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May 27, 2006



What the hell was up, or not up, with the crowd at SDSU on Saturday night? Jeez, the crowd, save a few of us fans, were really dull and did not dance, tap their toes, show an appreciation with a nod of the head, move their hips, or otherwise sing along! My friend and I were the older gals up in the concrete benches (HA) and we were the only ones standing and dancing. You are right: GET UP PEOPLE! THIS IS A F%*%$%#@ ROCK CONCERT! We left immediately after your performance and hit a Mexican Restaurant to drown our sorrows in a margarita. Next time, we see you solo so we are not with a bunch of nimrods/bench potatoes! Ah Andrew! It was so different seeing you at the HOB in Anaheim the last few times, where everyone in the crowd sings every word and cannot keep their bodies still! Loved the t-shirt, loved seeing you and the band, but cannot wait to see JM solo..............The OAR crowd pissed us off! :( :( Take care piano lad/Linus/adorable human being!
Kathy from Mission Viejo
Jeff--- after reading your post, I want to say how sorry I am for what you have to endure. You will pull through but cancer must be horrid. We are body-mind-soul in my belief, so work on your mind-soul too and your body will recover from that monster. :)


Hey Andrew, we will see you soon in Michigan with O.A.R. I am a new fan of Jack's Mannequin and have been spreading the word around to all who appreciate music. Congratulations on your recovery...No one can relate until they are there...we can only imagine and say prayers for you. Until Friday, July 14th. Peace! Maggie


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