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Arnold Rafael

I agree with your idea about our music era. From looking at recent news, musical artists have influenced some many people in becoming active in crucial issues, i.e. Darfur, Invisible Children, etc. Music, as you said it, Casper, will definitely be the food for humanity in the coming years.

P.S. Fuck yes to new Jack's music and the Treaty Tour!


Dude, is Jacks planning a side-show when they're in Sydney?? I'd love to see them! But I can't afford tickets to the FOB/JM show =( I thought I'd come straight to the source and try my luck for an answer =)
Hope you're well.


Finally, someone else who wants JM to do s side-show in Australia.

I don't want to pay $70-80 to see JM play for half an hour.

Do your best Casper!! Haha


I AGREE!! Jacks NEEDS to headline a show when they come to Australia!! Sydney in particular. I'm not allowed to go to the FOB, and I don't want to see jacks for just half hour either if I were going! I like FOB but MORE JACKS!!!!!


does anyone know about the JM show in hamden, CT? like if it's all ages, if it's open to the public, + where i can get tickets?


Casper, you're so fricken awesome! I know its been a long time since you've blogged but once the tour is over I'm going to expect a little more...

Cannonball Adderly + Miles Davis= Gold




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