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June 06, 2005



Andrew, I'm not old enough to give blood, and i know that flowers and candy won't help with anything so i can only pray!

Stay strong, fight this, and get better!



Get better soon! We all miss you and can't wait to hear your beautiful voice again.

Take care!


get well. I give you All the best.


you have so many people giving you their strength. here's to one more.

you'll be in my prayers


dude, with your talent, people actually want to grow up to be like you. i know i do. and you're still so young. good luck and get well, so we can all see what we'll become in the future.


I hope for the most fastest recovery so that you can carry on making awesome music...thoughts go out to you, your family...you are a trooper...

Laney Pelikan

Andrew, the music of Something Corporate has gotten me through many tough and trying times in my life. On behalf of all your many fans in Shinnston, West Virginia, best wishes and get well soon. You and your family will be in our prayers. As Sholem Asch once said, "An illness is like a journey into a far country; it sifts all one's experience and removes it to a point so remote that it appears like a vision." Get well soonand come back to your fans, Andrew.


Andrew..your music has made a change in my life...without your music i dont know where i would be on those long nights being bored. We all love you and your amazing. Get well soon. Our prayers are with you. We can't wait untill you are in good health again!!!!!

a Oncology Nurse/Mom

I'm an Oncology Nurse and Mom of one of your biggest fans. I've even seen you in concert and really enjoyed it.
You're a high energy young man and you will do great with treatment, even though it will be one of the hardest things you've ever had to go through.
Attitude is a BIG part of getting through treatment and it sounds like you are keeping your spirits high. Family and friend support will help you through those down days and when your blood counts are low. This will take all the energy you have, but you will come through on the other side.
It's hard to imagine now, but you will emerge a stronger person, and you and those around you will learn to appreciate every single hour of every day. You'll write some awesome songs I'm sure.

Get a keyboard for your room, use it when you feel like it and try to get out of bed and walk a little every day to keep your muscles strong. No jumping on the keys, or IV poles until you're counts are high enough :)Keep a journal and rest when you can. We nurses tend to wake people up at all hours!

Fans: the best thing YOU can do is help raise money for Leukemia research - and donate blood and platelets. Pray for Andrew and his family and keep sending him love with your thoughts and messages.
And of course... buy the new Jack's Mannequin cd, all the Something Corporate Cd's, t-shirts, stickers, etc.. This will help support these bands until he is back on his feet again.

Take care!


oh snap i feel bad because i yelled at you once on the phone and then i was bitching and so pissed off about you canceling the show damn


I cant believe this happened to such an amazing singer.
I hope you get well soon, so that you can start touring again! I am keeping you in my prayers.
Much love.



Andrew, I hope that all the support that us fans are giving you will give you the strength to fight when you think there is no hope. You are such an amazing singer and I hope everyones prayers will bring you through.



dude. you are the most amazing pianist ever. you've inspired my music in ways that you can't begin to imagine. we all love you man. we all hope but know you'll get better. much love


Hey ive been the hugest fan of all your music since the first days of SC! You truely are an inspiration to me and many more. You are in my thoughts and prayers....Get Well soon and i hope to see you back in England in the future Much Love xxxxx


I've been a follower of SoCo for several years, and it is very hard to think of you doing anything but standing up on stage jumping on your piano. All the shows of yours that I have been to you've had so much energy, and seeing that alone I am sure that you will make it through all of this, like you said, and come out a stronger person in the end. I'm sure you realize that all your fans are behind you in this. We all just want to see the same kid in the end. You stay in our hearts and minds as you go through these trying times in your life. I hope your treatment goes well and you get well soon so that you can go back to entertaining all of us like only you know how. Everybody else, go to www.absolutepunk.net/index.php?sub=andrew#sky to support Andrew and the fight against ALL


toronto is praying for you


Get better andrew!!... I'll be praying for you

Laura and Olivia

Holy cow, i can't wait till you read this. okay. Well, first of all, we are pretty HUGE fans of yours. And we know the guys from verona grove that you were suppose to play with at the Milwaukee Rave Bar. You are in our prayers and we have faith in you to overcome your illness. All your fans are praying for you, and hopefully that gives you even more faith. Just listening to your music and listening to the lyrics help us get through tough times. It is nice to know that someone else, like you, has felt the same way as us in tough situations. We hope that you will continue to write music and do what you love. Oh and by the way, thanks for making us cry every time we listen to Konstantine. ;) That's killer.

We're praying for you-
Laura and Olivia

P.S. You're beautiful.


Oh well... I feel so shocked with this news, but I know you are full of hope, and that makes us all your fans be even more positive ans support you in any way you need... This feels so personal., eventought I've never met you, and you have no idea who I am... I feel like I know you so well trough your music, and your music knows me better than I know myself, Soco's music has helped me trough some hard times I went trough... And It means the world to me, soco means the world to me., and I know you are gonna get better and TOUR!!! because I have to see you LIVE!! you cant leave me hanging!!! Im a crazy Soco Fan! I cross my torn heart !! I love you andrew! just keep up the good attitude .. thats everything we can do =)
Ps: Mejorate pronto :D( get well soon.. in spanish =) )


hey, i was torn when i heard the news. i hope you get better, you hold a very big place in my heart. i love you, get better soon.
-rachel j-


Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility but through greatness of mind.


-- Jessica

Jessica Glee

You truly amaze me - first with your music and now with your bravery. I know I'm just one voice inside the thousands you recieve messages from, but know how much you've inspired me as a person in more ways that one. Get well soon, music man.


You are an inspiration to all... as is your music. Hearing about your illness devastated me and my friends. We hope you get better soon. Something Corporate's lyrics gave me strength when I needed it most and I hope that now all your fans can do the same for you!


I am so sorry you have to go through all this! I love both Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, and I can't believe this is happening to you. Your music is truly inspirational, but in the kind of way that you can still roll down your car windows and rock out to it. I've bought about 10 of the orange "I WILL FIGHT" bracelets for my friends and I. Stay positive and get well soon, but above other things my prayers as well as those of thousands of other people are with you!


I saw the mnixed tape video for the first time yesterday after 4 hours of waiting for it to download! let me just say that it ROCKS! and you and Jack's mannequin are fantastic. It's great to hear you're feeling better and you have your energy back!
I hope you guys come to Australia soon! LOve and PEace

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