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October 18, 2006


annie g

please tell me i have first comment....

anyway! i really wish jm played my T4TC date, but it was still an awesome time. :) see you nov17. :)


really glad you are doing well. just like to say that you are th ecoolest person ever. you have an incredible soul and you are very humane. thank you thank you thank you.



It's super good to know you're still doing well. I always find your words so motivational... makes me want to go out and do something great. Keep up the amazing work, both for yourself and for the great causes.

Can't wait til the next time you're near SF.


thank you for finally blogging andrew, i was beginning to get worried. im glad you enjoyed the tour, i know we all did. knowing it was for a good cause made it even better. i wish i could come up with something witty and philosophical..but im just too tired. see you soon :)

annie g

ok...so i actually read the whole thing this time instead of skimming it...

it is so upsetting to hear about people like brad and chad because then people realize that it does take lives and it could be anyone and age doesn't matter. the dear jack foundation is going to help so many people. it's amazing.

there was a more sufficient comment on my part... :)


I'm so proud of you Andrew. The Dear Jack Foundation is going to make a huge difference. See you soon.


cancer is horrible. but you've done so much to get people to realize how it affects people so much, and for that, you should smile.


Be proud, Andrew. You've managed to do so much and while you continually give thanks to those helping you, make sure you take a minute to realize what /you/ have done.

Be happy, stay healthy.


I'm glad I could contribute to this amazing thing you're doing, Andrew.

This blog made me a little teary-eyed.


I'm so amazed at how much you do. Anyone else would just sorta sink down on their couch and take a huge long break after all that, but I'm admired at you... well, unlaziness, and ur dedication to everyone. It's people like you who make music worth... well I'm not gonna say listening to, i'm going to say living, because we live through your amazing lyrics and your connection to us. It's through you that we find our selves, and we all thank you greatly for that.


i'm so glad i got to witness a T4TC show, so good. Your an amazing person&see you soon<3

Katie Anderson

we are all so very proud of you, andrew, for your accomplishments. i'm absolutely left without words. how is it that i can sit in my writing classes with a huge block of frustration sitting on my brain halting any form of creation from coming onto a page and you can sit and write within a blog and make something amazing? this makes you who you are...your words, how much you mean them, and everything else you do. you are making such a difference in this world and in so many lives. It's incredible. God Bless you and thank you. I'll be seeing you on November 24th in Minneapolis.

leigh rice

dont even worrrry about not updating. but i'm not going to lie i can't wait for part 2.

chad and brad's families are in our prayers. and thank you so much for everything youve done on the tour, i saw two of them and they were two of the best yet.


woot!! you're back!! I'm glad your tour was a success both personally and also for The Dear Jack Foundation. Keep on truckin'! I can't wait to see you again! yay concerts!


I am so glad the tour went well.I am quite excited to see you guys with Panic! Here in Minnesota, the 24th of November. Yes, I am counting down the days.



I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see one of the shows, but I will be seeing you Nov. 16 which is comforting.

I'm so thankful for all the work you do, and all the people you rally together to fight for people's lives, people like my really amazing friend David. I know that Brad and Chad are thankful and very proud of you, just like I am.


Thank you so much for putting on an amazing tour and at the same time working to make a difference. I can't wait to see how much money was actually raised. This was an amazing thing you did and I can't wait to see you again in November. I'll be praying for Brad and Chad's family. Take care Andrew.
<3 Jessica


it was a good tour.
im very glad you hung in there.


T4TC was amazing and I was glad to be able to attend one of the shows. I'm glad that you stayed strong throughout. Truly amazing.


oh andrew i love you. way to make me cry. i wish i could've gonna to one of the shows but i was there via cellphone for a few songs. i'm proud of you for fighting through the hard parts and for doing everything to fight this disease not only for yourself, but many other people. thank you. <3

Leah B.

glad to hear good feedback, finally, because this tour has a special place in my heart for sure.

the shows were nothing short of amazing. the atmosphere at the jacks shows is just magical and it's what keeps me coming back.. more often than is probably good/normal but it's all coooool.

ps get ready for a BIG surprise.

Juila Britz

I think that sounds like an amazing experience.

On a different note, "Last Straw" is amazing! I am so impressed. I absolutely love it because it resonates to the quiet beauty within people and for some reason makes me hopeful. I loved it.

It's amazing and thanks for doing all you do for charity, its very inspiring!


I was so excited when I saw that you posted. =] And everyone knows that you have been busy this past month, so we'll let it slide. =D

I'm so glad the tour went so well! This tour definetly raised a lot of money for cancer.

You definetly don't seem like the one to feel vunerable. You are an inspiration to me and to many other people.

-- Hayley


basically, I freaking love you

and that's that


i'm so proud of everything you stand for and i'm so happy to be, in some small way, a part of it. this money, research, and awareness will make in immense difference in more people's lives than anyone will know. after losing one of the most important people in my life to cancer just a few years ago, and after your ordeal with it, i would love to take any part in raising money to fund research to cure cancer, and to provide hope.

and i'm proud of you for such an amazing tour. i'm sure that milwaukee was only a small glimpse of the energy and dedication you continue to put into your shows....dedication and passion that i've seen time after time since 2001.

congratulations on a great first part of the tour! i'm proud of you andrew, and i'm especially proud of all the good you're doing....like you say, music does heal.

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