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June 06, 2005



it's been said, but please know the support and love we all have for you! if you could only know all of the intricate groups of friends, woven only out of concern for you and your health.

i love you. it's simple.

get well-- i'm sending positive thoughts and prayers to cali. i know you'll be just fine & i can't wait till we meet again.

stay strong!

meaghan from indiana


Andrew--When I read this news I had to re-read it cuz I couldn't believe it was true. It's so amazing how you are handling it and I look upto soooo much for that. To me you are one of the most brillant people. You're amazing in concert, seen you tons and tons of times. You inspire me everyday with everything you do. Keep the positive attitude, you will be better than fine. XOXO


we miss you :'-(
keep on truckin :-)

meredith martelli

andrew its crazy to say this but i love you so much, you are an amazing person. im praying that everything goes well with the treatment. you have no idea how much of an impact your music has on so many people's lives. it is so awesome how strong and positive you are. i think once this is all over with you will feel so happy to be alive. sometimes we all just need an experience to wake us up and make us realize that life is short and to help us enjoy it all the more. your family and friends will mean so much more to you for sure,but im sure your not one to ever take advantage of their love. andrew not only do i love you but i look up to you too. its crazy, again, to say this seeing that we have never met but not just your music,but your class and strength are so heroic. your so californian. im trying my hardest to meet you, and not even for superficial "your so hot so i wanna meet you" reasons. you are just an extremely beautiful person all around. who knows if you will ever even read this, or bellieve it, but it means so much to me to be sort of communicating with you. well i am meredith from ohio. i love you and admire you insanely.your such a hero to me. good luck with everything, and i hope to be meeting you soon. <3-mere from ohio. ps-please play a show around here soon. im a 16 year old so i cant go too far, but im pretty sure anywhere around Toledo would work.i saw soco 2 years back at the toledo sports arena with mest and good charolette and i loved the way you kicked over your piano. after you guys played all my friends met you, i was actually, regretfully, the only one out of the entire group that didnt get to meet you. i cried i was so upset, but i was also very happy for my friends for having the honor to meet you. i have a million questions for you and i just want to be graced by your presence. i heard your so down to earth. you seem so greatful for your fans. i love you so much. wow that was a freakin long "ps"
well peace out for real! Ü

ali zembruski

dear andrew,
naturally, i was shocked and distraught when i heard about your diagnosis. you are in my thoughts and prayers. i have faith you will make it through this. the day i found out about your "condition", i reconciled with a friend who i hadn't spoken to for over 6 months. she and i had gone to see something corporate together 6 times and you guys were "our band". i don't really know what that has to do with anything but i felt like mentioning it. please, get better.
you are loved.


Hey Andrew,

You have inspired me so much when it comes to singing and song writting. I hope you get better. You guys were awesome last year at edgefest in Toronto. COme back soon. Good luck with everything-A.J


omfg andrew this is the sadest time in my life when i found out you have cancer your songs give me hope when im feeling lonely and sad inside.i wish you the best of luck.hope you feel so much better<3.one of your biggest fans.


Your work has meant the world to me for the 5 years I've been listening to it and seeing you perform. I just know that your wonderfully positive attitude and kind spirit will get you through this. All the best to ya, duder ;)


Andrew, I just wanted to let u know that you are in my prayers. We all love you so much and we're your fans ... so we're here for you through everything! Your positive attitude throughout this situation is so awesome and so reassuring. Once again, we love you and hope u feel better really soon!!!


You are truly an inspiration, and for that I thank you. I hope you know how greatly you have affected others through your lyrics and your music. You are in our hearts and in our prayers... we love you!


wow Andrew you are amazing, you have the most possitive vibe. I cried when i found out... get better soon! We all love you! Hang in there.


It's great that you're going against this with so much strength and such a positive attitude. It'll help you get through it. My four-year-old sister had cancer, and she's better now. Stay strong.

<3 Brittany <3


I'm a little late on this, but I know that in this situation, all the support you can get is helpful, belated or not. I want you to know that we're behind you all the way. I know you can conquer this! Besides, if you didn't, who would I jam out to in my car? Stay positive and strong, and so cliche, but, get well soon!

PS: Cannot wait for the new CD!! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

Keep rocking it! -Kaitlyn


Hey. I am so sad. You'll get through this. You have to. Please.


another new picture! i love it.

today i was at the beach and i layed back and just watched the sky. it was so nice. i tuned out my friends and just watched.

i hope this comment finds you feeling better



I really hope you're doing well. I'm still thinking of you and praying. When ever you don't feel too good just sing to yourself:

"I will craw
There's things that aren't worth giving up, I know
But I won't let this get me
I will fight
You live the life you're given with the storms outside..."

<3 Gina


Heyy Andrew,

You have no idea how much of and inspiration you are to me, and to millions of others. Your an amazing guy, really, and i know you'll get through this. Going through hard times, all i had was music..YOUR music, and it really kept me here. It sounds crazy, but if there was any way I could ever repay you for everything your words have done for me, I would do it in a heartbeat. No matter how much positivity you put into these blogs, i'm guessing that you still have "icky" feelings behind it all. Please don't worry about anything, I wish my assurance was enough to get you through everyday. Your an amazing role model, and on top of that, so many more things, never forget that!

Stay strong, and keep doing what you do best.
I'll be thinking of you.



i'm really sorry to hear that you have leukemia. i sort of expected this to be something minor, perhaps because you keep such an optimistic tone in this blog and perhaps because you were so vibrant at the berkeley show (it was amazing). your music has inspired me and helped me in some tough times, and i know you're going to get through this just fine. you're in my thoughts and my heart. although it's cliche...get well soon.



I'm sorry to hear about your illness but your hope rests in your resolve and the support of friends and family. I hope these comments from faceless fans help you feel better in some small way, even if it's just a smile.


natalie w. and kayla m.

we are sending mail soon, GET BETTER! we are dieing to go to california and see you. but yeah i dont think we could but can you update more?


Andrew, sweetie, take care of yourself. I suggest you don't worry about updates right now. We want you to focus on getting well. We will all be here for the long haul, and sometimes these things are just too personal to share in weekly blogs with the world.

Thoughts, prayers and cookies when you're up to them!

Ron lewis

Andrew, you have inspired me and your music has taken me thorough some really rough spots in my life. I send you my prayers and positive energy as i listen to "cavanaugh park" . Blessed be and i truly belive you will triumph over this.


I don't know if you read these comments, but if you do, you should know that you have SO much support from your fans.

I don't really know where to begin about your music, because I can't seem to put in words the impact it has had on so many young people's lives. I love your music, your voice, your heartfelt lyrics. It seems you put so much into them. Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll just read the lyrics from your songs (I have them all written down) because they have so much meaning and I love how you write metaphorically.

Anyway, my point is that you are a very strong person for approaching your situation with such positive thoughts. We all know you will be well soon and we are wishing you the best. And we all love you and want you to keep having fun with your music.
Good Luck,



I can not put into words how amazed I am by your attitude and spirit. All of us are here because of the music you make, and alot of us have been blessed to see you play live. When we are all looking up at you on stage, it is completly obvious that you hold a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. You are truly an inspiration. You've got alot of people praying for you, get well soon!
Jamie from Chicago.


! Please get better so you can rock out loud at Warped Tour 05!
I'm praying for ya, Kid. And Me & my friends are going to make you a Get well card + give it to Josh Partington to give to you. Since we're going to his FirEscape concert in Jersey tomorrow. Hopefully.

Much love, _Mander.

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