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March 29, 2005



gooooood story.....


haha Do you even realize how funny you are sometimes?? (& I promise I mean that as a compliment :p) It might not be so late where you are, in Jersey however, it's almost 4am and raining incessantly as it has been allll day. I def know what you mean about going into autopilot when you're driving... I've been doing that a lot lately(except without getting lost, although I have no sense of direction myself lol) and it's kind of scary when you get home and almost don't remember how. Strange how the brain works, huh? You can completely zone out and yet make it to where you're going safely. Anyway, hope you have a good night and thanks for sharing with us again.


P.S. I didn't know you were a vegetarian, good for you! I'm not sure I could stick to that. Oh & what happened to your windshield?


I'm a vegetarian as well, and Amy's Organics is the purpose for my freezers existence...that and Thin Mint girl scout cookies. The bean and cheese burritos are at the top of my list *ramble ramble ramble*

And After living in LA all of my life I still manage to get lost. Go figure.
...By the way, I saw you at Pepperdine last friday, great show love.


Isnt it strange all these weird habbits that come from getting older?Some good,some very bad lol.Im not sure I like it(for me or anybody else)but their is nothing that can really be done about it.Change just keeps happening.The only constant thing I have found comfort in-in the last 4 years is my love for you and something corporate.Its good to know Im not the only one doing strange things lately as well lol.If you can please post dates for jacks mannequin shows soon.Because I will have to fly out if i want to see one ,wich i will defintly do(if there are any under 21 shows lol).19 is a horribly perfect and unperfect age.To old for the good kids stuff and to young for the good adult stuff but still very exiting


I've picked up some new habits too, like obsessively listening to Kill the Messenger. The only depressing thing is knowing how long it'll be until we see you over here in the UK... Just remember us over here, we love you too!


I agree.. you're so funny in a quirky way. i can relate sadly.. i used to love the taquitos .. pre-vegetarian as well, but then they got spicy and burned my tongue, mouth.. throat .. everything. then i'd accidently get the spicy-ness in my eye and all that good stuff, so i banned taquitos. unfortunately, the east coast or ..wherever you consider georgia being, doesn't have that super good food california offers, even of the frozen kind. I love the frozen bean and cheese burritos though, amazing. and jeez, andrew, getting cracks in the bmw's windshield, which by the way, i love your car. it's perfect. ANYWAY, it's nearly 6am east coast time, i've got work in .. four hours, what am I doing? oh i also get sidetracked on the highway. especially when it's rainy and cloudy outside i just keep on driving and driving then i'm like .. oh my god.. i think i'm in the ghetto because sometimes surburban kids get lost in the ghetto of atlanta. i normally live like .. 25 minutes away from atlanta? but for some reason i've found a shortcut in one of my weird driving binges where i end up in south fulton county with a sports car .. wow bad news bears there. anyways please write more entries like this. its hilarious for people like me delirious without sleep and needing something to brighten their day and share stupid stories like this to. also if this makes no sense. its cool. im anna and im spacy.


OH YEAH what's this about a show on my birthday at the troubadour? It better not be 21 over because i'm almost 19 and planning on flying out from Atlanta again with some friends for my birthday. .. maybe i dont even know, I was just curious if this was going on or what. post post post!

Anne Marie

You amaze me. I'm the exact same way with the whole "driving on mental autopilot" deal...I live 5 hours away from home while I'm in college, and I totally space out (usually while listening to Something Corporate, might I add) in my car on the interstate and all the back country roads of north, middle, and south Georgia...*sigh*...so that's just one more reason for me to love you ;)


amy's burritos, morning star "chicken" patties, and boca burgers is where it's at

and don't you HATE merging on the highway?




Monotony is killer.



I, myself, am a dazed out driver such as yourself. I can't stand it sometimes, but at other times, when I snap out of it and realize I've missed my exit a few times (live in a small town with a loop around it), I come to the conclusion that if not for my constant state of daze dreaming, I would never come up with some of the lyrics and intelligent remedies for lifes everyday suckyness. I just feel sorry for the other drivers around me that I tend to weave in and out of in an unconcious state of mind...without proper use of turn signals. Not to mention, the Matrix loves a good drive to nowhere despite the always rising price of gasoline.

Have a great week Andrew!


I can totally relate to shutting off when you're driving. I make the hour and a half drive from Dayton, OH to Columbus twice a week and just yesterday I found myself going towards Wheeling, WV and set myself off course about half and hour. whoa, sorry to write you a thesis, I just, um, yeah, I'm gonna go...Have a nice week!


i'm a burrito virgin, it makes me a little sad.
but atleast i know i have something to look forward too i guess



That is deffinately one of those things u think about when ur at home past midnight. I sometimes find myself doing weird things on the highway that i never expected or wanted to do. I think its the same thing as when u get up and go to another room for something and cant quite remember why you did or what your looking for. Awesome haha.



that was randomly hilrious.. I too eat Amy's organic.. it's pretty good... but as for the freeways.. let's just say jeresy doesn't have too many...


Haha, i absolutely love reading your updates. They never fail to amaze me and make me laugh (literally) out loud. But i can definitly relate to the frozen food addiction (boca burgers= yumm) and to zoning out while driving. Sometimes i will end up at my destination and be a little confused as to how i got there.

Keep on making it interesting!


p.s. too bad mini-fridge freezers aren't big enough to hold shit! damn those dormroom "fridge dimension regulations". gr.


that was randomly hilrious.. I too eat Amy's organic.. it's pretty good... but as for the freeways.. let's just say jeresy doesn't have too many...


andrew, you're amazing. when you write, i feel like you're actually trying to talk to us each as individuals, like the purpose of this post was to fill you in on the little aspects of your life that might amuse us. it's funny how interesting someone's life can be when you've never even met them before...but thats all gonna change in 25 more days :o)


I'm so much inspired by you, been writing a song all day, listening to walking by... =)


Are you always this quirky or do you just wait unti you have something poetically random to say before you post on here? I think you’re just like that and I love that about you:o)

I’m all ready looking forward to your next entry and I hope you tour here soon.



Yes, I buy Amy's lentil soup everytime I come to the grocery store, and my mother dared to say her lentil soup tastes better.
And then she tried Amy's.


i'm not sure if you take the time to read any of the comments left but i don't care... anyway my point in replying to your post is to say that i think it's pretty damn cool that you're actually taking 5 minutes out of your day to bullshit online with your fans. even though your driving ADD and vegetarianism have nothing to do with your bands or music in geneal... i like the fact that you share such things. it gives people who may never meet you the opportunity to climb inside your head for a second. i just wanted to say thanks for that, sometimes it's nice to read your random thoughts over another update on how well a show went or blah blah blah. that's all. ciao!


my friend, biz, says that morning star vegetarian food is really really good. apparently they have fake corn dogs and they are the best thing ever. and she agrees that the santa fe enchiladas have too much corn, and the amy's organic pizza is really good. she is a nerd. hahah.

<3, laura and biz


I had no clue you were a vegetarian Andrew. I've wanted to become a vegetarian for a while now, but I'm too "young" according to my mother to do that right now. I don't really space out while driving, since I don't drive either but, I do space out sitting in the car listening to music.. and my mom gets lost a lot. Does that count? haha. Have a good week Andrew.

-I'm going to warped for my birthday when Something Corporate is going to be there! Yay for coming to a place in New York thats close to me! haha.



Hahaha you are so cute.(like funny) Yes, frozen burritos kick quite a lot of ass. I have had her lasagna. and the burritos. haha

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