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October 18, 2006



omgosh andrew! i can't wait to see you tomorrow in Boston! you are amazing and my inspiration! yesterday i had surgery on my mouth, and even though it was a minor surgery it still hurt. as i sat in the dentists office, very anxious and nervous, the lady at the desk said they would let me listen to my ipod while i was being "worked on." so, when i sat down in the chair i put on my music, and guess who i listened to for the 45 minutes in my surgery, you! with each pinch and poke they made i squirmed until suddenly all the pain stopped. now i dont know if it was the novicane or the thought that ran through my head that very second that made the pain disappear. i thought of the pain you have gone through, and how you were able to get through it and that if you could be so incredible and strong, so could i. you must undestand i am not saying i am anywhere near as amazing as you are, (and nobody will ever be) but that you helped me out so much! thanks for everything, especially the concert you are going to perform tomorrow night at the tsongas arena which i will be attending stiches and all!

keep on rockin' mr. rockstar!!!!!
<3 nora


do u fart...ever?


If I cant get tickets to the show at Auburn Hills I will seriously be so upset :( keep your fingers crossed for me.

Andrew, you are amazing and I never forget you in my prayers. Thank you for always being there when no one else is.



OMFGGGGGG, AMAZING JOB TONIGHT IN LOWELLL!!! we were the onces screaming really loud at random parts. sara stared a scream at once point and she was stoked. nora's mouth hurt the whole time... BUT IT WAS FUCKING CRAZYY AHHHHH. but we couldnt get good pictures of you because we were in the back of the mosh ((hey, atleast we broke nora's mom's rules for you)) and you moved around alot, BUT IT WAS SOOOOOOOO HOTT!!!! hehe, loved the wave, loved the wave, very good. and im liking the beard, grow it like Santa, dye it white, let little kids sit on your lap and say, "i don't exist." with that scary face that you made to the bassist tonight ((yes we caught that silly billy)) hott shirt too by the way, we are total preps at school ((yes, we did spend thirty dollars on abercrombie tank tops just for the concert)) and so we were excited when you wore a collard shirt, thanks for not popping the collar;) i understand this is like a fucking essay, but jesus this night sooo deserves it. it was sara's first concert ((nora when to jingle ball last year, before sara, she was one of those, so don't blame her, she didnt know any better.)) we were really excited when you played dark blue. oh and we were waiting when they were setting up the stage and we were like, hmmm i wonder what he is going to open with and nora was all like, "i bet he will start with im ready" and i thought bruised AND YOU STARTED WITH IM READY!!! ahh, how did she know? i think us three are like telepathic, dont even get us started on what we have in common with each other (sara and nora that is) but like... sara has the same shoes as you and like a bazillion other things and nora can read your mind. thats just crazy.

keep on rockin mr. rockstar,
sara and nora<33

PS. dont judge, we're only thirteen.


My 2 friends and I drove to Rochester from Buffalo to see you at RIT on Friday. You obviously made all the glitches we had driving worth it!! You were AMAZINGGGG- you kicked panic's ass! Loved the red shirt, you looked great. Thanks for playing La La Lie-- It's my friend Janna's favorite and we had so much fun rocking out to it!! I can't wait to see you again (be it a something corporate or jack's show!) and hopefully you'll have a meet and greet or something. I'm not going to lie, we waited out by your bus for a little while. ;)
Keep on rocking you fucking rockstar


Well... thank you for allowing us the oppertunity to help out in any way that we could. It is great to see music helping out different causes... The panic tour was awesome. We were some of the lucky ones who got to hang out with you for a little in Charlotte. We had a blast. Any more thought on the Dark Blue video?? see you on the next tour..

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