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March 17, 2005



Wow, what an interesting way to look at things... you truly amaze me! Well I wish I could be at that three-ring rock n roll circus but unfortunately I live in Lone Jack, Missouri and I never go anywhere...


that was so...poetic. haha. have a safe flight and rock on, andrew!


andrew..andrew..andrew... what can i say, hope evrything goes well for you and the band on friday. sad that i won't be there, but i'm alright. i have to agree with everything you just wrote. the fact that people have loads of money and yet buy things they don't need for the amusment of having more than supposed to. don't get me wrong, i'm probably the same way if i had lots of goodies. but, everyone needs to belong somewhere right.they also need to know that either way everyone is alone at one point or most points.

sorry andrew, hopefully you understand what i'm trying to say.

the fact that your still alive, means that everything when well on tuesday right.....

talk to you soon...latez!!


andrew, good luck with your shows!
and next time, fly on over to Jersey! :)


Andrew-I hope all goes well at SXSW this Friday. By the way, I hear Brian Wilson is going to be there...that must be exciting for you!



I sometimes find myself watching things in life that we do not often look at close enough. Sitting today at North Station in Boston i found myself watching people go by. Something we take for granted such as just the normal rush of 6PM workers heading home on the later train must be observed once in a while. There are stories in every face that walks past. You can almost pick out the seperate emotions that fill each little story as they walk by. Someone concerened about a loved one, someone nervous about a loved one, someone who just got fired, someone who just got promoted. Oddly enough mixed along with these people is the ironic gleeful following of that color green and that substance alcohol. It adds an almost surreal aspect of carefree living to a world seemingly obsessed with caring about everything. I am not really sure where i was going with that, but sometimes you find yourself much more inspired if you look deeper into the world around you and focus, rather than letting it drift into a white haze (as you put the setting so well). Hats off to you for observing the often unobserved and may everyone do the same....


wowwiiiie andrew, you're so...so...poetic. haha i loved that...you always look at things in such beautiful ways ( we can all tell by yer lyrics) anyway, yesh, like i've said before come back to northern california soon. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.


Matt Gleason

Andrew, you rock bro. Keep on truckin'. I saw Something Corporate in Sac State and man.. you guys are freakin awesome. Not just as a band, but as people. The way you're so down to earth even when there are tons of loud fans just dying to get ur autograph.. man I don't know if I could handle that personally. As for Jack's Mannequin I love the 2 new tracks and I've seriously been telling every one of my friends to go to your site and listen. This is kind of irrelavant to your comment but I figured there aren't too many posted under this one yet and you might get this message since it'll be towards the top. Anyways man, have a safe flight and good luck with it all.


Gosh I wish I checked my email more! The new songs have been up for days now but I've been so busy with school. I'm jealous I want to go to LA...I want to leave the east coast for a vacation of something, and go surf. I've never been surfing.
And the songs....glorious


I am in a bit of a haze myself but it is a St Patricks day drunken one. I find it crazy how people spend so much money on used looking clothes. I was shopping the other day and saw a pair of ugly jeans that looked like they had white paint on them and holes in them for $175. I can't say that I've never spent that on jeans but the ones I bought had rhinestones all over them and were cute and didn't look like I just painted a house in them.
Oh well, hopefully you will have a quick flight and the wannabes won't annoy you too bad. You hiding behind your shades reminds me of the little kid in Big Daddy. Oh God I am still buzzed pretty bad. Anyway have a good show tomorrow and don't worry you are nothing like those a&r dorks. If you have to tell everyone how cool and important you are then you probably aren't. One of my favorite sayings is "those who say do not know and those who know do not say" and it is usually true. Oh yeah have fun at the circus :)


Wow...your words are so amazing. I love how you look at things. The funny thing is, the thing that really stuck out to me was how you explained the hazy white. I can remember doing that as a kid when I was lonely and bored. Man, I am a loser. haha. Anways hope you have/had a good flight and everything goes great on Friday.



The view from a plane amazes me. You can look down and see the world from a whole different view. From a distance. That blog/journal entry (or whatever ya call it)really has a good point. Nobody really fits in, yet that's what we all try to do. But how do you fit into a crowd of people who are unique in their own way? Or maybe it's better to just stand out. idk.

Anyways, i hope you have a blast on your tour...good luck!



How is it that you can make something so stupid and normal,like flying in a plane, sound like the most deep and thoughtful experience? Even when you don't mean to sound poetic you do. You make everything seem a little more beautiful. And this is why you make me happy.


your writing is fucking unbelievable dude

Amye Mae

hi i'm new here, but a long time listener of soco. i've been out of touch though, just focusing on getting my life headed where I think i want it to. but to be honest, who really knows what they want? even if you think you've got it, you're already wanting the next new thing. i guess thats what propels evolution & progress & all that.
enough with my deep thoughts, we all know i'm obsessed with andrew's music. i was thrilled to discover JM & currently have the songs on repeat. still, they dont get old - i actually listened to Leaving Through the Window every day for four months last year, until Drunk Girl started skipping :(
well i'm impressed with this stuff, as always. & i look forward to catching a performance soon. spare a thought for me during the philadelphia shows
<3 amye mae


And indeed, he is lyrical when blogging.
A rare find indeed. And a very amusing one.
But I guess, really, that's all the world is, is one giant group of conformists.
Even the beatniks, though desperately trying to be different, allow themselves to conform to the label of "Non-conformity," which is full of irony.
But, hey, that's what happens. I'm just like everyone around me, and I'm not complaining, I lead a happy life.
No reason to mess with a good thing such as the life one lives. =D


you can write so well.. but i guess you knew that already.
sometimes you get days when all the lights go out, and everyone you meet seems cold and bitter.. like they don't care about anything. today's been one of those days. i felt it. your blog has made me feel a little better, thankyou.


Hey Hey Hey...i've never written a comment like this before so i thought it would be exciting. I just want to say that Andrew...you're writing and lyrics are unfathomable and beautiful. I saw you guys play at Quest in January...best time of my life. Tschüs!


Wow, I love how your mind works. The way you put things is always so beautiful, insightful, and moving. I hope you had a safe trip to Texas & that you have a safe trip home. Have fun at the "rock n roll circus"!!


Amanda from TeXaS!

gawd damn...even your blog entries are poetry. they speak so lyrically and with such honesty. damn, you must know your a talented writer~ hehe. anyway, i still think you should come to dallas with fall out boy the next day after both y'all perform at sxsw....it'll be good practice for ya...anyway, RoCk ON!..you do it soOo well! your fan, amanda

x Jessie x

hey dude =) I love the way you write. I tend to write quite a bit of poetry and sometimes you inspire me so much. Just wanted to let ya know. \m/ Hope your show rocks!


Nice perspective of looking at things, I can't wait for the tour. So true that we're all looking for a way to fit in as well... that truly makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for all you do,



I too have to second/third/fourth/twenty-fifth how philosophical and poetic you always sound, and I just have to add that you are amazingly observant and wise for being so young. It never ceases to amaze me. Well, I think you have a very interesting perspective on things. [I really enjoyed the part about putting on your sunglasses - reminds me of the line "put my glasses on so no one sees me" in Holiday From Real which is a genius tune, I have to say.]

Hope you had an awesome St. Patrick's Day and good luck on SXSW tomorrow. I know you'll make those Texans happy as I, a poor musically-neglected Northern Californian, wait in vain for a bay area JM show.

Still with a sore throat,




I don't know if you (andrew) or if anyone who sets this web blog up can or does read this... but if its possible can you please set up the rss feed for this blog. Many of us are blog/livejournal/etc. users and it would be really handy if we could add this blog to our other ones using the rss feed. I know there is a way to set it up because blogs.com, typpad.com is what this one is run on and is now the owner of livejournal too. So... If you could Please set that up for us we would all really appreciate it. Thanks.

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