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August 23, 2005



Andrew I love you and I hope that it all goes well. The CD is absolutely AMAZING! and I'm glad your dream has come true. Take care <3 Shauna


Andrew, I wish you the best of luck and am confident that this will only make you a stronger person. You're album is amazing!! You will continue to be in all our thoughts and prayers and I wish you a speedy recovery!!

Love always,
Jen :)


Your music has changed my life.

thank you.


andrew- congratulations on EIT it is purely amazing. my preordered copy didnt come yet :( but i know all the songs already. good luck with your transplant even though i know you wont need it. stay strong. youre always in my thoughts and prayers.



Gotta pick up this album today after work. Andrew here's to a speedy recovery and all the best in the future for you and your bands. Amazing you've kept a positive attitude through all of this ordeal. You'll make it, and continue to write such beautiful songs that help others make it through tough times. I can't count the number of times your music has helped me get past what I thought was a bad day, just to quickly realize it's not a big deal in the big picture. Thanks.


Congratulations. EIT is amazing and a true reflection of personal tragedy and triumph. You have done amazing thing in your short life and I hope to see many more. You will get through this, you have all of our support.

Kelli's Mom - Lynn

Our Andrew...

This is a day of new beginnings for you.

You have strength, youth and time on your side. We love you and know that you will come through this surgery with a new lease on life... from your amazing sister. We are bonded to you as well, through your music. (We received the CD yesterday and it (you, and your band - ARE AMAZING! ) WE LOVE IT!!!

Take care and have a speedy recovery. We are waiting for the day that you return to the East Coast (anywhere near Pittsburgh!)

Love and hugs...

Lynn (Kelli's Mom) :)


Your new cd rocks i cant stop listening to it great job...and good luck with the stem cell process i cant wait till you guys come back to the east coast..and if you can try to come back to poughkeepsie,ny me and my friends would love that.



Good luck today, I'm going to get the CD today in between football practices. Hope everything goes well


Best wishes for your comfort and peace as you undergo another trek on your journey to good health. Shoutout to your family and especially your sister Katie. We love them because they are taking such good care of you.
Thanks for a GREAT album. We love you, Andrew!


EIT is absolutely amazing to say the least..... your music is my life and I am so glad that your dreams are coming true.... god bless


I lost my father on June 2nd to cancer... My heart, soul, and prayers are with you. Be strong and never stop fighting. New album is GREAT too! Long time SoCo fan, now a hardcore Jack fan! LIVESTRONG!


LOVE LOVE the new cd. You're a freaking genius with music and writing. You are a very talented man. I hope you get better after today. We all love you and are hoping for the best.

<3 Julie


this has been such a wild ride for you, but i can feel that the light at the end of the tunnel is finally right ahead of you. you're a hero to thousands of people out there and i always hope that thought continues with you on your up&down kind of days..
the album is incredible.. and you certainly have your own way of healing people through your music.

extra good luck today on the bone marrow transplant! take care :)

- kelli


You are so insirational to all of us, good luck, and I wish you the best!

xoxo- Beth


andrew.. i am so incredibly happy for you.
your music has affected soo many people, including me and i cant thank you enough.
the cd is soo amazing.
stay strong, your an inspiration to all of us. much <33


I got the CD. It is simply amazing

Good luck during surgery. I love you and I'm praying for you

Love always,


Dear Andrew,
Thank you so much for believing in your music and in yourself, for if you hadn't, your dream may have never taken flight. I am glad that you are still fighting for survival as you fight to put out your thoughts in music form. You have truly inspired me, and I have been very loyal to your music and to your thoughts. Please take this letter as a thank-you. You are one of the most inspirational people I have truly ever known (or heard of, anyway). I hope you continue to fight. You are a hero to me and all of your fans.

Please get better and thank you for your words and feelings,


...you're almost done Andrew. It'll all be over soon. I'm sure we are all glad that we were there for you throughout everything. You are such and inspiration, and we love you, we're here for you. <3 Shauna.
Take care of yourself.


You inspire me everyday,you will always be my favorite singer and piano player, your the one i know who can play the piano so beautifully. We will never leave your side no matter what. I hope to see you in concert one of these days!


Wow. I think I am more scared than you. Right now I am having a rough time with friends and stuff and so your music is like a friend to me. and i feel like your one of my best friends. and im really worried about you. and i keep rambling because i feel weird saying all of this. i just hope that everything goes well. I'm not too religious, but I'm praying for you.
Good Luck.

KeLLy K.

No words can express how I feel at this moment reading this... as I am listening to "Everything In Transit" at this very moment each song amazes me more and more, and now reading this I completely understand why. With each word/post you write your courage and strength amazes me more and more, and all I can say is that I wish you luck with all that is to come. I feel good about everything you are about to go through and I know that it will all be well soon. And God bless your sister for helping you to fight this disease. You both are in my heart and prayers now and in the days to come.

Everything In Transit = best album of the year, by far (BEST ALBUM OF MY LIFE really)!!!!!

<3KeLLy K


Good luck with the bone marrow transplant. I'm sure everything will work out wonderful. I love the cd and haven't turned it off since I got it, yes that's right I slept all night with it playing. It was very peaceful. Take care.


Kayla M.

oh andrew, your so brave. its just like, it seems as your affraid of nothing. you just let everything go, let life do what it wants, but you still make it out. you so strong. i envy you on so many leavls. This is almost done. your almost out of this. just stay strong for a little while longer. but I havn't heard the full album yet. But I will. and my reason for not listening to it is, the mailing service is very very slow. so i will go buy one at target tonight. Well my prays and thoughts and letters are filled with your name. i hope your surgery goes as best as it can. we all love you.
Kayla M.


Congratulations on a GREAT CD! My mom's picking it up for me today. It's unbelievable how talented and amazing you are. Your songs are absolutely brilliant. Congrats again!

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