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May 25, 2005


Kate Gold

hey kid. I'm finally first!!! YESS!!! AHH I was so scared that you cancelled MY show at first! EEK! See you in Hartford! Love, Kate

Kate Gold

agh, sorry I posted that before reading! I hope you feel better, cutie! I'm so sad for you! :( Get better soon, love Kate.


Feel better Andrew! I'm so sorry about your voice; but i'm sure NJ will forgive. I'm just a little irritated that I can't make your concert because I have my own show to perform, a spring band concert at school. What an unpleasant coincidence--but get plenty of rest and rest assured.
Much love,


I think I speak for everyone when I say that we'd much rather have you cancel one show now than cause bigger problems and end up having to cancel more down the road. Or worse, ruin the voice we all love. And your apologies just make me an even bigger fan. Thanks for caring so much and for being such a kick ass dude. You rock, laryngitis or not.

Lauren Gould

AHHH!!! Andrew.... that sucks majorly, it must be so hard. I hope you feel better soon, I am seeing JM on Saturday! Good luck and cheer up and get better asap.
Love, Laur


me and meghan wanted to give you a hug. because this is a sad post.

you know that thing you said to do... that thing about smiling... you should do that now. even though it didnt seem to work for me, since it just felt like forcing a smile and i felt kind of stupid sitting there smiling. but i guess it cant hurt.

i hope your voice gets better. especially in about...nine days. and im sure all the people who were going to see you will understand and not want you to like break your voice. oh god that would suck if your voice was broken. cause like, thats like how you make money and stuff. and they dont have mute singers. they have mute mimes. but not mute singers. i guess you could still play the piano if you were mute. but we all kind of like your voice (a lot) and would kind of like you to keep singing (a lot). dont go mute.

k bye.


I think that what you need is to get better because your voice is absolutely amazing.
I hope the NJ kids understand, but it's for the best [straylight reference not intended].


Andrew!! I hope you feel better! I was so looking forward to this show, its right down the street from me! I would definetly have you feel better and keep your voice than come here though ... I hope you feel better, but please come back, we love and need you here!
lots of love, Anna


aw, it's okay andrew. well, it's only okay because i don't live in new jersey. but even if i was going to go to that show, you sound very sincere. and i wouldn't be SO mad.

i hope you're better in nine days.


aww, im sorry to hear that. We all will still love you just as much, no doubt about it. Like Rachel said in the above comment, everyone would rather see you get better and resting then going to the concert being sick. And again thanks for taking the time to do this, its reallt appreciated.

get better andrew! :) Drink some green tea. I love that stuff.

<3 Brianne :)


awww..andrew, i hope you feel better!!!! make sure to drink plenty of herbal tea with honey, i know it tastes gross(sometimes) but it's always helped me. <3


so sorry to hear.. your making the best possible descision. dont worry, your fans love you and understand! feel better


hope your voice gets nice and rested up, and bob's head is feeling better... you guys are such troopers.

it was great to see you in allentown and philly! you guys put on a great show, and i had so much fun talking after the show with dr. j, what a crazy kid


I'm so sorry! Don't worry, I can't imagine that any of your fans would be more concerned about their show than your well-being =) Do what you have to do to take care of yourself.


aww Andrew get better! i couldn't go to your concert monday night cuz i hurt my foot but thanks for singing the sticker for me!


Aww, dear, i hope you feel better!...try tea w/ a shot of whiskey. haha. thats what my dad had me drink when sick...good irish solution to the problem. Feel better! awesome show in philly by the way.


that really suckssss. i went to the philly show on the 23rd, and it wasn't noticeable that you were beginning to get sick....you were amazing. i'm one of the three girls that made those shirts for you and it said "hey andy..you sure look fine." on the back. well, anywho...i hope you feel better



andrewwwww feel better <33


it is with much sadness that i read your entry today. i can very much understand how much you don't want to ever cancel a show and how dedicated you are to your fans, but it takes a true person to know when you've reached your limit and take time to regain yourself. it really sucks that you have to cancel a show, but, as other people have pointed out, your voice is much too valued by all of us to have you risk damaging it. sometimes we have to make small sacrifices in order to continue with the bigger picture. i know personally for me i'd be devastated if something horrid were to happen your voice permanently, not to mention that your career is pretty much built off of it. so rest, take it easy, have some soup or some remedial equivalent and get better. i've had this really really bad sore throat for almost two weeks now (today's really bad for some reason), so i know how fun throat ailments can be (and i miss my regular voice). anyhow, enough of my sniveling. go easy.



aww, andrew...i am so sorry to hear about your voice. I am sure everyone that was going to attend tomorrow's show understands. I plan on seeing you on sunday...but if you have to cancel that one too....i definitely understand. I hope you get well soon. take care of that lovely voice of yours.


aw, andrew i hope you feel better soon. just as everyone has said, your fans will definitely understand. drink hot tea, don't talk too much, and pat yourself on the back for being awesome.

Amber Lea

Poor Drew.
Get better.
I'll keep you in my prayers.


It's alright Andrew. Just get better and then we'll talk [aboutyoucomingtoHoustonright?rightkayawesome].


oh..and good luck tonight andrew...oh god...i hope you are ok. I am extremely worried about you. lol I pray to God that he takes care of your voice tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed and you are definitely in my prayers andrew. I'll be thinking about ya. once again, good luck. take care


oh..and good luck tonight andrew...oh god...i hope you are ok. I am extremely worried about you. lol I pray to God that he takes care of your voice tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed and you are definitely in my prayers andrew. I'll be thinking about ya. once again, good luck. take care

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