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May 27, 2005



first to comment....now i have to read the entry

Jacqueline Wivinus

Andrew, I really hope you are feeling better soon. The hosiptal can be a real pain, and from experience, just try to come up with things to make the time past, and keep laughing!!

Get better soon, and if they make you slip back into those lovely gowns, remember, the back is wide open ;)

hope to see you perform on June 6&7, so good luck on a fast and full recovery!


andrew! that's horrible...i feel so bad. i wish that i could do something for you....but i will def. be thinking of you and praying that you get well soon! just know that we all care about you so much. get better soon please, because i know we are all going to be worried sick until you do.


Hey andrew...man that sucks but be positive is right on man. Like i said to you before (when i met u at the knitting factory after the show in ny and i kept knocking on your door to get you out and give you a hug couse you rock)

your music is amazing an means so much...sometimes i get so much release through your lyrics. your awesome

ive come to the conclusion that the piano was invented for Andrew.


oh i forgot to mention...
if you need a teddy bear, flowers, soup, balloons...or anything else one might get when they're sick...let me know. i can probably be there within an hour (depending which hospital you're in)
i'm not a stalker. i promise. lol


Andrew, I hope you feel better soon! I'm sorry to hear about your illness. You're an amazing person. I love you.

<3 Laura


Hey Andrew, I am really sincerly sorry to hear about your hospitlization. As soon as i read that post, I couldnt help but be a little bit worried about you. But the best thing for all of us right now is to stay positive and to hope for the absolute best. Dont worry about all of us at all; we understand that sometimes things happen that we cant control, and this is one of those things. So dont you worry about us, we will worry about you. And dont give in to the gown, andrew, no matter what they say do not give into the gown. Anyhow, Get well as soon as possible, and enjoy your Amy's Organic meals, they are quite good. Feel better, you will be in all of our thoughts until you feel well again.

get well soon!



I really don't know what to say besides I really hope you get better soon. I hope that everything turns out to be alright. It would such a loss to the music community if anything went a wry. You're one of the most talented musicians out there. I can't wait to see you back on the road becuase I know it'll happen soon! Keep up the positive attitude...and remember do what the doctors tell you! Make sure when you're healed and healthy to come to Canada!


(ps. don't Amy's Organic pizzas rock????)


I hope you get answers from the doctors soon and that everything turns out OK, I know you'll be fine. Your positivity is amazing and I hope you keep that frame of mind. It's nice to hear your sister is there taking care of you. I hope you feel better very soon. As I said in my comment to your last post, which btw I really hope you read and if you didn't and see this I hope you will, all anyone wants is for you to be healthy. Try to get some rest.


Andrew your music it´s great, I just love it, I´m very far away from you Guys (I´m from Venezuela) but I try to be at day about everything that happens with soco and now with jacksmannequin. Keep doing such a great music.Soco and jacks venezuela # 1 Fan.
PS: sorry the mistakes but I try to do my best writting in english because I speak spanish :)


I hope you feel better and everything turns out okay. <3


Andrew, I'm really sorry that you have to be at the hospital! I know that it can get to be a painful experience, but I'm glad to hear that you're doing OK so far. And don't feel too bad about all the cancellations. I'm sure this break will be good for you.

Hope you feel better soon and keep smiling ;)
<3 Gina


Venezuela fan again
I already read your post I´m so sorry you´re sick (poor boy), but don´t worry everything it´s going to be alrigth.I´m sure you´re a very strong guy and this it´s going to pass very quickly.´But don´t let this little thing break your "animos" (i think it´s mood in english), and remembere always cheer up.and as we say here in my country everything it´s going to be "CHEVERE y T.Q.M".
PS:once more sorry the writting mistakes


Andrew, I don't really know what to say except that I hope you feel better and take care of yourself. I know everyone who is a fan/friend is thinking about you and keeping you in their prayers. If I was your doctor, I'd prescribe a case of beer (your preference) and a week at the beach with friends. I don't know what that would do for your health, but I'm sure it would make you happy! Anyways, rest up and don't worry about the shows. You can always make them up later. I'll be looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future!

Once again, take care,

Oh, and your "someone get this man to a hospital" reference shows that you can still crack jokes, which makes me worry about you a little less.


Get well soon!


Wow Andrew, I have to admire you for being this positive at a time like this. One could learn a few things from you. My thoughts will be with you and you need to stop this apologizing shit when you clearly are not well. Much love.


Hey Andrew! It really stinks that you arent feeling well! Hope you start feeling better soon!
Take care of yourself! ;-)


Oh, one last thing...I think you should put back on the gown and have someone take a picture of you and post it on here. That would probably help to reduce our worrying just a tad. ; )

Elle A.

that's very unfortunate and i'm sorry to hear. i hope you get well very soon.

Kate Gold

ANDREWWWW!!! I'm trying to keep my hopes up that you'll get better and reschedule soon, but it's hard when my sisters and friends are sobbing all around me. =cries= I loff you! Don't die.

love, kate


i work in a grocery store and everytime i pass the frozen meals i look at amy's organic stuff and think

"andrew eats those, i should try them"

but i never have any money. :(

i hope you get better soon
like, really REALLY soon.

by next wednesday would be GREAT. but hopefully earlier.
if not, what can you do?
i think we'd all die if you could never sing again or something.



Andrew, I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY. Your health comes first. I was to see you on my 23rd birthday in baltimore...but hey...what really matters is your health...and i was so worried about you over the last few days. I hope you feel better soon. Rest easy and take care. I feel soo terrible for you :( I can only imagine how stressful and frustrating it is for you - going through all of this and all. It really saddens me. (oh lord, here I go crying) I just want you to know that I am with ya 110% and I am so proud of you for going through 5-6 shows with your illness. You always seem to amaze me. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to your fans. I APPRECIATE everything that you do and admire what you do. Thanks again. Hope to see you in the near future. I will always be there as a fan for a life time, no matter what.

love ya,
Angela (central Delaware :)


Andrew, it sucks that you're in the hospital and I hope you get better soon! You're in my prayers. (Your piano playing still kicks ass...just don't break a finger or anything)


awww, andrew, GET BETTER, you're making me so worried..but i as well as most of your fans, understand, everyone gets sick, i don't think anyone will be too pissed off to stop being a fan:D but you deffientaly need to get better love, just stay rested <33bree


oh lordy.
i hope you feel better soooooon.
and, i hope i still get to see you at the jacksonville show.
get betterrr!!

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