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May 27, 2006



i am so glad that you are back and coming to the southeast. i can't wait for the show on tuesday!


I enjoy reading your blog!
Glad the shows are going well =)
Feel better!
Much Love,


i just want to say thank you for coming back and creating more inspirational music. :)

Leah B.

hey man, write all you want. 'causeeee uh yeah even if you feel self indulgent you're giving us loser's a fucking treat. blog every day please? k thx

it's hard for me to believe that only a year later and you're touring. this time last year i never would've expected to see you at a show at this time. see you very very soon :)

<3Leah !


I love reading your blogs. They make my day.
<3 Kristen


it's amazing for me to think abuot the progress you've made. congratulations, andrew. see you very soon.


Leah B.

ps i have a head cold too. benadryl is godly for these things


no need to apologize, at all.

Jordan K.

I hope you get better before tomorrow night !


Andrew's blog. Andrew does what he wants with blog. Andrew should not feel guilty about thoughts. That is all.


you've had a pretty tough year, but it's awesome to hear that you're doing great.. i really love reading your blog, and am looking forward to seeing you in concert. i hope that head cold clears up.. i know how much they suck.



I don't really see it as "self-indulgent," but regardless, it's your blog, and after all you've been through I don't think anyone's going to argue with you. So, please, write whatever you feel like - I promise I'll enjoy reading it, and I'll definitely write back. Though I agree, I definitely have had a strange feeling about things lately. There is a definite plethora of odd parallels running around, but I'm just glad to be where I am, glad you're where you are, and glad our pathes could cross again back on Tuesday. Likewise, I wouldn't have it any other way. :)



two days in a row. that is seriously awesome.
don't worry about last night's blog, it was very beautifully written (as always) and very reflective. while it's not a happy subject, it's a good feeling to get it out there.


PS. WHYYYY does NJ have to be at the END of the tour??? I can hardly wait!


I don't think you should apologise for your rantings. Sometimes it's nice to have a place to go and vent and get all of the thoughts out of your head even if they are negative. But then again, easier said from me then done, because when i post thoughts on my blog, i don't have hundred's of people reading it. NO PRESSURE!!

Tiffany ♥

you're not being "self-indulgent" it's your blog! haha you're suppose to write what you're feeling the moment that you write the entry. besdies all of us love reading it and hearing what you have to say so don't worry about it =]

♥ always,


glad that you are better. its not bad to think about the difficult things in life.


sup andrew.

i just want to say there's nothing irresponsible in writing about how you're feeling at any given point in time.

if there was then suffice to say none of us would be here now. because if you hadn't started off writing how you were feeling in your songs there wouldn't even be a "here" to be at.

just sayin'.

cheers, mate. look after yourself. xx


You are allowed to feel that way. and sometimes everyone just needs to vent a little. There's no harm done when you just say what you feel as long as it's not cutting down other people.
Have a good time on your last few shows with CIWWAF. They're amazing boys.
I can't wait to see you play on June 17th in Seattle. I'm sure it'll be a night I won't forget for a long time.

Charlene C.

feel free to be as self-indulgent as you want. we don't mind :) and look ... everyone is using the happy face after you used it in your last post. you made it cool again!


You are allowed to feel the way you do. Thats what i really admire about you Andrew is how honest you are with your blogs and with your music. I'm glad your back and feeling good. Your music means the world to me and I can not wait to see you again June 9th. take care



Yesterday was a rough day for you, don't be too hard on yourself. I hope you get a good night sleep and feel better soon. We love you!



andrew, i love reading your blog.
you are amazing.
yesterday was rough but you made it.
keep up the amazing music<3
best wishes,


look at you.
2 in row...this makes me so happy.
just reading your blogs makes me smile.
last nights blog [though sad] i know comforted me in knowing that you have continued to look at the bright side of things. no worries about being self-ondulgent.

the fact is you put yourself out there for your fans to connect with and that is what makes you so amazing. so no worries. keep us posted andrew and take care of yourself.


You really enjoy to write on this blog and I really enjoy to read what you write :D
So don't stop posting :)
I love you.
Julie. From Paris.


whoa what a blog whore! hahaha Not that I'm complaining! I hope you're feeling better today and smiling!! ;-) Maybe I should stop using exclamation points! or since it's 5:30 in the a.m. maybe I should go to bed haha (insomnia is no fun)

oh & be self-indulgent all you want, we love to hear from you no matter what you have to say and we love that you share your feelings with us. everyone needs to vent now and then, so no worries.
Have fun & take care! Hope your head cold clears up!


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