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January 01, 2006



andrew, that almost made me cry.
you're such a beautiful human-being.

Marisa Baglaneas

Awh Merry New Year Andrew! It's gonna be a good one.


I'm glad to see that you're recovering!
I hope 2006 treats you well--it better.
Happy New Year, Andrew, you're amazing!


Andrew, you have such a way with words, I am jealous. I really am so happy you're feeling better and better each day. 2006 should be amazing because in about two months I will be getting on a plane and traveling from rhode island to california to see Jack's Mannequin at the House of Blues. I've seen SoCo many many times and I am excited to see a JM show! I can't wait.

Patrick and Cassie

Happy New Year, Andrew! We are always thinking about you. Thanks for the holiday greeting from Something Corporate :-)

-Patrick and Cassie Johnson
Raleigh, NC


you have no idea how many people want to hug you right now..

:) group hug.

Nikki FM

Andrew, I love you like nothing else.
Please get better extremely soon.
Then come visit me in Halifax, Nova Scotia so I can show you off to all my friends.
Wow, I don't know what I'd do without you.
You are amazing. Simply amazing.
Love, Nikki FM <333


andrew, you truly are beautiful, inside and out.
scars and all. <33
hope 2006 treats you better than 2005 did!
<33 jess xoxoxo

Allison K.

made me cry. i love you...not in the freaky way but in the purest, most "i want the best things for you only" way. please. continue to get stronger. I can't wait to see you again.

Allison K>


andrew i love and admire you so much. i really really really do. i wish there were more words to say that in... but i just dont know how.


you are amazing.


You're an amazing guy. And you really give me hope. I'm glad to see your felling well and everything's becoming a lot better as the days go by. 05 must have been a hard year for you, in many ways. Hopefully 06 will be amazing for you.

"And maybe that’s the key. Not resolutions and forgotten promises, but instead a commitment to do this year a little better than the last. I'm feeling good about this one. I really am."

I love that. And i couldn't have said it better myself.


You really do have such a way with words. You can make the most simple thing absolutely beautiful. It's great that you're recovering and I hope you have an amazing year.


hey sweetie! I really hope that this year will be better than the last. I hope to see you at a warped tour in the future=) I love you. take care.

Christine R.

I find it amazing how you always seem to manage to put your words together so eloquently. I was actually thinking about how you were doing today because I was listening to Jack's Mannequin on my way home from a family function. I give you credit for striving through this tough time and coming out strongly from it. Andrew, you are an extremely influential person to not only me but to so many more and I thank you dearly for that.



i've said it before, and i'll say it again. you are so amazing. i really don't even know what i'm trying to say right now, i guess that like everyone else, i am in awe. of you.
and that almost made me cry.
here's to 2006. like you said, it's going to be a good one. i can't wait.


Your entries make me think. Today felt like another chance, another chapter of a book. I am so happy you are doing better. Happy New Year and I wish for you all the best this year. <3


That really made me confident that this will be a good year. I needed that.
Thank you Andrew.


you're so wonderful, and i'm glad you're doing better. be well, andrew! here's to 2006 :o)


If I weren't all blurry-eyed, I'd bring up your eloquence again.

But I'll just leave it at this: you are the strongest and the most talented and inspiring person ever.

You > everyone.

That's the only way I can put it when I'm still speechless.

Kyla M.

andrew, this was really really touching. everything you write makes me see things diffrent. you take these things in such a positive way its amazing.
you an amazing person and a real person i can look up to.

and ahh it must be good to have hair back.. haha.

Kayla M.


I tried posting a comment 3 times now, but this computer is terrible.
So i'll leave it at this,

Thank you andrew. If your friends/fans could take away all the pain and scars you've had to endure over the last year, you know they'd do it in a heartbeat.

no other complete stranger can make me cry like you do.


you make me so happy.
thank you.


Glad to see one of us brought in the new year in a good way. Me, I spent it sick as a dog, hiding in bed. I know you're jealous. (Not really...)
Heres hoping that 2006 doesnt suck.

Much love and eat eat eat! :)


wowowowow. made me cry. i really don't have words....
please stay strong. you continue to inspire me with each day that you fill with positive words like these.

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