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September 12, 2006



omg first comment?


OWWW THAT SOUNDS LIKE IT REALLY HURT. I really hope it gets better! the same thing happened to me with my thumb.... OUCH.

As for the Cosmo Girl article... I was having a conversation with my friend Karamie and we both said it didn't sound completely like you. Needless to say we obviously still love you.

I hope your toe gets better quickly!! See you soon!

<3 Kate


P.S. that was really weird. I havne't gone on web pages all day and I had a feeling you might have updated... and sure enough you had :D

<3 Kate again


omg sorry about your bad luck by the way.
i just got a little first-comment happy. :(

but i hope all is well soon :)
can't wait to read the new cosmogirl!


ouchh.. i am glad your bad luck spell is over <33
It must bother you tok now that sometimes people rearrange your words.
but we still love you anyway.
i was so excited you updated. <33
it made my day.. =]

love youuuuu

Melissa W

Wow, your toe. Oh man, that must have felt awful.
And as for the article, that is a bit shady, the way it was written. It didn't sound like you, really. I'm glad you cleared it up.
=) Go get luckyy.
I'll see you on the 24th


haha i'm glad your streak is overrr.



matt w

your truly awesome andrew...hope your toe gets better and your luck turns around!!! hope to see you in New York sometime soon


I had a feeling you were going to update today too. Hahaha.

Don't worry, stubbed toes are a bitch. Especially since yours was dislocated. Ouch.

I also had a feeling that the CosmoGirl article was supposed to be one of those "As told to PersonA by PersonB," but that definitely did not sound like you. It wasn't quotable enough.

- Marissa :) <3


broken toes SUCK.
and i'm glad to hear that the bad luck is over now. :)

on another note i feel horrible for not being a part of your team at the light the night walk in kettering ohio but i'm participating for my school's career tech center reppin digital design! but don't worry- i'll wear my jm shirt of course . :]


Uh sorry there's more from me ...
I've had a bad luck spell for awhile too now, but I finally think it's going to turn around.
It's safe to say that bad luck spells suck. A lot.

Okay I'm done for real this time.
Marissa! :) <3


I've heard bad luck (and bad things in general) come in threes, so be optimistic, cause there is no where to go but up from there! Even though your bound to have it now, i'll still wish you good luck with the rest of the tour!


how incredibly painful!! i once stubbed my big toe so hard that it split open and bled all over the place for about thirty minutes... i thought that was bad!

oh and btw... i am so stoked that i was able to get general admission tickets for the show in SLC on 11-29. can't wait!!!


Sorry about your toe, it sounded like it hurt, I would know this because it has happened to me before along with a nose and convently missplaced placed door. I was at the Houston show on the eighth and I had to oppertunity to meet you, I only had to chase down Casper and beg him to let me into the meet and greet. Prose is one of my vocab words this week, it made me laugh... then frown thinking about how hard the test was today. Well I hope your luck turns around.
I'll see you again if you come back to Houston
Bye, Erica


Hey buddy,
Whoah dude that must have hurt!
Sorry to hear that you've been having a little bit of bad luck, but I think it's finally over. But you're right, after the bad incidents we go through, the good ones always follow...and you will have a lot of them =)
I'm glad to hear that overall the tour has been good to you, and I'm sure that's the way it will stay, cause you deserve nothing but the best. And about the press, pshhh dont even worry about that stuff buddy, we know who you are, and we love you! Always remember that! Alrite man, well I think I'm gonna go get myself a Grande Banana Cream Frap at Starbucks...I can't get enough of them, they're really good. If you get a chance you should try them one day, yuuuup. Take care brother, hope to hear from you again soon.

Peace and also maaad love,


Man, I can't believe even the back up keyboard didn't work! What a night for the tech crew! Even though the concert didn't go as planned, I think that would have been a cool show to be at because it was so unique from the rest of the tour.
I'm so sorry about your toe, but that goes without saying I guess..... I mean, that's got to be teh suck!
Last thing, why don't you want cosmo girl to retract their article or apologize? You have every right for a response and so do the readers of cosmo girl. If you don't make a fuss, nothing will happen and the article will still lack integrity.

-Pez (like the candy)



Sorry to hear about your toe, I hope it gets better really soon! I'm glad that your show turned out well even with the piano technical problems. I can't believe CosmoGirl altered your story, especially because you're such an incredible person and a great writer. I'll have to write them and angry letter to give them a piece of my mind lol. Anyway, This is actually the first time I've written a response to one of your posts (even though I read them religiously because I love to hear what you have to say) and I just wanted to tell you that I love the way you write and your music and your compassion for other people. I wish that people could learn to look at the world the way that you do. Keep up the awesome work and try to stay off your toe. Get lucky! =)


ouch! your pinky toe needs to look out for itself!
sorry about your bad luck! hope your luck gets better for the show tomorrow!

leigh rice

ahhhh a broken toe! of course its not pathetic. those hurt like a bitch.

thank you for clearing up the cosmo girl interview, a lot of us had suspected that something was up because it didnt sound like you at all. of course journalism works that way sometimes, but thank you nonetheless for explaining.

and i just found out i'm able to go to your's and bobby's acoustic show in va beach on the 17th, and i couldnt be more excited.

i also love knowing that you read at least some of these commments, it helps to know that they're not going to waste.
can't wait to see you, hope your toe feels better!



sorry about your toe. the same thing happened to me the day before school started in 7th grade. and about your keyboard...at least they had one or that would have sucked big time. haha.

good luck...getting lucky.



sorry about your toe. the same thing happened to me the day before school started in 7th grade. and about your keyboard...at least they had one or that would have sucked big time. haha.

good luck...getting lucky.



ew andrew when i read about the perpendicular toe, i almost puked.

it made my pinky toe hurt.

grossss and i hope it feels better!

i have bad luck too.
it happens to the best of us!

seeee you on nov 9th in good ole atl!

<3 erika


ouchhh about your toe!

Technical dificulties. ouch.
I heard the fans were pretty cool about it though.

I haven't been able to pick up the magazine. but you know,its journalism...

Much Love



haha I knew that wasn't you :)

and i am toetally excited for the 24th and the 27th. Okay that sounded lame but still haha


once again, i have to commend you for your way with words. i've been going through a rough time and for some reason find such comfort in just listening to you, even though i'm not hearing the words come directly from your mouth. so thank you, that's all.

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