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March 23, 2005



holy crap that is awesome. i love you andrew.


not only a poet, but also an artist... andrew you are amazing (that sounds creepy.... but its the truth)


wow, i never knew that you were so multitalented. an artist in many forms. your picture of the church is incredible.


Dude, you are amazing.


Andrew you never cease to amaze me! you are an amazing artist in so many ways thank you so-o much for showing this to us.


Wow, that's really amazing. I just wrote down the other day that I would love to see the orginal lyrics of one of your songs. You're so talented in so many ways it's incredible. Andrew you're a true inspiration.


thanks for sharing!


I would also like to say thanks for posting all of those photos up on the site! We appreciate everything thats going into the site. Keep it up! we'll be checking daily!!


Andrew... I see new ink on your wrist in the picture! You should blog your ass off about it!


wow, andrew is the best.


great pics andrew and i love the lyrics


Thank you for making the shitty day I just had a whole lot better! :) The drawings are awesome(and I love how the date is at the bottom of "Kill The Messenger," that is so fucking cool!), thanks for sharing them and for keeping us up to date like you said you would. We all know how busy you are and I don't think any of us can really express just how appreciative we are quite how you would be able to, but I hope you know how truly grateful we are that you take the time and that you truly appreciate your fans. The pics are great too... lookin kinda scruffy, huh? lol Hope to see ya in Jersey soon ;)



that is awesome. so, so awesome. thanks for sharing and for the frequent updates. they make me really happy.


sorry for the double post. kill the messenger was written the day after my birthday (and the day of my brother's birthday). thats cool


completely awesome. thanks so much for posting it. its really cool to see how peoples thoughts process.. hha well anyway your a huge inspiration to me, your lyrics are really inspiring.
much <33


very, very nice lyrics (gracias!) --i totally dig the drawings and the photos... and the songs!! Still hoping for a College Station, Texas show-- *please please please :)


awesome. Very cool. thanks for sharing this with us. Great to have the lyrics to these songs. It's amazing how talented you are. Your lyrics are amazing. how the hell do you do it? lol ;)


Thank you for letting us snoop in your notebook. Since music is only audible everyone can create their own mental image that corresponds with a song but it is cool to be able to see the artists visual interpretation as well. When I listen to Holiday from Real all I see is beach and palm trees and it makes me home sick for Florida since I have been transplanted to Illinois and haven't been back in over 2 years. Thanks for sharing with us :)


you draw too?!?! holy crap andrew you are so talented. you are an incredible musician, songwriter, performer, and now artist. as i said in my last comment on your last post, you never cease to amaze me :-D


thats cool as fuck. you rock man


Andrew-You are a true renaissance man! Is there anything that you can't do?! I truly love "Holiday from Real" it really makes me miss California while I am stuck here in Spokane going to school! Amazing!!


andrew, those are beautiful.
thankyou so much for sharing, you made my day.


well aren't you the artist and wow, your handwriting is kinda girly :O

caroline elizabeth

this gets more impressive by the second. i really appreciate this type of post (praying that there will be many more in the future), because it really lets us into the project. your lyrics + your handwriting = infinitely more personal. ah, what mere words and drawings can do to a girl!

would you, or someone on here put a rumor to rest? i've heard that Jack's Mannequin might be playing at the bamboozle... (which they so should) but then again, i've heard that they will not be. let me know aim- liney0621

caroline elizabeth...
ive seen other caroline posts, so i just needed to distinguish myself lol... caroline from jersey? idk i like my middle name better...


Whoa. Nifty.
That's a bit of a cool little surprise.
...Hm. Well, I think I'm out of things to say.
Werd. x_x

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