing, in general.

Meeting you (for the second time) after the show was awesome, too. I know there were tons of people in line, but you were patient and genuine with everyone. Even when I was going on and on about my leukemia awareness bulletin board, you listened patiently and were very gracious. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you again, because you are such a genuine and kind guy. Seeing how you've come through everything and the fact that you're now doing so much to raise awareness and funds for blood cancer research is inspiring.

Thanks for everything.


we've all missed you andrew
you're amazing-- your words always make a difference in how i think and how i feel.
i can't wait for the nov 17th show-- less than a month!!! <3

Leah S.

T4TC was awesome! I can't wait to see the total of it all! That was really sweet about brad and chad. I was so shocked to hear that brad had lost his battle. It really puts everything in perspective. see you with panic in november.



i've missed your blogs and i'm glad they're back.

you're amazing, thats all I can really say.


we were wondering if you were ever gonna use this thing again. and yeah, the first time i read this, there were 9 comments. now there are a billion. and the airplane/dog/seagull noise on this site is conflicting with my itunes right at this moment. but thats is quite alright.

hm... all i could think to say was too stupid to actually say. but i guess it's just honorable that you do all that you do. and it's good to know that we're supporting a band that is good... and doing going... and that this is something worth supporting and not just another band wasting their money on clothes and eye makeup.

thank you for not wearing eye makeup.


Patrick and Cassie Johnson

We were happy to support your cause at the Greensboro NC show, and even more than happy to see you up on stage again. Thanks for meeting with us again after the show, you've always been the best about that. I hope we can find you after the Charlotte show...we can't wait! Take it easy in between tours!

Patrick and Cassie Johnson
Raleigh, NC


Wow! That is all I can say, you inspire me with everything you do and say. I hope this next tour is just as amazing and inspirational for you.

<3 Haley

P.S. I cant wait until 11.7 for the dvd! Congrats!


I must tell you that T4TC was amazing and I went to 2 of the shows. I got to meet you at URI and it was the greatest night of my life. If I'm thinking of the right Brad, he was in the band Close to Home; and they are very talented. I know they will be in my prayers. Thank you, Andrew, for being such a wonderful person, and you will see me at as many shows as I can make it to in the future.


Andrew just want to say how much I loved T4TC and so glad you could hang in there and finish it out! It was amazing and I will never forget the night.

It was such a good night, that right when I got home I cleared my schedule so that I could go to the Greensboro show. But I had to miss it due to uncontrollable events :(!

You are doing such great things, it makes me happy and proud to say I am a JM fan!


oh yeah! one more thing!

Glad to see you bloged, we were geting worried that you might have been kidnap! But we understand that you are really busy!

A team of fun!


I'm so happy you blogged it totally made my day today, which was a horendous one. I can't wait to see your show in November in Toronto and I want to say you are such an amazing person Andrew McMahon and I love your music so much its hard to describe. You are a true inspiration and keep me going. So glad to read your words.

Allison K.

Hey hey, I was so glad to see you wrote (just like everyone else). I missed my t4tc date because I got sick, but I was fortunate enough to catch you guys at bamboozle. that was an AMAZING show and I'm so glad I got to be there. Just the other day, I was praying for you and thanking God so much that you have gotten past your cancer. You do so much good through your music, and to now support cancer research with the Dear Jack Foundation just shows the depth of your character. Please let us know how to directly donate to the foundation, and I hope to see you again soon!

allison k.


glad to hear you're doing so well. i really hope the tour raised a lot of money. i didn't get to see any of the shows, and i can't go to the 11/11 show, but i can't wait until light the night. hope to hear from you again soon. <3*


Stay strong Andrew! The concert I saw was AMAZING!! I loved the performance and equally the noble cause you were touring for. I bought an autographed poster for 20 bucks-I would've have spent that much money if it wasn't a) you and b) for a great cause.
I cannot wait to see you again in November!
And I preordered the CD/DVD/Last Straw today! I'm so excited to get it!!
God Bless.


wow! this entry gave me chills!! i hope the tour raised a lot of money. i love you and all the work you do and i can't wait to see you in concert nov. 10th in charlotte,nc.

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