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May 14, 2006



best of luck in your new home. i moved last year from the house i grew up in and lived in for 17 years, and i know what a crazy, weird, emotional experience it can be. like a shift of your frame of reference or something. hope you're coping with it better than i did!
<3 jen


Andrew! Good luck on your new adventure, I am sure you will be fine! You are the bravest and strongest person ever. I have moved so many times in my life and if I can do it, you can.
We're all rooting for you!


aww yeah good luck in yo new home we should all throw you a house warming party woooooooot ..lol


im jealous.


i've lived in the same place my whole life. as much as i want to leave, i couldn't imagine it! good luck!


Moving is a very hard thing to do, whether it's by choice or not, so the best of luck to you Andrew!


im glad you feel so strongly about that. im sure where ever you move to will welcome you just the same.
good luck in your travels and ill be seeing you soon.


good luck with the new home!
it really must be hard making that decision to move, but im the opposite. i hate where i live and will hopefully be moving back to my hometown in long island this summer. my heart belongs in california, but i have to wait another year until college for that.
good luck and take care!
love, vicky

amanda k

Change. Its a word always looked upon with such negative emotions. It involves getting re-aquanted(sp? lol ) finding new hiding spots, and learning all over again. Changing IS a difficult process. but usually it's meant to happen. Changes effect our lives constantly. They are what make us adverse, and mold us as human beings.
I know you of all people will be able to take another change. Moving is rough. But Andrew McMahon... you've proven you can get through anything (and keep a smile all along :D )
best of luck to you!!!

ps happy mothers day!

amanda from cambridge ontario


I feel the same. I'm moving out of my house and into an apartment about 3 hours away, and it's just strange having grown up in the same house my whole life to be moving on from it. I didn't write a c.d. about it, but I know how you feel.


moving can be a bitch. especially packing, good luck with that man. hope all is well. see you on the 31st in FL



good luck andrew in your new home!! it might be very hard to move from your hometown.. especially if you have 11 years of good.. and bad memorie! But always remember that the entire world is your home X) you will always find friends everywhere, including us.
again, good luck! xX


beautifully written. Good luck in your new home, and may your new chapter in life be even more extraordinary than the last.

<3 gwyn



It's great that you love the place in which you've grown so much, but just remember in starting this new era of your life that home is where you make it. But keeping the sentimental value close, that's a good thing too.

I'm counting down the days until June 2nd!

With love, Melissa


i've lived in san clemente my whole life and as much as i want to leave sometimes, i think to myself, where else do i want to go? i mean eventually i will leave but needless to say, i love it here.


I know what it's like to leave home and it's a hard thing to do. Good luck with the move. I hope you find a place that makes you feel at home and peaceful. I'll be praying everything goes well.

Love ya!


i was pleasantly surprised that you wrote again so soon! good luck with your new home...i can definitely relate to what you were saying. last august i moved from the home where i spent the first 18 years of my life (and it wasn't by choice) and then a week after i moved out of my house, i went to college. so needless to say, it was a lot of change all at once. it's weird to move from a place you have spent so much of your life in and have so many memories connected to. but i guess, it's also a good thing. you can find another part of yourself that you might have missed if you were living in that place forever. and even though it will always be what you consider "home" or "hometown" you can make other places a part of you as well. and i'm not really sure why i'm rambling lol so i guess that would be my cue to stop...
take care of yourself and best of luck with everything!
cannot wait to see you in august:o)

jessi xox


Wow, I hope your new house becomes as important to you as your old house. I have lived in the same house since the 1st grade, and I can imagine getting sentimental about it when I move out. I am sure your new house and town will have as many great memories as the last. Good luck with the move,


There is deffinetly nothing like living on the beach. :)


Hey andrew! Congradulations on ur move. I'm not sure why you'd want to leave orange county (from what i hear it's the ideal place to live) but i supose it's imporatant to move forward in life and experience new things. This year was my first time living somewhere else than the house and city i grew up in. It's made me grow and find out who i really am. I can honestly say it's been a very positive experience in my life. I'm sure everything will work out great at ur new place.



that's how i felt when i left for college my freshman year. but you know what, my college town feels just as much like home as back up in the twin cities does. you'll get that too. congratulations on such a big decision. that's awesome. good for you.


Hi Andrew!
It's great to hear so much love for your hometown! I wish you all the best with the new move to somewhere "fresh". Enjoy it and make some awesome new memories!


hey andrew!
good luck in your new home! :)


I've been living in this town for 16 years now, so I understand where you're coming from. It's not easy leaving things behind that you've grown to expect will always be there. Memories grow like ivy over everything, only requiring a little bit of time to dig roots in. Eventually though the time does come when you have to part with one world and enter the next; as one era comes to a close, another begins. Nevertheless, I'm just happy I'm still around to read your blogs. =)

Take care man,
Stevie ;)

P.S. See ya in 9 days!


Good Luck with this new experience in your life.

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