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March 13, 2005



i hope your voice gets better!


Aww... that's so ironic, cuz my throat has been hurting all day too! Of course, not cuz I've been singing... more like I'm sick. :( But your new blog has made me happy, so everythings okay. ;) And yes, I don't know what I would do w/o my computer. I'm addicted to the internet, even though I'm not on it 24/7... more like 2 hours every day. But that's about all I have time for. I'm also totally addicted to the klub... it was an incredible idea! The people in it are so awesome, I love them all. I really hope you get better... maybe JM should play a show in Michigan soon, I'm sure that'll make you feel better. :)



You really might be the luckiest! I met u in St. Louis and u hooked me up in Chicago, thanks again. Your music has really set something in my head. I like it. Get better... who is this messenger?


You think you're a loner? I'm stuck at school because I have to work and everyone else has gone home or somewhere fun for spring break. It's almost creepy how silent the school is.

Good luck with your voice so that you can blow away everyone at SXSW! I'm so upset that I can't go...the only time this whole week that I'm going anywhere is Friday through Sunday. Otherwise I would definitely make the three hour trek down there. I'm so excited for the awesome new tunes!


The pet rock? I never understood the whole concept of one. But someone is sitting easy on all that cash from creating that thing. No porn sights hm? Cough. Okay. I see a computer as a gateway out of the real world. You can be whoever you want, look at things you'll never see. It's a great escape from reality. How we ever lived without these inventions. I don't know.


Lol I havent bin able to sleep without a tv on since i was like 10 but your the only person ive heard say it other than me ; ),and couches do rock by the way lol.Its a lonely day here for me to and i hope that it gets less lonely for you and your throat feels better.I cant wait for the jacks mannequin tour,we've met many times lol i should stop following you around haha,but i cant wait to see you play again! take care


even if your voice is shot a sxsw you will still be the highlight of the event. driving from dallas to austin at 3am, just to make sure i get in to see you play.


Haha yes yes be thankful you live in a warm place though. A sore throat in New England lasts a month. Keep up the good work i cannot stop listening to those two tracks they're incredible!


damn i didnt know hollywood could be grey and stuff haha
i guess thats because the media makes it out to be sunny all the time :) well..listening to holiday from real makes me wish i was on the beach in cali..ahh :D


I love your new songs especially Holiday from Real probably because I could desperately use one but I won't bore you with my trivial shit. I sleep with the tv but do the timer so it doesn't wake me up later. Of course no one goes to those adult sites- I don't know how porn is a multibillion dollar industry?!? and you have been to church already today haven't you ;) Hope your throat gets better quick.


SXSW is such an awesome experience. I hope I'll be able to catch your set.


Haha yeah I totally can't sleep without a tv on. haha but maybe that's just cuz I'd be scared of the dark..haha damn I'm a loser.. oh and I hope your voice gets better:)



you have a good point. computers do keep lonely people company. how.. oddly sad.


andrew hope your throat feels better. well actually, you feel better. anyway, i know what you mean about today being a grey day here in los angeles. i'm use to the sun. but i do get glad when the weather gets like this. makes me feel all warm inside instead of being all sweaty when its hot. is sunday and i got nothing to do.
i just finish watching rosemary's baby on amc. gotta say that is one awesome movie. i don't know what i would do if everyone was against me. way too creepy!! who would you be able to trust in a situation like hers.
the tv situation. i've been sleeping w/ the tv on since i realized that the sounds of the tv soothes me. it's my lullaby. lol....
i hope to go to your concerts andrew, 'cuz i have yet to go to one. i never had a chance to go. either your concerts are too far away from me, or i'm broke.
but soon, i hope to meet you andrew!! hope you have a great day, especially the fact that you have sore throat!! latez



It's almost pathetic how reliant the population has become on computers. It's easier for people to escape into a different world on their computer screen than to deal with things personally. And I admit to doing that myself. Eh, that's life.

Hope you feel better and keep the songs coming. They rock hard.


P.S. May I suggest a European tour at some point? :-) Amsterdam could use some good live music...


andrew... you rule.

yeah. i can really relate to you today... my voice is gone too, not because i've been singing my ass off like you, but because i'm sick and have a sore throat. :[ and i'm pretty much a loner too because my wonderful friends decided to have a party and just "FORGOT" to invite me. oh well, your blogs totally brighten my day and make up for the fact that i have crappy friends.

you naughty boy you... if i ever catch you on some adult sites i'm telling your mom.

hope your voice gets better soon,


Yes, the t.v. is very soothing to me as I fall asleep, and I find it impossible to sleep without it. I love the two new songs, especially holiday from real. It is amazing. All of your music is. I can't wait until the spring tour...Columbia, MO. This will be the first of your concerts I can come to, and I can't wait. I hope that tea works wonders and your throat feels better!



aww feel better love. so who's this messanger you want to killl now?


Hi Andrew,

I'm so excited that the "blogging your ass off" has commenced! Rock on.

It's grey day here in Ohio, too. I love these kinds of days, and the sunny ones, too. Oh, and speaking of Ohio, would there be any chance of Jack's Mannequin coming to Ohio? Just wondering. If not, I'll go out of state. It would be well worth it.

As far as sleeping with a TV on. I can't. Mainly because I don't have one in my room, but I do sleep with North on constant rotation in my CD Player every night. Does that count? Hearing your voice all night long is so killer. (I recommend it to all of you kids out there.)

Get well soon, Piano man!


andrew your new work with jack's mannequin is amazing! I can't wait to see you live once again. Ever since I saw you at the Fillmore i have been dying to see you perform again. keep up the great work.


You rock at life. :)I actually didn't expect you to seriously "blog your ass off" but it looks like you're getting off to a good start. :]

Hope your throat feels better.

Tony Macaroni

I did go thru a phase of sleeping with the Tv on, but then I started having dreams with giant cans of pop driving luxury cars... So instead i started listening to piano rock, and i do declare that my dreams got more pleasant as a result.

Thank you for 2 brilliant songs, i'm sure they'd sound especially good when performed live in the UK, hint hint!


the songs are amazing.


I sleep on my couch... with the TV on. and I get made fun of for it so much.


hope you feel better... I'm so happy that I found out about Jack's Mannequin. I'm a huge SoCo fan and this makes everything like 100 times better

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