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January 26, 2006


Mitch Z

Great to hear you're on the improve Andrew. Been a while since you've blogged so I was worried you had gotten a bit sick again. But glad to hear you are still doing shows and everything is going well for you.

Can't wait to hear from you again in the weeks to come,


I'm happy to hear that you had a great show and that you had enough energy to get through the whole cd!!! ;-) I'm also sorry to hear that you got sick from pushing yourself too hard too soon. I realize it's not "Andrew like" to not hang out after shows and talk to every last person no matter how long it may take(one of the many reasons we all love you so damn much haha), but you sir need to take care of yourself before anything else right now. Don't feel bad, all anyone wants is to see you up there HEALTHY and back to doing what you love, and what you do best.

OK, 5:30am, I guess I should try to sleep now lol.
Sweet Dreams.



It's good to hear from you again!
I'm so glad the show went well, I'll see you in March!


so happy to hear u had an awesome show and ur getting better!
come to australia soon ay!
jess xx


so happy to hear u had an awesome show and ur getting better!
come to australia soon ay!
jess xx


andrew, take it day-by-day.. you've done so much lately! you're doing so many shows/events within the next few months.. it's a lot. just please take it easy for all of us and feel better :)

congrats to absolutepunk. i haven't taken my "i will fight" band off my wrist since i received it last summer in late june/early july. it's the only wristband that really fits me, unfortunately. size: smallest wrist-size possible. glad to be a part of the thousands of people that participated in raising that much money!
- kelli & lynn


andrew! it was great to hear from you again. i'm so happy the show was a success for you.. thats awesome man :) i'm coming out from ohio to see you play in April and i CANNOT wait. it will be my first time, ever, too. i can't believe how many great things you're doing in such a short time..and i cant wait to hear you on the Punk Rock Show tis evening. i will definitely be listening!

and also congreats to AP. i actually took a double take when i saw how much money they made. i havent taken my wristband off since June either, and to know i was a part of this makes me feel so great :)

take care budday, we're so happy for you!

Kelli's Mom

Whew... you certainly have come a long way since last May. We are so very grateful to you for once again being with all of us live and in person.

The bottom line is... get well, stay well. We love you from the bottom of our hearts and will always be here for you. Just listening & getting to see you once again is enough for now... we just want you 100% well so that you can spend more time with us! So, continue on... we can wait for as long as it takes. Please take care and take it one moment at a time!!!!!

Hugz, Kelli's Mom Lynn :)


Andrew, It was so great to wake up this morning and read your blog, considering today is the one year anniversary of the last Something Corporate concert I went to. I'm so glad the show went well, and I will be come coming all the way from New York (for the second time) to see you on March 4th

Stay well,


i love youuuuuuuuuu


Andrew, do what you have to. We will keep on listening, as long as you keep fighting.

We will keep on donating whatever we can for this cause.



Keep on fighting, Andrew.
We love you.


Yay For You! I'm glad it went so well. I just wish I could have been there. Keep on keeping on!!
Love always,
Jess xx


Its so great to hear that you're doing so well and I'm so glad that you are. Just keep doing what you're doing and we'll all be okay. Don't worry about being able to stay and see us. We're just happy to see you alive.

Much love,


you continue to amaze me.


Oh darlin...wish I could've come. I'm sure we all completely understand that you couldn't chat. You just worry about getting better and we'll worry about loving you.


Great to hear that you're doing better & hopefully it will stay that way :)
Happy Australia Day aussies!!!

SuzieQ & Jen

You lazy bugger! You just didnt want to associate with us dirty plebs....not that I blame you, lol!!!
Not really, we completely understand, its so great to hear you're back performing again. Hurry up and get yourself completely better, then get your bottom over to England because we want one of those hugs all the poor USA girls are missing out on. Though we warn you, we may be tempted to squeeze your bum, though we shall do our absolute best to restrain ourselves.
Take Care,
Suze and Jen x


so glad to know you're doing better and getting back onstage. it's on honor for us to be fighting right alongside you.


Andrew! Its so great to see an update. And its even better that you're still getting better. I couldnt be at the show tonight (or any other show in California, unfortunately...it sucks living in Illinois sometimes) but I'm so incredibly glad to hear it went well. And don't feel bad about not being able to meet people after the show, because even though it may suck for them/us everyone knows it is for the best and nobody wants to give you their germs :)

I hope things continue to get better for you and that I can see you around St.Louis sometime maybe this summer??? That would be incredible. Anyway, keep taking care of yourself and smile! :)

Love and Prayers,


Thanks for the update Andrew! I'm so happy that your back to playing a bit now...it's so exciting. I can't wait to see you again live sometime...but take care of yourself, we want to see you fully healthy and rockin' like always! :)


We fully understand Andrew :). Everyone just hopes that you get better and better as soon as possible.


aww yay 2 woot for andrew

woot woot :)


Wow, I wish I had been able to get over there. Congrats on getting up there, I'm sure it was a fantastic show!


PS I always get asked about my "I will fight" wristband :D



It's great to hear from you again. Glad to hear you got to play another show last night. Please please please don't feel bad or apologize for not being able to hang around after shows and see us. We completely understand that merely taking a breath of air outside can cause you to get ill, and NONE of us are so selfish as to expect you to be in crowds of people and risk your health for us. We know that sooner or later you'll be strong and healthy again and that you'll be able to talk with us after shows, and I'm sure everyone would agree with me that we are willing to wait as long as we have to in order for that to be a heppening thing again.

Take care,


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