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May 27, 2005



Way to be positive. I had surgery a year ago and got the awesome gown. I wanted to keep it as a souvenir but was distracted when they gave me cake. That's right, cake. Hold out for the cake my friend.
Get Well Andrew... and get cake.


Andrew, feel better soon! If I knew which NY hospital you were in, I'd come visit you in a heartbeat (but not in a freakish stalker kind of way..)
anyway, rest up and get better! :)



I just got an email saying the Charlotte show was postponed, and found out about what was going on. I admire your decication to your fans by touring--you will have played 4 shows in North Carolina this year by the time the Warped Tour rolls around! I hope you get well soon, but don't leave before you think you are ready. I can't wait until I can see Jack's Mannequin live!


aw andrew, that sucks, but i'm very impressed by your positivity. get well soon!
and yeah...hospital gowns pretty much suck hahaha.


Andrew, I am praying you get better ASAP... I get so sad when you make posts like these because that totally sucks! lol but I'm sure that gown looked lovely on you!!

Get well soon,



Hey maybe when you are fully recovered, you guys can come play a show in good 'ol Boston. We promise it will be warm here by then! ;)

amanda gordon

you better not have anything deathly!!! eKk! omg, get better! listen to the docs and take your meds...stay positive because it truely does help in all situations. please tell us the test results as soon as you know so we aren't kept on the edge of our seats in a worried state of mind. and tell us any ways we can help ya. you are so loved by everyone, so i'm sure everyone is very understanding about this and all the best wishes are being sent your way. get better real soon! can't wait till the dallas show...and if you're still not better then, it's okay cuz your health is waY more important!

much love, amanda

Amber Lea

Get well card is in the making.
Good thing I have an address to send it to.

I hope you get better quickly. This worries me.
Still praying for you.


Feel better soon! And watch out for the creepy orderlies.


Hey Andrew, I hope you get better soon! Stay in the hospital as long as the docs tell you too...IT'S GOOD FOR YOU! Your number one concern is to get better!



Oh my god I am so upset about the terrible news... I’m so worried about you; I hope you feel a lot better! I was going to go to the show tomorrow night, but hopefully we can make it up soon. Seriously, don't feel bad... it's not your fault, and it was appropriate of you to make sure everything was fine before continuing on the road. Unfortunately it didn’t end up with good news, but at least you can get treatment before it the illness gets worse. I'm glad to know your sister is taking care of you, and you refused to wear the gown (I hate those so much.. very uncomfortable). You’re the best and never think anything else because you can't play a few shows. I'm actually headed to NY for the Labor Day Monday so if you wanted a friendly hello, I would love to stop by... hah as creepy as that sounds it would make my weekend. hah if you see this and wouldn’t mind a quick visit anytime Monday my email is [email protected] - possibly you remember me from Salve Regina in Newport, RI on April 16th.. That show was so much fun (best yet) and I loved attending the meet and greet and being able to talk to you there and after! You truly are the best person ever, so down to earth and we all are hoping you feel much better.
See Smiling and enjoy the Amy's organic meals! (haha I’ve never tried them but I think I just might pick up one next time I go to the store).
Much Love <3
Vicky Dinka


aww man dude that sucks
feel better soon.



andrew get better! my thoughts are with you..
stay positive.. your already taking the hospital experience much better than i would!
and i second what was said above..
stop apologizing! no worries :)your fans all love you and are pulling for you..

<33 kathleen



i'm sure the gown looked fucking hot.

future rock star-


i dont know what to say.

ive already told you that i hope you feel better and all that crap.

so, im going to tell you a story. once upon a time there was a girl who's father moved to nowheresville [aka iowa] and he had been bugging her to visit and shit. but she didnt want to because 1)hes insane and 2) its in iowa. then one day she found out her favorite band was going to be no more than 5 hours away from her dads house. so she told her dad shed visit as long as hed take her to see her favorite band.

but then the lead singer of her favorite band got sick and she would totally understand if he cancelled the show she was going to because she loves him and whatnot. [shed go anyway considering that motion city is her 3rd favorite band]

oh and one day like.. last december she was in the hospital and had to wear a blue gown. but kept her pants on because there was breeze.

okay so that wasnt a story but it was an autobiography and i so just wrote a novel so im going to stop typing now!!!!

if you have to go to the bathroom and you have an iv in your arm make sure you get one of those wheely deals because if not then you got ripped off. those things are pretty sweet.

BYE. <333


Andrew, I'm sure everything will be fine and all of your fans are worried about you! Hopefully the doctors will get some answers soon. You really should've cancelled the show at the downtown, even if it was short notice. I, and the other fans, would've completely understood why you had to. And, you did look like you weren't feeling well at all at the show, and I said to my friend that you didn't look good. Again, I'm sure everything will be fine. This really scared me though, I read a post saying you were in the hospital on soco-online and I freaked out. Well, get well soon!


BTW - I've been thinking of picking up one of Amy's organic meals next time I'm around a health food store.. which are about an hour away from me haha.

Hayley J

Feel better sweetheart. I'm sure your voice will be back to good (amazing rather) in no time. Hospitals are unpleasant, but the gowns are quite funny. Take some pictures! haha. Take care, <3


aw, andrew.
we all love you & are sending the most positive thoughts your way.

take as much time as you need to get better!

--meaghan from innnnndiana


I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well. But rest up because your voice is so beautiful and we need it for many moons to come.

I was of course looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the Webster but I know you will make it up to us, and I'd rather see you feeling much better.

Best of wishes on recovery and, yes, we shall see you soon. <3


What a great additude! You impress me by staying so chipper! Just take your time, but not too much time. hah. Hope to see you June 9th...


*gives andrew soup*


Oh Andrew, I do hope you get better. I'm sure you will, you're a strong person and the last thing you'll do is let, whatever it is, get the best of you. Just do what they tell you, except those horrid blue gowns[all though I'm sure you rocked the look pretty hard:)]. Take as much time as you need, we all understand. You're the last person we want to lose in the music world. Thank you for keeping us updated, it means a lot more than you know.

Stay healthy my dear.



Feel better soon Andrew! Can't wait til you come back to California!!


If you get bored, they do have movies stashed away in some nurses station somewhere in the hospital, just have someone ask for you. I found that out after 6 days in intensive care with nothing to do.
Also, you can probably pick what you want for your meals ahead of time... but after a while it just starts to taste like hospital.

rest up




and although baltimore will miss you sincerely on sunday night, feel better over everything else.


Aww Andrew i feel so bad:( Dude...that would suck to have to wear those gowns haha...
Anyway...i'm impressed at how happy you are even tho you are in the hospital...i would be miserable! You're in my prayers!

Get well very soon!!!<33

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