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August 12, 2005



Glad to hear nothing seems to be wrong! I know what you mean and I love what you wrote. Hope The Mixed Tape does amazing on Fuse!

First comment? =)
Much love, as usual,


That's great that you are feeling much better. You must be so happy to get out of the hospital and into a new surrounding. I saw the "Mixed Tape" video and loved it. I'm counting down the days until the album is released. Your music has changed my outlook on so much in my life. You're such a positive person and it makes me appreciate so many things. Thank you so much for your amazing lyrics and music. I'm just itching to see either Jack's Mannequin or Something Corporate in concert. Have a good weekend! xo Karli


Hey Andrew, glad to see everything seems to be okay, i'm going to warped tour tomorrow and i plan on stopping by and saying hey to casper at the JM booth<3 I'm looking forward to the new cd! Have a good weekened!

<3 Always,


Your in my prayers


Andrew! Great to hear from you! I loved the video! You rock!!!!!!!


Andrew, I really enjoyed the article in AP. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the album!


I will jump in joy, I'm one of the first to comment!!

I loved the video. The graphics were amazing, someday I wanna be able to do that.

Everything's falling into place. That's great :) There's been enough unexpected stuff, huh.



It's nice to know you still can enjoy the little things in life. Keep smiling.


mmm everyone has that one place that just makes them instantly relaxed, reflective and content. it's wonderful.

the video is very cool. well done. me like. =)


Andrew, it sounds like your spirits are high. It's great to hear from you! The video was amazing and I can't for the release of EIT!

Lots of love,


Seems like you're feeling better! <3
Ahh 'The Mixed Tape' vid is amazing. It'll be up to #1 in no time! =D



You write such pretty words.


i wanted to visit dana point for a while now. i've heard good things about it. so maybe i will sooner or later. i'm glad everythings getting much better with you. i'm going to a rockbot show August 19th & if i see dr. j, i'm giving him a letter to give to you. so expect a letter. :)

p.s. the mixed tape is going to be everyone in just a little bit. i'm working my butt off to get it on MTV.


Andrew I'm so happy your home again. I am so glad your feeling better!

"The Mixed Tape" video is awesome. Like 'lauren' said, it def. will be #1!

love you always,

p.s. I never was the 13th comment before! haha


I love areas near the ocean...although I'm sure the Jersey Shore doesn't stack up to Dana Pointe. ;)

I can't wait until "Everything in Transit," it is going to be amazing.

I'm so glad to see that you're feeling better. Keep your spirits up, we love you! You are probably one of the most kickass people I have ever met...you're in my thoughts and prayers!

-Bridget <3


I'm in love with California. I hope you're doing okay still - and I'm really glad about your video being on fuse. Well deserved airtime :)
x Julia


andrew, when i hear what you just said.. i must say i am so thankful you write songs.
What you described sounds so beautiful, i can hope one day i should be able to feel the same way.

happy to hear nothing bad.
<3 jessica


I'm glad you are doing well Andrew.
And I will continue to vote for The Mixed tape and make sure it gets and stays at #1 everywhere!

Take Care.


LA is actualy bearable today and it's supposed to stay in the 70s for a while, but I miss winter weather...or at least the La La Land's version of winter.

It was awesome to hear from you, we missssss you
Hearts and stars - Ash


I seen the video the other day I loved it! Im happy you seem to be feeling better!
All the love in the world XoXo


11 more days :)


im glad that you are feeling better to walk around town. oh do i wish i lived in california..my friend is there right now & im sure its beautiful as alwayss. the mixed tapee is a great video & i did vote for it on fusee i hope it gets pickedd. your in my prayerss
much lovee,


Yes, some days there's nothing better to isolate one's self from the fast-pace lifestyle so familar to america to take a walk, and think of old sweet memories.

The weather here in Chicago is very hot-in the 90s, but I don't even dare wish it to get colder, because as you know, the winters here are cold, bitter, and long. I will cling to this sticky weather as long as I possibly can! ;)

what is a pch?



i cant wait for Everything in Transit.
haha now im in the mood for a drive near the beach.
Glad you're doing good!!
take care. :]


hey, you sound so happy. i love how you take nothing for granted; you are amazing.
i voted for the mixed tape!!!!!
keep rockin

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