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March 14, 2005



you have a digital camera...i'm so jealous. ah the life of a poor college student. have fun at your not so secret show buddy =)


It's times like this I wish I lived in California and was 21 haha I guess 21 will happen a lot sooner(only a few more months :) ). Anyway, hopefully you'll come to Jersey soon... can't wait to hear more songs and to see you live again! Good luck tomorrow!! ;)



I would most defiently go to your show if a) i lived in southern california, or b) i was over 21. but unfortunately i'm neither. I can't wait till you come up north though. Thanks for "blogging your ass off"

x Jessie x

Aww. It sucks to live in Australia when my favourite bands are in america! I'll get used to it =)
Hope ya show rocks!!!


Darn! Out of all the people who've left comments I'm the only one who has the So Cal part down but unfortunately I'm not 21! If you want to find an all age place, you should try the whiskey a go go- you probably have to book it early, but it's an all age place so I say go for it!anyways good luck with everything, see you on the 25th with your other band!


Lucky people who live in Cali.
I'm so close yet so far, stuck here in Arizona.
Blaaaaaah, this place sucks. Oh well. *shrugs*
Have fun, man, and best of luck to you guys, I KNOW you're gonna kick utter arse.


wait a sec...would this imply you have SECRET shows? sneaky sneaky. i like it!


im living in socal.
near the lesbians in venice,
a few miles away from molly malones..
IM 21.
looks like ive got plans for tomorrow night!


HAHA...I live in LA, and I'm going to the show tomorrow!


And the infamous Dani speaks...gotta love those old school days on the message board...

I'll be holding down fort up here in Delaware doing SAI stuff (gotta love women's music fraternities) tomorrow night, but everybody that's going--have fun. The first date that comes anywhere remotely around here, I'm so there.


I met this guy on a street once who told me about this "secret show" that he wanted me to go to with him. I said "secret show? I'm down." Who can resist a good secret show really. The venue ended up being his basement which doubled as his bedroom. The show ended up being him playing the harpsichord accompanied by his 78 year old grandmother on the kazoo. For what it was, it didn't end up being that bad of a show. But it has forever made me apprehensive of "secret shows." However, I feel that a "not so secret show" will turn out to be a much better experience for all of you then my "secret show" experience. Good luck to you all.
I moved to Portland from the great barren state of Wisconsin about a year ago and I was told there was an amazing music scene here. Now, I've been paitent, but we keep getting passed up by some really good bands yet, they go to places such as Spokane, WA and Olympia, WA. Come on now, is that really a good choice? I feel it is not. Poor choices bands. But as Steve Perry said it best, we will welcome you with open arms when you decided to finally come and play in our great city that George W. Bush so lovingly refers to as "Little Bayrut."


I swear i am going to move to california just because all the best bands play their mainly something corporate ; P(but others as well)lol,have an awesome time at the secret show ;X


i must admit i was super stoked to see JB performing with you in JM. has he given you any tips photograph wise? he's a pretty cool dude when it comes to mastering the lenses. anyway i had one of those cameras and sadly fate decided it was not meant to be. like my car .. and my computer .. and my guitar ... hm. anyway, rest assured if i was out in cali id make it. only a few more months to go before i am. live it up and enjoy the show. tell JB hows it going and whats the deal!


Unfortunately, I am neither 21 nor do I live in California. Alas, I am distraught.

On another note, cameras are amazing because how lovely is it to capture moments of your life on film? I take my camera everywhere.


Man... I wish I was over twenty-one and lived in Cali! But unfortunately I'm all the way over here in Michigan. You guys should do Warped! I know that Soco is already, but they're not coming to Detroit, so JM should! That'd be awesome... I promise you'd love it. ;)


come to england soon. or i will poke your eye out.
good luck for tomorrow and friday



Good luck with the shows.
I'm definitely jealous of all the lucky boys and girls able to attend. Amsterdam to LA isn't exactly convenient...

Keep up the blogging, it's a good read. :-)


I have the same problem as most of the people who’ve commented. If I had more money I would buy a plane ticket and fly across the country to see you. But alas, I am broke...sadness... Oh well…you guys need to come to NY! Us east coast people need some love too…


Good luck on the SXSW gig & the LA show.
I know y'all will blow them outta the water.


Yea, dude, your ass is just going to fall off one day from all the blogging. Then you'll look funny in pants. And it may hurt when you sit down.

*sigh* I don't understand why my ancestors decided to settle here, in crappy North Carolina, instead of California. Why??

Anyways..have fun at the show. Hope I get to see you guys one day!


Wow anyone who gets to see this secret show is quite lucky. I feel lucky to just be one of the first to witness this new creation however. Good luck on it and hope to see you guys come around the east coast sometime this year!


Well bahumbug to living in Ontario but at least as a 19 year old I can do everything legally here :)

I've heard a great deal about these secret shows I think I understand why they must be 21+ ;)

Good luck with the performance and the new camera. I agree being a poor college kid sucks


so, when you guys start touring and come to new jersey; you must play at maxwells in hoboken...it would be most magical.


awesome. if only i could go.
rock on.


andrew, i cant wait for tonights show!!!!!! I cant wait to see the pics either!
since you wont be here for St. Pattys day you better have a drink with me tonight!

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