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March 31, 2005



Hurray! I'm the first to make a comment. :) That sucks that you have to drive that far. :/ Get some sleep and pick some good music to entertain yourself for the ride. :) Don't worry about not being clever - it's kinda hard to be when it's this late. :) Have a good trip. :) ~ AmY


We're excited about the Viper Room. I have to admit... I like the 21 and over shows... it works for me. Drive safe! :)


Andrew, we don't love you because you're clever, we love you because you're you so no worries. Have a safe drive with limited amounts of zoning out(lol) & try not to get too crazy in Sin City ;) haha



Wow, Vegas, the last time I went there was to see Something Corporate in concert, and don't feel like you're not clever, we don't all choose what times our body's fall asleep and leaving at 5 in the morning isn't that bad, when i went to see you guys my friend and i left at 10:30 at night, we wanted to leave earlier but we had a math test which we failed (never take an online class) but hopefully you'll get some rest and if not then you're going to the city that never sleeps anyways so you won't be alone.


Have a Safe Trip :)


haha, i think you manage to be tired and clever at the same time which is not very possible for me...

can't wait to see you at bottom of the hill in may. i hope that's not a rumor by the way.



Ahhh, well good luck and have fun with the Viper Room show, I know someone sent me the site like .. a few days ago? A week ago? Same with the Troubadour show ( sorry if I mispelled that I am tired too, it's nearly 4. ) What's with everyone and Vegas! My friend and her boyfriend are leaving to go there .. this weekend I think for his birthday. Oh well, have fun again and drive safely. I don't think I hear that enough hm. And with your previous post of your driving .. haha kidding, really though. Stay safe.


ANDREW!! you need to bring JM up here in wisconsin, we love u up here more than anyone:D


Mmm..getting up early sucks, but road trips are always fun, especially when you include confetti eggs, water guns, and silly string. Have fun!


have fun, kiddo. :]


I don't suppose you're going to be heading north anytime soon to do a show? :( I live in Washington. Come visit!!!


you're adorable, taking time out so late to fill us in quickly on your life when you could have been sleeping five minutes longer is quite clever i promise. :o)


Lol these 21 n over shows are ok as long as you do one show sometime this summer that I,a 19 year old can come to.I am going to somehow fly there!So-wink-it would be ok if that was a month from now so i could gather money,haha. Las vegas raises eye at you-Somewhat like in holiday from real ey?Have fun
lots of hugs


Have a good trip, hope I'm not too late (being in Australia I have no idea what the time is there) Hope the show goes well, you lucky Americans get all the good bands.


do not crash,
thankyou :]


you are sooooooooo amazing....its unbelieveable

please come to pennsylvania soooon


x Jessie x

awwh! Get some sleep silly! I'm all sleep deprived myself, so someone needs to get some. hehe. Have a great show =)


drive with your window down. and the music loud. its a good way to drive.


It's good to know that SXSW went so well... Maverick is very lucky :) Good luck with that!

Kristen Mack

I wish I was leavin for the Vegas right now... instead I'm stuck behind this screen for the next 8 hours. Those early morning drives are the best though especially if you're in the countryside and are lucky enough to see the sun rise


Aww... I hate waking up early! But we're on Spring Break now, yay! So it'll be a nice week... I love how you update this blog so often, but I miss the blogs on the klub board. :( Owell, this is awesome too, so keep it up!


even if you do a big LA show, most of us cant go. even if it was all ages. think about how far you have to drive to vegas at 5 am. then add about 30 hours to that. and thats how far most of us would have to drive to get to any of your JM shows.

not to complain. just pointing it out that the east coast is a long way away from the west coast. and almost as cool. we've got more states...

i keep telling my dad that im going to walk to california and he keeps tellng me he doesnt care and i keep telling him that he'll be sorry when i end up in the hospital or dead because i hitchhiked and he keeps telling me he doesnt care and that i just have to wait and that i would probably end up in canada if i did walk. so i think you should save me the trouble.

i wrote more than you. kbye.


;( I don't hate you Andrew... *sigh*


Drive safe. Sleep well. Not necessarily in that order.



i'm a freshman in college, and needless to say, i barely get any sleep either :)
have a safe drive, even if you DO go into autopilot again! please please bring JM on the east coast!


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