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September 09, 2005



Andrew... you rock like no other.

Kate Gold

Andrew. Wow. =bows down to you= Feel good, be positive, I love this band and EIT like no other. Love, Kate


Andrew, I'm glad you're doing well. It's always great being a couch potato watching tv, so try to enjoy. The album is amazing and so are you! Rest up and feel better!
Luch love,
Jen =)


Yay! for crappy TV. It's okay. I spent...more time than I'd like to admit watching a certain chatty, melodramatic WB soap opera.

Anyways, it's so nice to hear you're doing alright. Hugs and squeezes!


Glad to hear you're doing well


hey andrew!
aw its so good to hear from you :)
you deserve everything in transit to hit #1 i'm glad it's doing well.. 37. all i have to say about that is fuck yeah we can live like this :)! haha no need to be ashamed of the couch potatoness ;) you deserve the break and rest in addition to being lazy since you are the most energic person alive. you are an enegizer bunny on stage and it's so awesome to see SoCo over every other band who usually plant their feet on the ground the whole set. hope youre feeling awesome, and had a wonderful 23rd birtday :) i was thinking of you all day. my friend and i woke up and immediatly went to my keyboard and played happy birthday to ya and sang :) then later we went to a greenday concert and text messaged "happy birthday andrew mcmahon" on the screen and it got up there. it was exciting. take care and all my love to you. say hi to SoCo who i miss terribly & the mannequins as well.

love, vicky


And all our love right back atcha! I'm glad to hear you're doing all right. And crappy TV and movies are my life! :) My advice, buy TV series you like on DVD...I've lost entire weekends without realizing it that way.

I just heard the CD the other day, a fellow fan brought it over for me to listen to... and I am amazed. It's my next purchase, once payday rolls around again. You work magic, you know. That's why you can sell so many records in a week...we're all under your spell and happy to be that way.

Okay, enough rambling. Stay your awesome self, dammit. xoxo


My message finally gets to the very top of the list and I can't find the words to say anything remotely interesting... or important. Sorry about my momentary lapse of the ability to use my vocabulary... and the ability to form a meaningful thought.

JM makes my world go 'round.



I was introduced to Something Corporate by my daughter's boyfriend. (Yes, I'm an older fan!) As a going away to college gift I had the Jacks Mannequin CD and t-shirt sent to him there. I don't know if he thinks I'm cool, but I do! I thought it was a great gift! I love your music - great piano and you have a great soul, too! Wise beyond your years. And I love Tommy Lee's drumming. I have to admit, though, my young friend didn't know who he is! I'm sorry you've had to go through all this medical crap, especially when you should be out playing music and enjoying your new venture. I've been checking your blog often and am very glad so hear you're doing better. Speedy recovery.


and all my love back to you. if you like angst/drama/not-so witty comebacks, you may want to watch gilmore girls. that rory gilmore is really cool, ok? she likes brian eno, if that counts for anything.
glad to hear from you and sometimes a little too much tv is a good thing. sometimes...


gah. i had this whole post telling you how awesome you are, and that i'm thankful you're doing well, and all, but my internet messed up. so here we go again...

i love you too!!!!

seriously, andrew, 'everything in transit' is beyond amazing, i've listened to it every single day, sooo many times on repeat, since the day i got it, which would be the day it was released. i just can't get enough of it; the lyrics are so heartfelt and personal, and i love that.

it's great that you're doing well. friends & family guy are great shows. maybe someone can get you your favorite show on DVD to watch [i have alias and the oc, because they're my favorite shows :)].

get well as soon as you can, update when you have time, don't worry about how timly you are.

<3 cari


You should really find the old school Salute Your Shorts from back in the day. A marathon would be AMAZING. Of course, you might find out that it was not nearly as good as you remembered. Don't you hate when that happens? You watch something you loved as a kid and it ruins all the great memories.
Anyway, I bought the album the day it dropped and actually got a lot of my friends into it. It's a very likeable cd. I love the whole concept and the artwork is incredible! Seriously, The artwork is insane it's one of the best I've ever seen, very rich and vibrant. You didn't cut any corners. It's a masterpiece.
Keep it up,


quite simply: you're amazing



Andrew, I'm a new fan from Melbourne Australia - Look how much your fans love this new music, they are getting people around the world into it and I have never been more in love with a song as I am with Made For Eachother/You Can Breathe. WHEN you get out of that hospital (definitely not IF) you need to make plans to release this stuff downunder because beautiful music like this needs to be heard by everybody.

PS. Are you a Joey/Pacey or Joey/Dawson kind of guy?


i can't believe i forgot to mention this, but everything in transit is one of the best albums i have ever heard. and i am not just saying that. it's the truth and i think a lot of people will agree with me.
this is some of your best work and you should be extremely proud.


ahhahaha i sooo predicted you would blog today mcmahon.

i love law and order.

so today... ive been a couch potato too. and the only tv i watch is the food channel but ive been consumed by the kids of laguna beach because of the marathon on mtv. lame. but i cant stop watching. how weird is that.

anyway. i am extremely glad you are okay. but i wasnt worried because you = the best ever.


dan o.

yea the new album is so awsome....thats like all i listen to....lol
yea i have no life outside of music...lol
well lata


Very good to hear from you again.
I'm glad your well and still pulling through.
And congrats on the many copies of EIT sold.
Hope to hear from you soon.
We love you.


FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! HE'S OK!!!!!!!!!!


Yo Andrew! Get that ass better and let's rock! I know how you do!!

peace and love

Kelli's Mom - Lynn

You've been on my mind all day today... had a feeling we'de be hearing from you soon!! :)

So glad to hear you are doing well. Hoping you can go home soooooonnnnn... it's hard to be stuck in a small hospital room... in time, Andrew. Hang in there. You are on the mend and this is the hard part - waiting. Just know that on the other side of all this area all your devoted fans (and parents) who love you and just want you well. 150% and we are willing to wait along with you. Please do not ever feel that you have neglected us - we understand.
Please continue to feel our love for you as you journey on the road to complete and total recovery. We love you sooo much!!!
How is your sister by the way? We love her too for being such a "sport!" and giving you a part of her!!!

You're a part of us...
Love & Hugs...
Kelli's Mom Lynn
P.S. We hope you get our "package" soon!!! :) and that it may brighten up your day!!!


oh wow. my mom and i were just talking about you today. we were wondering how you were and missed your weekly blogs, you know?

i'm not surprised the cd made it up to #37 on the billboard charts; it's an incredible album and i'm soooo proud of you and the rest of the band for making it so far, even with what's happened with your health this summer. it's amazing.. and i'm glad to be a part of such a great fanbase. you have the nicest fans ever and i love them just as much.
this cd is probably the best album i've ever owned; infact, i just got a few people at school to listen to JM for the first time. thank god for ipods, right? i got them to buy the album because they loved the sound and style so much.
the more californian style out here in pennsylvania, THE BETTER. haha
and.. you deserve it!!

- kelli
"the hand/mannequin girl"


did you watch the oc last night?
it was lame
trey should have died


Dear Andrew,
Keep getting some rest! It's very nice to hear from you. This album's going platinum, for sure! Keep looking up!
Tons of Love, Reema

Elle A.

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. When I was sick and out of the public for 2 months, I also started my day with Dawson's Creek. Now, I dislike that show more than anything.

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