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December 04, 2005


Matt 2.0



Andrew you are absolutely amazing! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better. I can not wait until you are back on the road again, it will be incredible.

Matt 2.0

Sorry. Thanks Andrew! I wish I could of come and seen you. Coming to New Zealand anytime soon? Ha, guess not. You've inspired me in life. Thanks man, owe you big time.

Glad to hear your doing better.


It was absolutely awe inspiring seeing you on Friday, first performing and then meeting you afterward. Really, kudos and thanks for the memories. I too have been thinking a lot about life lately, where I am, where I've been, where I'm headed...not much of it makes sense, though I have to add that I honestly don't expect any sense to come of it anymore. I guess the main thing is to be grateful we're here, all in this together (and can share in the wonders of your music as well). So, I say to you, thanks once again for the awesome time, the memories, the photo and just being who you are, the greatest gift of all. Rock on, and never stop.

Stevie ;)

P.S. I'm so eagerly awaiting when you can come up here to SF again. Going to LA to see you was awesome and all, but, man, that was one hell of a long ride, lol.


thank you for an amazing performance on friday. Traveling to LA by myself to see your first show back...i wouldn't have traded it for the world. kudos to you andrew!

a fan always,


How I wish I had a teleport to make it to the show! That just means that you'll have to come out the East Coast!

But it is awesome to hear that you're doing well. I'm sure the things that have happened to you won't ever be forgotten. That's what the music is for. And if you forget, we'll remind you. :-)

Take care!


Allison K.

awww the star registry. andrew you are the best :)

allison k

Katie Anderson

THANK YOU! I was honored to be able to come from Minnesota to see you. It was amazing. I loved seeing you live your passion again. The entire evening was beautiful. Congratulations on being back in the game. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for being so nice about Big J letting us back to your dressing room. You have no idea how much meeting you meant to me. You are totally one of my role models and idols. So, thanks again, Andrew. Rock on. We all love you.



I am so happy that you're back performing and doing what you love! I've seen pictures(and video clips... shhh! haha btw, you sounded amazing) from the show and all I can think is "wow, he's so beautiful." Also, I think it was really cool of you to let fans come to your first show back instead of keeping it closed to just your family and friends(I wish I could've been there, but I know I'll see you soon enough... I have to work on that whole patience thing lol).

I know I'm stating the obvious, but take your time getting back into the full swing of things... don't feel like you have to start traveling as soon as your doctor gives you the O.K., there's no rush. We'll be here for you regardless.

Take care and keep resting up!! ;-)


P.S. I'm excited you played 21 and Invincible... I'm going to keep playing the 20 second clip I have all day Thursday for my 21st. haha j/k... maybe ;-)

P.P.S. We're the lucky ones!!!


hey andrew,
congrats on your 100 day mark! that's wonderful and amzing. i'm so excited and happy for you about your first show back. i really wish i could have been there, but hopefully you'll be able to get to ny soon.
you are honestly such an awesome guy. it's nice to know that despite all of the well-deserved praise that you get, you're still so humble!
like kristen said, we really are the lucky ones.

jess xox


aww he really liked everyone's gifts!

andrew you rock

i'm glad you were well enough to perform, even if i couldn't be there with everyone!


I was so happy i was able to be there and share this special day with you and everyone else who was there. I was truely honored to be there. The whole room was filled with so much emotion and it made me so happy to see you so happy to be performing. I cant wait to see you again. You did amazing Andrew, im so glad you are well.

lots of love


I wished I could've been there but of course you were in my thoughts with that first show and i'm so glad that it was a huge success and so i'm told it was very emotional as expected! I can only imagine the excitement and emotion flowing through the room when you finally got back up there but I bet it was deeply moving and life changing for some. We're all in this journey together it seems. It's not just one person growing from this, in actualiry I think yuo've helped enlighten so many people on different aspects of things and I really honesty do believe it's actually helped many people as well. It's so great to hear from you and keep rocking on and staying healthy!

much love, anna


things are on the up and up... weeeeeeee!

Amanda Gordon

You are truely inspirational. I saw Rhonda's photos from Friday, and I started crying. I can't imagine how powerful the emotions were rolling to actually be there. It seemed like it was such a nice intimate setting to get back in the groove of things and someone shot some clips of it, and you look so healthy, strong, and happy. It's good to see that bright smile on your face again! I hope you continue to get even better so you can continue to put on great shows (and maybe come to Texas soon??? please? haha)...I wanted to go to the Friday show but couldn't, and the 12th show is looking unlikely as well, but I know it'll only be a short amount of time till you're up and about again and hauling a piano from one state to the next. Keep on doing what you do and hopefully see ya rock out soon!!! your fan, amanda


andrew. you. freakin. rock.

thank you for sharing that day with us. seeya on the 12th.


ps. [Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sunshine In) - The Cowboy Church Sunday School. hilarious song, i guarantee it]

Jess Broome

Andrew, I love you so much.
I check this site everyday to see of u've updated your blog. living in australia, its really the only way to kno wat ur getting up to. so glad ur well, ur music is the only thing that i can listen to in any mood and it lifts my spirits and makes me believe anything is possible.
please come to australia soon!!! im dying to see u in concert :)

Jess xx


Hey Andrew,

I am so, SO happy that everything is working out for you and that you are finally recovering. The endless projects that people have started have been amazing, it's so great what people can do when they get together. :)

It would be so incredibly exciting if you came to Australia soon... I know it's probably in the very distant future, but I can't help but mention it. It would be just cool to hear a Jack's song on the radio!

Take care, and don't push it too hard.

- Merri


All I can say is what a lucky girl I am to have seen you perform on Friday. I had to hold back tears watching you play and I just want to thank you for that show. You sounded amazing, as usual, but beside that you gave to all your fans what we have missed these past few months: you. That set, everything from the set-up to the words you spoke, was so raw, pure, and truthful that I'm certain it affected everyone in the building.

It's funny that I happened to read this post right now because I was feeling a little SoCo mood tonight and put in the Live from Ventura DVD (hahaha it's at the part where you point out the guy who consistently keeps calling some girl a slut). It's weird to see the differences in you from then to now and it seems crazy like you said how quickly time has gone - that this DVD is aready a couple years old (it feels like just yesterday I was at Something Corp shows). However, nothing about what a wonderful and inspirational person you are has changed. The shag may be gone but your character has stuck with you through all of your ups and downs and I want to personally thank you for that because you have single-handedly changed my life.

Thank you for all that you are and a special thank you for that show. I had seen JM twice before that but Friday's was a once in a lifetime event for me to see.

All of my love and prayers always,

KeLLy K.

oh andrew... how i wish i could have been there on friday if it weren't for my nazi orchestra conductor forcing us to be at the concert dress rehearsal... haha. I am terribly sad I missed it, but I can't wait until you guys tour. i will be FRONT ROW singing along with a tear in my eye. It's crazy to think that it was almost 7 months ago when I saw JM perform at Soma. That night blew my mind. I honestly am dying to see you again. The pics/ video clips of the Dec 2nd show looked amazing... YOU my dear, look amazing and healthy. Keep up the good work and health. Hope your holidays are full of joy!!!

Kelly K.


You know, I'm not sure there's anything we can really do about the passing of time. I haven't seen the last 6 months, just woke up one morning and wow, it's December already. I guess it happens when you're doing what you need to be doing, what makes you alive. Don't expect time to slow down and let you take in its magnitude, now that you've started performing again. You're back to the essence of your life, and it's a place no one's supposed to rationalize - you have to live it, and not make too many lifelong memories, because among those, in the end a lot are made up of remorse and regret. So yes, time is fleeing right on by, and it's too precious to burden with anything. Life is funny that way.


I flew from pittsburgh to see it!
And you were amazing as always andrew.It felt so good to see/hear you play again.It felt very refreshing and hopeful.The last few years of my life have passed by very fast to but the whole time I was playing your music and going to your concerts and thats what got me through all those bad moments(wich their were way to many of) and I hope that me and your other fans of many of many years have bin able to be their for you aswell.Cant wait to see you when you start touring again.Stay well


Hey buddy! It makes me really happy to hear from you again. 100 day anniversary, thats great! well we'll keep celebrating each and everyday =) I know you hear this a lot, but you are truly an amazing person and you're an inspiration to all of us. I'm glad you had a good time at your comeback show, I wish I could've been there to see you perform, I'll def go to the next one, no matter where it is..promise! Well I wish you nothing but the best and just keep on going strong! cause you're a superhero!!!!!!! love you dude! later.


You played an amazing show and I'm very glad that i was able to go out and see it. I wouldnt have wanted to miss it for the world. Congrats on the 100 days and I'm glad you liked your star.

you may be lucky, but you deserve it.


i wish i could have been there so badly. but my friend called me from there and i have to say...hearing you play the Astronaut...live...after all this was so inredibly moving. seeing all the pictures and everything, hearing all the stories...i'm so happy for you Andrew. even though i couldnt be there to see the marking of this huge milestone in your life, this weekend was still one of the best weekends i've ever had. its been filled with so much emotion (happy ones!) and once again youve changed me...a lot.

i feel that since you were diagnosed i've valued time a lot more too. yes... my life is still flying by before my eyes, you know high school, but its as if i've learned the value of a minute...from you.

Its been a really emotional weekend for me and i really know why. just secondhand witnessing friday night was one of the most incredible things ever. and then i saw the pictures. its amazing that you got to see some of the things your fans have been doing for you..11:11AM, I Will Fight...and of course..i teared up a little (ALOT) when i saw what blayne did for you. you deserved every part of it. you have made an incredible journey in the past 6 months-i can hardly believe that it was only that long ago when we were all still in shock from the news...but here you are. you've done something uncommon...something extraordinary...only 6 months later you are already on your way back. i cant ever find the words to describe it all.

but you really are.. a star.

love always, Leah.

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